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  1. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: What are you ranting about? I've used PayPal as one of my payment funding sources for my Real Life Business for over 8 years. They have been nothing but professional in all that time. The information you are being asked for it the same information I presented years ago when establishing my Business Account with PayPal. Now regular US-Based PayPal accounts are required to provide verified identification information. It's about time. Being able to bill my clients via an PayPal email invoice has been a boon for me. The bottom line is PayPal is an "Acquiring - Bank Company" from the definition I offer "The acquiring bank accepts the risk that the merchant will remain solvent over time, and thus has an incentive to take a keen interest in the merchant's products and business practices" PayPal is Not a traditional Bank. It was founded as and is still a place for businesses and individuals to conduct business over the internet with emphasis of maintaining credit worthiness. As a self-owned business if you maintain a large PP account balance over time your credit worthiness goes up. It is not a free "checking" account. Credit worthiness is earned by consistent use and a minimum of transaction reversals. As they have expended their services over the years I've started to use them as one of my [and not my only] merchant payment companies to accept VISA & M/C cards as well. I want to do business / expand my services to private individuals and this will help open that market to me and also provide added security to make sure that those funds are mine to keep when I accept a PP payment from a new client. So because you are asked to provide verifiable information to PP you think this is unprofessional? Really? A PayPal debit card is NOT an acceptable "Bank Funded" source in the eyes of Linden Research. PayPal is not a bank. That Linden Research accepts a fully verified PayPal account backed up by a real world bank account is a good thing in my eyes. To me this means in SL that I'm way less likely to see one of those "Adjustments" to my Linden Dollar balance because of fraud and theft of another's account in payment to me. Real World banks are now able to process check and debit transactions nightly and clear "Completely" nightly. That took over 50 years to become a reality. The whole transaction verification process is so very complicated and that is what most people don't understand. A single debit between your gas station and the funding bank has several communication and verification steps in it before the funds are locked, sent and in the hands of the gas station owning company. I for one will be happier if and when all my PayPal transactions can clear in 5 or less days. But I digress. As for PayPal Customer Support, I've had only 3 occasions over these past 8 years to deal with them. On all 3 of these occasions the email/problem support method did the trick nicely. Now mind you, my life doesn't depend on immediate access to the funds in my PayPal business account. I know how to budget my life and expenses. So when I transfer funds from PayPal, I learned a long time ago that non "brick & mortar" institutions all require lead time to complete fund transfers. It's been this way for all my experience and still is. In the world outside of SecondLife, all internet based financial institutions are going through this increase in security awareness and record keeping requirements. Many are instituting 2 factor identification as well and it's about time. I'm more aggravated about the fact that I had to send them my delicate info in order to verify for their Paypal Debit Card, but they won't let me use that same info to get them to take my bank account out of their system, or at least to move it over to the current Paypal account that I am using. If I can verify who I am for the one thing they want me to do, it seems like I should be able to use that info to prove who I am and get them to do something else for me as well. Sure, they'll take my information of verification in order to charge me $59.40 USD a year in fees in order to use their Paypal Debit Card, but they won't cooperate and either take my bank account out of the system so I can use it again, or migrate it to my current Paypal account- that's just shady as hell.
