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  1. Hi Skell, That's what confused me with the Catwa head. It had the original date of purchase of 2017. Live and learn! Thanks for all the help you've added, I really appreciate it I'll follow your suggestions, and guide (fingers crossed I'll nail it). However, if after a few attempts I don't succeed, I'll return and ask for more help. Cheers Trezz
  2. Hi, A friend set my mesh avi up and did a brilliant job; she was always good at this stuff. However, after returning from a few months break a couple of weeks back, and receiving the Jake (bento V2.0) update, and a few others, I decided to try and have a crack at doing it myself. Well... I've done ok, but can't for the life of me figure out how to fix this neck issue. My friend hasn't logged in, so can't ask her to sort it out. Found that Mad Dog have neck fix for Catwa and Jake, but try as I might, even re-delivery of both head and body, still can't get that fix to work. Been at this all weekend (it's now Sunday night AU), and after 30 or so Hard-Resets, I'm about ready for the nut-house. Catwa Head Daniel - original purchased 2017 (can't seem to locate update - Mad Dog guide references updated HUD which I don't have) Belleza Body Jake - updated Bento V2.0 Surely it can't be this complex and difficult? Would sure appreciate some help and guidance, thank you P.S. I realise some custom sim lighting can produce a neck color demarcation line (I can live with that), but what I have here is normal day lighting.
  3. Hi, For the past 3 or so years, whenever I login, I specifically rez at hatton (low lag sim). Over this time you tend to notice, if not chat with others (regulars), doing the same thing. A few of us have noticed a group of avi's who seem to be logged in 24/7, who all stand in the same position, day in, day out. This has been going on for ages now. Then a couple of days ago, another avi (the nick: something bot, profile says it's a bot collecting data) starts doing the same thing, but instead, stands on the rez LM. People can do what they like... I'm just curious about the above...Just seems odd. Anyone have any ideas about this mystery?
  4. The friend is my g/f in RL who lives with me. It's not 2'nd hand news Besides, she's not about to post her SL name her to a post, if in case this guy frequents this forum too. FYI Google does crawl these threads...
  5. Sorry I didn't respond to your question sooner Ormand. Any answer I give now is probably outdated. However, I'm currently using FS latest version. Have been using the Laptop exclusively for SL, for the past 3 months. I don't have any issues with the Nvidia GPU. The AMD GPU on the desktop is heaps faster but it's high end card - least it was back in April 2014. I bought the desktop box (only) in Feb 2010 for $3,300AUD. The orignal GPU was an ATi 9750 OC. I'm getting a new rig built, going for 2x GeForce GTX TITAN X, should preserve longevity & performance. If I get 4 or 5 years out of it, albeit with a GPU update, I'll be happy.
  6. Hi, (report to LL has been lodged) I'm posting this for a friend who believes she's being stalked. She had an altercation with a guy and ended up blocking, derendering and blacklisting the avi. A few days later he turns up at a club she frequents, she has never seen him there before. From then onwards he has shown up at other places too. Today, she was at her usual club and next thing, she's been teleported (without permission) to someone's home. TPing back to the club, this guy was there. About 30 sec later a pop-down appears in her top right screen asking if she'd like to puchase a dress. It was a similar layout to what one gets when using an animation pose console. She looked in the local chat tab but there was no record of where she'd been teleported to. No RLV, collar or any other script is worn which allows 3'rd party control.There is no record of a TP invite.At the time she was teleported, she was eating in RL (using both hands) sitting in front of screen.Couple of questions (for my piece of mind): Are there scripts which allow; even a blocked avi, to locate another person's location in SL?Are there scripts which can teleport a person to another location withouty their permission?She's been in SL for almost 6 years, so would like to avoid having to start again with a new avi. If this person is stalking her & or griefing her in this manner, are there way to prevent these involentary actions? Anyway other help would be appreciated, thank you.
