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  1. I am a Christian. I was raised one and all of my friends and family are Christians.Their beliefs and culture are all I do truly relate to on a deep level. That makes me brainwashed from birth? That makes me indoctrinated in a belief system that has no scientific foundation? Of course it does but that's true of so many things and beliefs in the course of a long life. The true dilemma comes when these beliefs evolve into a pathological state that harms the person who harbors them. That time comes up for different people at different periods in their lives. , usually in the midst of an unrelated crisis. Then the test begins. Do you truly believe ,or is it just delusion? So , I agree with you that the unsure person is not so much coercion sensitive about his belief but acting on his own internal quest for a different answer than Christianity? That road is alright in my book.
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