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  1. I am interested in sponsoring a Gender Transformation Role-Play that would have some Sci-Fi and BDSM overtones My Partner and I can make space available for role-play on our land including Transformation props. The basic premise is that someone has discovered a safe and fully-functional method of performing a full-body gender/identity-transformation, but there would be (( consensually role-played )) strings attached for the service (( that would be the BDSM part )) If you are interested in such things, please feel free to contact me.
  2. Seeing that this thread has several "looks" but no replies, I should also mention that I am happy to run/sponsor such role-play, either as a standalone Scene or as part of an ongoing Roleplay. Persons interested in being Transformed are very welcome to contact me :-)
  3. Hi! I am very interested in participating in Transformation Roleplay and/or BDSM Roleplay Specifically, I am interested in Gender (Male to Female) Transformation RP (forced or voluntary) with BDSM elements included. Modern, Sci-fi (futuristic) or historical eras work for me equally Roleplayed Transformation to full-female or hermaphrodite would be acceptable. I have very few "Limits" other than a complete unwillingness to take SL relationships into RL. I am interested in Sims or groups that cater to this particular kink and dominants who have this interest. This could easily be an "element" within other ongoing roleplay.
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