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  1. I like to search for land to purchase but depend on knowing it's location with regards to continents and surrounding lands/waters and since the maps stopped zooming out properly I have stopped buying land and lowered my tier so lindens are certainly losing some of my money by not fixing the maps!
  2. Still have not addressed my concern and confusion? How can taking basic groups away and adding them to premium be a good thing? and why is it blamed on bad programming/coding for groups. I get that groups have issues but -1 +1 does not have any more or less effect on the issue? Give basic back their groups! Premium do not need more groups!!! and it if it just to try to justify the extra 33% increase that is bullsh..t! You want to charge more and maybe it is time to but doing the switch does not justify taking groups from basic members!
  3. @Grumpity Linden I still do not fully understand! Alts are insignificant to your decision to lower basic members groups and raising premium members groups! Simple maths tells me this decision has nothing to do with the technical issues with groups!!! So try again to explain the numbers??? group 1 has 10 group 2 has 20 so you add 5 to group 2 and take 5 away from group 1 so now group 1 has only 5 and group two has 25.... It is just a rearranging of numbers nothing technical about it. I understand that groups are an issue so taking them away makes sense but then adding them back does not resolve or even help the problem? Please reconsider the maths on the groups and leave them just as they are today!
  4. no if you pay now at 72.00 your membership gets extended for an extra year to Dec 31 2020 if you wait you will pay the 9?.00 price (can't recall the exact price).
  5. you should pay now if you want to keep the current rate of 72.00 and it will extend your premium an extra year to Jan 2021
  6. Patch how about doing a better job of forecasting the need for new houses? Lindens have failed so far, as within 24 hours all the new house and houseboats were taken!
  7. I too made premium to get one of the new houses or boat house. Very disappointed they did not make available enough for there subscribers. The old houses no one wants anymore they can just make them disappear faster and make more new available. And announce the date for future releases too.
  8. As of April 18 the first group of new homes seems to be all taken up. Guess you have to wait for the new releases.
  9. I created my 1st account in the USA and lived there, but moved to Australia a few years later. My 1st account had USA but my second one I was honest and put AU. The thing is my credit card for sl is based in the USA and in USD. So when I went to buy Lindens, I was charged a conversion fee from GB to USD (yet I had AU listed in sl not GB???) on my credit card!!! That was not acceptable as my credit card is US and USD so I changed my location back to US to avoid this in the future. I was not even concerned about VAT because in either case it did not apply to me at the time. And my IP has not been flagged! I did contact LL about this and I do not recall the results but I do know the fix was to change my location to match my bank account and not my physical location.
  10. ANYO I have a mesh body now and so my older clothes which do not have the appropriate applier in them do not show when I wear them. Can this be fixed by me? Do you have to be a designer to add appliers to clothes? And if I can put an applier into the clothing item how do I do it? I read this on another post in here, Check out a product called the Omega Applier from Love and Lust. I have not used this myself, but I am told that it can enable the use of standard clothing layers on a mesh avatar body. ANY ONE KNOW ABOUT HOW THIS WORKS?
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