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  1. The idea of a neighborhood, being able to drive around, have the water surround sounds awesome. I never use to use ban lines or orbs until someone entered my home undressing my prim babies, yes they may only be pixels, but made me think why would someone do that, the person thought there was again no one home and i caught him come straight into my babies room. If people enter your home uninvited, what is there to stop them from using your home for their own entertainment. Why not just have the ability to lock our windows and doors. That people if they try to TP that also is turned off. You may only TP to your own home from another sim or be invited in by teleport. There would not be any unsightly orbs or ban lines. Locking your windows and doors work fine in real why not in SL?
  2. 'My order history'Going through 'my order history' i noticed i have bought certain items more than once that is my own fault, but is it possible that i am given a read out or something that will show me everything i have bought in the Market place / anywhere please. I have been going through 'My Order History' trying to list all that i have it is taking me a long time Please there has got to be something i can look at with all my items on... Yes i wanted it for making sure i have not bought the same item more than once ( too late i did that a few times ) but also i am trying to find items i bought, clean up my very messy inventory. Big hard job todo when alot of items are missing...
  3. my firewall is turned off completely, uninstalled firestorm, reinstalled firestorm, still handshake error turned rooter off at wall rebooted it still handshake error... took firestorm off put SL own download, rebooted modem, ran both on run as administrator, still handshake error every time switching my modem off completely... & NO FIREWALL... This is a second life ERROR Not ours PLEASE SECOND LIFE FIX IT
  4. I have a prem house, in the past was offered 3 designs now there are only 2 & have seen a house that I like, & feel would be a lot better suited for me. Is it possible to exchange homes please. The property is empty I know more people within this area in the one I live in ATM I know no one & not from the lack of trying. Is there an exchange scheme, of some kind. Why is it not possible to exchange with another person or that SL offer the option of exchange to an area or another home we feel we would be more suited to. Well Thank you all for your help & education into the matter i decided to abandon the house i was in & now have a wonderful new place so much nicer. I just wish to thank everyone for their help... Have a great time on SL ~waves~
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