  2. Carole Franizzi wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: Carole Franizzi wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: Carole Franizzi wrote: - just a shame everyone (usually men though) seems to want to embrace the idea that it's natural for men to dominate and use aggression on women. I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by the phrase I have underlined. By "embrace," do you mean "use the idea as an excuse for their (wrong) actions?" C: Yes, I meant exactly that. Perrie Juran wrote: Also, removing the idea of dominance or aggression from the equation, what about the concept that some if not many of us men were raised with, that we were responsible to take charge or lead in a monogamous relationship? Do women naturally prefer a man who is decisive or indecisive? C: What about the concept? Don't mean to sound rude, but that's their problem (and the women they lve with) if they've been brought up to think they should be in charge of another adult and their joint off-spring. It's not what I was brought up to believe in - I was taught to look after myself, and in a relationship to take half the responsibility. Perrie Juran wrote: I can't really speak for other times and places in history, I've not studied them in detail on this subject, but I do know that we are living in a time where many of the traditional roles have been questioned and / or have changed. And honestly, sometimes it can get confusing because it appears that the rules keep getting changed on us, both for men and for women. C: I think, maybe, the transition from an old model of gender roles to a new has happened in such a short space of time (a few decades) in comparison to centuries and centuries of the 'old way', and that has left some men, brought up by old school men, very perplexed as to what's expected of them. If it's any consolation, women themselves are confused and stressed by attempting to be strong, independent, motherly, wifely, responsible, a sex goddess, etc, etc. I was raised in an "old school" home though I would never describe my Father as being aggressive. Posibly as dominate. He was clearly the "head of the house" and his word was final. On the other side of that equation, he was kind and caring and worked hard to take care of my Mother and to see that we (our family) had what we needed. Later on after I had moved out I did watch them change, my Mother 'taking a stand' (I don't know a better phrase) about some things that were important to her and my Father responding positively to that. One thing that never changed was that my Mother saw her role in the relationship as my Father's support person, that her primary role was to support my Father in his endeavors. Me, I joined the "tune in, turn on, drop out" movement. Unfortunatly in that there was still a lot of objectifying of women going on under the guise of "free love." We traded one set of problems for another. But also for many of us there was a lot of learning and growing going on. I know it is obvious to say although sometimes I get the impression it is not always obvious to people that what we all (yes, I know I'm using that dirty word 'all') want is to be happy in our relationships with others. It can be challenging at times because so many have different expectations in a relationship. I'm glad to be part of a time where women are not carte blanche being relegated to the role of second class citizens and that where that is being done to women that it is being challenged. Lovely post, Perrie. Old school parenting and you launched smack bang into the middle of the New Man Era. You were on the cusp of massive social change. How could it not be confusing? However much we intellectually disconnect from our parents ideals, the role they have in our lives means their ideals linger on in us, even if just sub-consciously. You were a flower child? An actual Sixties American hippy? Gosh. Honoured to meet you. Hey - turns out you're older than me! Who'd have thought it? I was born too late to see anything of that 'scene' except from my pram. Plus, wrong side of the ocean. Maybe apart from London, which was more swinging than tuned out, and the bigger cities in the UK, the whole Age of Aquarius thing was something seen more in films than on the streets. I'm trying to think if I know any RL Brit hippies....mm...yeah, but all from cities. I think the provinces might have missed out on a lot of that; plus, I suppose it wouldn't have been much fun to do a sit-in under British drizzle. You rather burst a bubble of mine with your post. The male peers of those pioneering feminists were sneaky male chauvinist pigs? Oh, my God. That's a shocker. I genuinely thought most were dead keen to be liberated of their own gender role constraints. Shame on me that I've never come across any literature on the topic, though I confess to have given up on reading 'pure' feminist literature years ago - not for any negative reasons, like disillusionment (there is none, as far as I'm concerned), but simply because I think at some point along the line, I must have metabolised the concepts, made them mine, felt no need to hear further reiterations about things I already knew. However, if I'm truly sincere, there's perhaps another reason for not being a militant feminist (whatever that means), though I'm aware I probably come across as such in places like this, where others cannot see how 'girly' I actually am - you know - a softer image counter-balancing the sometimes harsh words which come out of my self-opinionated brain. And that reason brings me back to your observations - changes such as those required cannot happen in one or two generations. I think that, perhaps, I suddenly realised that I would not be around to see society when it was truly gender-equal (and racially, and ethnically, and sexual-orientationally - made that word up - and, and, and...), and I decided that life's too short to be fighting all the time. Thanks to those who went before