  7. Rig Specs: Win 7 64bit, i7 2.93Ghz, GPU - Asus R9 290x OC, Kingston 16gig ram (low latency), Gigabyte mobo, PSU - Corsair 1,000W, Single 1Tb HDD. You've certainly got enough grunt to run SL. I run it with ALL eye candy and can do so comfortably with 2 active viewers. Three (3) open viewers and it gets a bit slow. I'm not sure if FireStorm have addressed this issue yet, however there is major bug in the lastest batch of AMD drivers, which is effecting the way you see (errr more to the point), don't see mesh. Direct from Firestorm: http://www.firestormviewer.org/firestorm-release-4-6-9-42969/ Some suggested work arounds: https://modemworld.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/latest-amd-catalyst14-12-drivers-continue-sl-rigged-mesh-woes/ I returned to using the 14.4 drivers. Albeit not ideal because the latest Omega Drivers are far more optimized. But I'm in-world a lot so the trade-off, least for me, is worth it Footnote - Always been a Nvidia fan and never had any issues with them in SL or gaming for that matter. When I couldn't get a high end Nvidia card back in early 2010 I grabbed new 5970 OC. That worked well. However this R9 290x runs some games well but causes all manner of drama is others. Wolfenstein the new order - had tro revert to 14.x drivers, otherwise it kept randomly crashing. Anyway, I'm going back to Nvidia and grabbing a 780Ti in a few weeks. My i7 laptop has Nvidia and it runs SL really sweet
  8. Been using the ASUS (amd) R9 290 OC (4gig DDR5) for a good 2 months now and this baby screams. Runs 3 viewers (with all eye candy) comfortably. Though as another member added, it all depends on what you expect. Not forgetting your rig specs too. The r9 290 rig is fitted to Win7 64bit - 16Gig (2x4gig) Kingston DDR3 HyperX - i7 - 1000w Corsair PSU - Gigabyte mobo - SSD Though I also have a newish toshiba Satalite Pro (17.3 screen) - Win 7 64bit - i7 - 16gig DDR3 - Nvidia GT 740M - non SSD. This runs SL with full eye candy (everything maxed out). Haven't tested it with more that 1 viewer, guess I should. It runs SL nicely too.
  9. Thanks for the information, much apprecited It's not unlike javascripting with a few variations... I should be able to pick this up in no time!
  10. Hi, I'm a complete noob with LSL. I need a script to do the following: When a prim is clicked, it loads the user's browser and pulls up a web page url.Also what extention do I save a script for SL in. is it saved as *.lsl or something else? Last but not least,. I assume I can simply drop an LSL script directly into a prim, is this correct, if not how do I do it? Thanks :)
  11. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: xPx wrote: ... i remember a freind of me who had debts in rl cause gambling in sl, i once met a player who lost more than 60.000$ in 4 years, is that normal? your friend could probably just as easily have lost that and more in a casino... or at a racetrack... or playing the lottery... etc. in RL. Thing is though, he didn't, he lost it gambling in SL. Anything else is a moot point! Games like No Devil, Zingo, Deal or No Deal et al are nothing more than reskinned slot machines. Ceretainly not skill games. Albeit there is a small margin of skill - if you miss a number drawn & don't click the square. However fundimentally, these games essentially pivot on luck and are most certainly a game of chance. Which is exactly what a slot machine is. Whereas games like Battleship are a truly skill based game. All ships to be found are placed randomly on the playing board. If you pick the correct positions of each ship and locate them all, you win. No Devil, Zingo et al don't operate like this. Instead, if the corrisponding board numbers are not drawn, no amount of "skill" will change the outcome of these games. Hence by proxy these are gambling games of change - luck.
  12. What a Nightmare I'm having with these drivers. GPU saphire 5970 OC (card is not overclocked nor is CPU). Stangely though, I've recently upgrade to Win7 (die hard XP fan), SL ran like a dream on XP and I could run max eye candy in SL. But since the upgrade (clean install), it's horrid. Viewer: Firestorm 4.4.2 (latest stable) Box specs: 4gb corsair ram 1600mhz i7 @2.93Ghz Mobo - P55A-UD4P (gigabyte) 1000W corsair PSU Case - Antec 902 OS - Win7 32bit Have had to throttle down graphics quality. Dance clubs, well forget that, it starts stalling and trying to cam and what not usually crashed the game if not the entire system. The card seems to heat up quickly too. So I'm now using manual fans. If I didn't need to upgrade the OS (need to for work), I would have kept it as is. Albeit this is just a driver issue or maybe it is IDK. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks
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