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  1. Hi Skell, That's what confused me with the Catwa head. It had the original date of purchase of 2017. Live and learn! Thanks for all the help you've added, I really appreciate it I'll follow your suggestions, and guide (fingers crossed I'll nail it). However, if after a few attempts I don't succeed, I'll return and ask for more help. Cheers Trezz
  2. Hi, A friend set my mesh avi up and did a brilliant job; she was always good at this stuff. However, after returning from a few months break a couple of weeks back, and receiving the Jake (bento V2.0) update, and a few others, I decided to try and have a crack at doing it myself. Well... I've done ok, but can't for the life of me figure out how to fix this neck issue. My friend hasn't logged in, so can't ask her to sort it out. Found that Mad Dog have neck fix for Catwa and Jake, but try as I might, even re-delivery of both head and body, still can't get that fix to work. Been at t
  3. Hi, For the past 3 or so years, whenever I login, I specifically rez at hatton (low lag sim). Over this time you tend to notice, if not chat with others (regulars), doing the same thing. A few of us have noticed a group of avi's who seem to be logged in 24/7, who all stand in the same position, day in, day out. This has been going on for ages now. Then a couple of days ago, another avi (the nick: something bot, profile says it's a bot collecting data) starts doing the same thing, but instead, stands on the rez LM. People can do what they like... I'm just curious about the
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