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  1. I thought the impersonation was over. Sadly I was wrong. Got an IM out the blue last night. A short message that said "hehe" and guess what the display name was? You guessed right...the display name was my account name. Partner and myself both abuse reported this new deviation. Both of us mentioned about Ebbe. I also suggested that LL dig deeper into this by looking at the IP and MAC addresses against the griefer who has been terrorizing the gay regions since summer of last year, seeing if that matches up to the known griefer that is being suspected. I just hope if it comes to fruition that this person is one and the same, that LL actually permabans the person. This is now the third incarnation of impersonation of myself and should not be tolerated.
  2. I just wish to update things. The two names that were impersonating me are no more. LL has deleted those accounts. The display name account and the one with the extra "a". Yesterday, out of pure frustration, I messaged Ebbe Linden. Today, he was kind enough to reply to my message saying that things were taken care of and that the abuse team does act on abuse reports. Ebbe did restore my faith in that system. It does work. Not very often that you hear residents say this...Thank you Linden Lab.
  3. I know for a fact that the guy impersonating me is not my rl ex boyfriend. This has gone way beyond a personal dispute. It all started last summer at a place called Wildboys, a hangout area. This griefer started attacking and I was the one who mentioned to the owner about banning him. I was also the one who posted a link to change debug settings to stop the openGL crashing of graphics cards. I am the one who found out about his alt accounts and had those banned as well. So maybe he is taking it personally, LL may take it personally....but it is not personal. It is defamation of my character, it is harrassment, it is everything but personal.
  4. Just as I thought would happen.....the nearly identical name to mine is now mimicing my 2nd life tab word for word. There will be no enjoying SL until the freak who is imperonsating me is banned permanently. That is the sad truth. First my rl ex-boyfriend was stalking me....he still does on occassion with a new name, which I block immediately....to now dealing with not one, but two imposters of my name running around. I am ready to break and I really do not care if it happens.
  5. I won't do it, just like I will not create an alt account. I have way too much invested into my account in clothes, hair, and stuff. Plus my partner. I am not starting new just because of someone who is selfish. I am hoping that LL will finally do something about this though. Reporting a display name alt for the past 3 weeks, and now this new alt account that is very similar, plus with the abuse reports from griefing....LL has to be aware of the going ons. Only time will tell. eta: fixed spelling errors
  6. And when the impersonator copies what I state in my profile now....it pretty much makes what I say useless, which is this: There is only one TaylorMcKenna account that I own, and this is the one. Any other names/avatars/accounts that are claiming to be me are frauds.
  7. There is no interpersonal dispute. This has gone beyond a personal feud to griefing.
  8. I have changed my profileto take out the naming and shaming. The account with the extra "a" at the end was created by a known griefer among gay regions. This is the same person who used an alt of his and took "taylormckenna" as a display name. I also have notecards from the Green Lanterns, who have been working with region owners, peoeple who have places that have been griefed. Since I cannot name names here, message me inworld and I will give the name of the griefer along with notecards from the Green Lanterns. I also have a notecard with over 20 names that this griefer uses.
  9. They were told "taylormckenna" because some people choose to only see display names? That is my guess. Now the impersonated account that was created yesterday is my username...with (a) added at the end... So Taylormckenna......yea, you get the idea.
  10. I have had the unfortunate experience of a known griefer of gay regions make an impersonated name, not once...but twice of me. Once on one their alts...and now a named account name that is very similar to my account name, with the exception of 1 letter (a) added at the end. You can see the new name by viewing my profile inworld or at my.secondlife, along with the person behind it. I know this is against LL Terms of Service. Why aren't they doing anything about it? This person who did this was Abuse Reported atleast 20 times yesterday for the named impersonation. I have submitted Abuse Reports for the Display Name impersonation also. That was over a month ago! I have found out that I have been banned from regions because he uses an object called "pineapple" that crashes the graphics card, specifically the OpenGL framework. People were told his "display name" and now that an account name has been made that is very similar, I expect to be banned from even more regions. I have changed my entire profile around so when people do look at it, they know it is not me. I am so fed up with this that I am about ready to say the F*** with SL and leave, while deleting my account.
  11. Why pay $9.95 per month when Lumiya is $2.95 for a lifetime?
  12. Yes, I am wearing a female shape. That is where in the problem lies. I thank you both for the suggestions. I have that blog on my bookmarks already. Bought lots of stuff for my "male" shape from his postings.
  13. Good middle of the road skins: Zanzo(twink), Nivaro, Entente, Egoisme, Tableau Vivant, The Shops(I think that is what is called now, was formerly known as The Body Co) If you wanted to buy a shape, make sure it is modify. It is better to just create your own. Tweaking them can be a painstaking process. For eyes, I definttely recommend going to IKON. Probably the best eyes on SL right now in various color options. Hair is very personal so I won't recommend anything there.
  14. I recently switched to a femboy shape and now I have run into trouble. My regular mesh no longer fits. I do have some cute things, though expanding this look is a priority for me. I have been to the bigger women's fashion stores. The clothes are beautiful but there seems to be no flat chested versions. I found one store that has it but their products are limited to only a couple designs. Even system clothes will be helpful . What I am looking for is basically mesh jeans and tops. A lot of the smaller mesh sizes(XXS for me) still tend to have a huge backside. Can anyone offer me any stores to go and look around in? Stores that I have been to are Luck, League, AlterEgo, Le Look Mall, Xplosion, Nein and more. Style of clothing I am looking for is grunge/emo/punk. Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.
  15. Awesome! I can't thank you enough Griffin.
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