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  1. I quit making items to sell, just make for myself now. I cut out with the breedables. I gave up renting a region. in 2015 I quit 2 regions. I gave up with the currency exchanging as this was just making money from money they already made money from. This is the effects of the exorbitant fees (costs) that are being laid down by Linden Laboratories. In March 2020 I am due to renew my annual membership with SL and this is now looking less likely. Being in Europe, as Wendy said, is costing a fortune in taxes and the current VAT rate is disgusting, especially for "make-believe" items! SL supporters
  2. I was gifted a Diamond Heart Collar by a very very good friend who is no longer on SL, and after an account/SL gliche one third of my inventory has vanished. I haf searched market place for this Diamond Heart Collar and InWorld, but cannot find it without knowing the creator or seller. This was around 2 years ago, and for past year I haf been searching. ~~<{@Zsary@}>~~
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