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  1. Unfortunately I'm using blender. What's the name of that plugin and is it open source? I might just take a look at it's code if possible and reimplement it in Blender. Worse case scenario just jump ship to maya for the export.
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if there's better way to upload a multi part mesh object while retaining each parts original positions from the 3d software? One way I thought of obtaining that result would be to add tiny planes to each part of the object at the same spot so that each parts bounding boxes would end up to be the same which in turn would give them same origin allowing to copy and paste their world position Inworld. The problem in doing that is that it would increase the LI of what I'm uploading drastically and the objects parts wouldn't be able to be re-used in other projects.
  3. I'm interested to know what kind of Issues happened with the Sketchfab models you're talking about. To my knowledge sketchfab models are no different from anything you would download elsewhere, in fact their models have multiple extensions to facilitate importing them to a wide range of 3d software. After which it's no different than if you had modeled the mesh yourself (Unless it come triangulated or other minor inconvenience).
  4. Thank you everyone for your interest. I have found enough help so far.
  5. Hello, I'm looking for people intesrested in testing various products for QA purposes. The job is easy and doesn't require none or very little prior experience. For more information IM or send a notecard Kikkos Resident in world. Alternatively, you can send me a message on the forum or leave a message in this thread. Best regards, Kikkos Resident
  6. Why does this feel like a bad marketing campaign?
  7. Kikkos

    Mesh poly madness

    It seem to me pretty reasonable to be appalled by the fact that this particular model is using 30k tris when it could of gotten away with far far less. Keep in mind that most of the performance issue that SL have been plagued by through the years stem from the very fact, among others, that a lot of user uploaded content are ill-optimized. It's good to showcase examples of what is considered bad to future prostective content creators so that we all are not forced to have to render the lag inducing abomination that they produce.
  8. Are people really that vain that they can't take a joke or simply blacklist an object and move on?
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