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  1. Stephanie, Thank you for the assistance in what needs to be asked for. Pardon my ignorance on what all needs to be said in my ad.
  2. Hello, I am in search of a full perm mesh clothing developer for men and women clothing. I would like all faces of items to be separate i.e. (Men suit = face1 jacket face2 shirt, face 3 tie, face 4 belt, face 5 pants)...Also want it where the suit pieces can be worn separate if needed....NO WHOLE PIECE TEMPLATE.......If you are interested in designing custom clothes for me please contact me. Must be experienced and have items to prove they are capable of designing. I have seen mesh templates be heavy in prims, only want items in low prim. Please provide me with pricing for the following i
  3. I will provide all objects and the animations that I can find I haven't found a few of them as of yet....But question....if I cannot find some is it possible to create some?
  4. Looking for a scripter to create a smoking system with hud want it very similar to this system https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NikotiN-Cigar-DEMO/5558177 If you are interested in the job, please contact me inworld mzfineazz resident with the cost and all that will be included in the price given
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