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  1. Ok.... i have everything i need., everything is good to go. yes, my copy of VDJ was "taken" from another site. everything works perfect except..... i cant stream my voice. i bought as stream, my music works in stream. that part is good. i bought a mic, mic works good but i cant stream. no one can hear me stream at all. i spent about 2 hours trying to figure it out. now, if i use SL mic chat, they can hear me. but that doesnt reach the full end of the room. when i go to broudcast in vdj i never et a option to include MIC+ MSTER. that option isnt there.... at all. and ive tried many things to get it to show up there. it doesnt. i dont think its the program i have that prevents that.... but hell... it may be. anways, please suggest
  2. thanks for your reply! i looked into SAMS but from what i gather it is not available on MAC. i could be wrong but i searched high and low. i believe i may have found what i was looking for here: http://howto.slserver.com/?cat=17 but it doesnt seem to clarify how to use MIC. actually i just looked again and it looks like thats what the Master+MIC is the option to select to use the MIC with streaming. might as well give it a try! on a side note, ive not been able to find anyone who uses virtual DJ. it seems to be the superior program but no one seems to use it much
  3. Hello all! i hope this is the right area for such a question as this. Ive been trying to get all my information together from various people in world but i feel im wearing them thin with my constant questions lol. Heres what i'm needing help with: 1. i'm on a mac and i have virtual DJ. what is a recommended stream? how many listeners (primarily club play is all i'm interested in) would i need? i see streams for various amounts and since i'm starting out i dont what to over or underkill 2. how then would i use the stream? i've never done this before so i'm clueless on that aspect. the music playlists and everything else i've got. so how to use the stream with VDJ? 3. also how do i use voice with VDJ through a stream? if thats even how it would correctly work. basically i'm at a point where i have a solid understanding of how VDJ works with music, but not how it works with streams and SL. thank you for anyone who takes the time to help a wandering soul out
  4. I tend to fancy clubs that dont play so much rock but rather any form of dubstep, house, trance etc. Ive found a few that had decent music but they didnt have the people. Throw me some ideas as to some popular joints with darker and upbeat tunes consistantly. In this instance i'll take quality over quantity so if you know a place that has consistent good music and smaller gatherings i'm done
  5. I took your advice. I wandered the fields around my house. Africa by Toto played in the background of my inner monologue. I accepted the trials and rejections of my youth as i rehearsed the words of Robert Frost... and i reached a conclusion. 2 numbers popped in my head that i simply find too difficult to separate. FINAL FANTASY 6 for nostalgia purposes, FINAL FANTASY X for being almost completely flawless in every aspect! heres le breakdown 10>6>7>8>12>13>13-2>9>4>10-2>1>5>3>2
  6. Hiya! i'm looking for someone who is knowledgable in being a dj in second life. Someone who doesnt mind taking a little bit of time to help guide me through the process. Ultimately, i could do it myself. However, i personally find it easier to follow and understand if i'm speaking with someone who has experience and, above all, patience. Now i only wish i could be a "true" DJ. Matching beats and the whole lot as a actual DJ should be but i do not have that kind of talent... maybe in good time i will. For the time being i want to be able to do the basic stuff but also make it sound good too ya know? create a playlist that has a flow of good music both rare and original. Not only that but i do know that making a playlist to play at a club can be "tweaked" such as fading into other songs depending on program chosen. If building the hype and voice interacting is a big part of a SL DJ, then that part is in the bag. Tht would be my strength i'd imagine. i'm into old school trance music, old jungle, house/hard house, dubstep, vocaloid and other obscure rock. my preferrence is all dance music mostly because i have a significant collection of it. Ive searched for a mentor in world, but its been hard for me to find someone who is willing to take the time and show a n00b what is up. So hopefully i can find someone here who enjoys teaching and wouldnt mind taking some time to show me whats up. Keep it copacetic!
  7. If a pink condor pulled up in your driveway and it's tires fell off, would you have enough pancakes to shackle a doghouse?
  8. Yes! They started making them again in 2003 they even have a new series coming out in October which is supposed to be pretty klutch. I has bunches of garbage pail kids
  9. True, true. BUt what i'm mostly trying to do is update my RL photo in my profile. they all acting crazy with this sideways action lol
  10. Hiya! I'm Snigletz aka Superlative Mind. I recently joined SL almost a month ago and i'm greatly enjoying my experience. Still fleshing out myself and learning things, but its all part of the fun. the problem i'm having is meeting like minded people. I'm a chilled out dude who will frequently spout random phrases just to get a laugh, i dedicate myself to the interesting and i give what i get. My motto: You treat me good, i treat you bette, you treat me bad, i treat you worse. That completely sums me up... well maybe not completely but it sounds good. No? I dont judge people as i myself am riddled with faults. I"m completely open to new things (no sex with dudes though, not my flavor of kool-aid) and im often exploring odd and unique places to find out more about myself in SL. I ask a lot of questions because to me, interesting people are like a puzzle, and i dig putting the puzzle together. I'm interested in learning how to build. Simply dont even know where to start. More than that i want to learn to DJ at clubs! Truly a long term goal for me. So whats the downside? Well i cant really do much of anything unless its the weekend. I have an app on my phone that allows me to chat only to my friends, so i chat every day! I'm just not active in SL until the weekend. Plus i'm a night owl often getting on around 6 or 7 central on fridays and playing well into sunrise. Same for saturday and sunday except off and on throughout the day. Random interests: Vocaloid, Garbage Pail Kids, Pink Floyd, Neko, females, lowbrow artwork, final fantasy, alcohol.... omg alcohol, some dubstep but mostly old school trance and house, robert frost, stephen king, japanese culture, reddit, bacon, cats, rage comics, open minded individuals who band together and arent afraid to troll someone with intelligence. Cheerio!
  11. Sounds like my kinda place! I talk too much and theres usually no one else around to hear me!! Must scope this out lawl
  12. You sound fun! I'm still discovering myself in SL, but im quite eccentric, far from shy, loyal to a fault and love to chat. In fact, i spend most of my weekdays on the SL app for my phone just chatting with friends. On weekends i'm a hardcore night owl so its nothing for me to be up well into sunrise. I dont judge because i'm riddled with faults myself haha. I"m totes down to hang out if you interested. I'm Snigletz
  13. I believe this would be the right place for such a question. I have a number of photos i'd like to upload in SL including a RL photo. But each of the photos i add are always turned either sideways or completely upside down. Even if i alter the photo and turn it upside down, then upload it, it still uploads upside down. The pic was taken on my cell and sent to my computer if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any help
  14. I know this feel. I joined SL with a friend at the same time and she took off making hordes of friends throughout SL while i struggled to even make myself recognizable. i decided first on a solid look for myself and decided Neko fit my personality the best. Then i tried to make a unique profile that covered everything i'm looking for and what type of people i'm into. i'm by no means a SL pro... at all. I just stumble into interesting places and read other peoples profiles, find someone who says something that interests me, then i compliment their appearance or something in their profile. If they're interested conversation flows. If you're lucky you can meet someone who likes to introduce you to their friends and then their friends etc. Also, i made it a point to meet as many people as possible in one day that i had similarities with. Ended up having quite a nice time and made some awesome friends! These are just things i've learned in the almost month i've been here. But i'll totes add you!! If you are down of course
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