me, I don't have to spend my middle and old age fighting the key battles. They already did that - and all hail to them - I have benefited legally, socially, psychologically. The seed is sown, now what's primarily required is time. Problem is...us. All those generations who find themselves between a rock and a hard place, gender-wise. Men who feel they're being first asked to 'soften', then berated for being unmanly, being asked to be hands-on parents, then relegated to second class parents when there's a divorce, seeing women themselves present their bodies as sexual objects, then rapped on the knuckles for responding...as if they were objects. Women who are running themselves ragged trying to do it all, heeding too much the constructs of the media of what they should be, sometimes out-doing men in reviving retrograde stereotypes... Meh. Take heart, Perrie. For our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren, it'll all be much easier. I think that you may have just won the thread. :smileylol:
  3. Nope, they know they are inactive, they told me. Oddly, I made all of my accounts with the same email address, so I wouldn't even be able to get in there if I tried, as there is currently an account with that email address open. I guess there's a lot of things they don't tell you and that you don't think about up front. The only way a person really sees these things is when they have a problem and go to the knowledge base on the site. Which I can't see anyone doing for something that seems so insignificant as closing an account, even though it is a big deal to close an account for some reason. If they gave me the option to go back and take those off of there somehow, it wouldn't be a problem. But the fact that they are unwilling to cooperate when I have no way of going back and doing it myself now is just aggravating. I would say that they just need to have the information on things like this a bit more up front and in big letters. >< And then wanting me to send them a picture of my Social Security Card and Drivers License to even activate their stupid card just adds insult to injury. I told them all of the information on the phone. Don't they think that if I stole someones information that I may also have stolen their ID and SS card from their wallet as well? So basically, sending them the information they want is pointless and dangerous for me. But I do have $50 in that account that I really need in real life very soon, so I'll give in to them this time. Yeah, I didn't know to take the information off, but they should still delete it upon request. It's just reckless for them to have that type of info sitting around on their computers, and they don't have any business even having it anymore, especially since they won't let me use it again. I still think that there is some legal aspect to the whole thing, but I'm not exactly sure what category that would fall under. I don't know of any other company that keeps your payment information stored in their computer forever after you close your account with them, though it may be something that the big companies don't talk about.
  4. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: /me wonders if LL ever looked in to BitCoin. I would like the option of who I bank with online instead of being forced to use such Pay-Pal my self. I think Pay-Pal also has to abide by laws that were changed after 9-11 which they probably wont get rid of that info because the NSA wants it lol. Efforts to quell money laundering tied to terrorism. Bunch of BS if you ask me. I have also read where pay-pal at one time refused service to a company that sells VPN accounts because many of the accounts are used for illegal file sharing.. They do seem to be very drivin by politics..... But really your beef is with Pay-Pal. There just is not a lot of options when it comes to online money transfer. I did see on the national news they talked about BitCoin a good service to use appearently 9-11 laws just like when I go to a bank to cash a check from one of my customers. If I dont have an account I am thumb printed . grrrrr lame I know it would be a big responsibility for LL, but I wonder why they don't make their own withdrawl system. Seems like the professional thing to do, instead of going through some shady 3rd party service. And anyone could easily launder money anywhere, really. If that's what Paypal is concerned about, they need to put on their tinfoil hats! Just seems suspicious that they won't delete the old information, even if you prove it is yours. In my opinion, they don't OWN my bank account information, and they should purge it upon my request, instead of keeping it in a database somewhere. Basically, that information is just sitting there in a database, waiting for anyone to get into it that knows how to. There is no reason, though I understand what you are saying, for them to keep it.
  5. Alright, big rant incoming, seemed like the only place to put it. -deep breath- I've had a few Paypal accounts over the years and have closed them down due to various facts. When I opened one a while back again, I couldn't add my bank information to it. They don't purge accounts and refuse to take your bank account off of the old accounts, so they basically put you into a trap. I called them about this problem, and they said that my bank account was already on three other accounts and that my "only option" now is to get a Paypal Debit Card, which he conveniently forgot to mention has a $5 a month service fee. I know that there has to be some technology there for them to purge accounts or at least remove the bank account off of the old accounts, but they refuse to do it. They know that people are constantly opening and closing their accounts because they get tired of the bs that Paypal does. Therefore, they have found a way to profit off it it. I got my card in the mail Monday, tried to activate it online like it said I could, and naturally it failed. So I had to call them again, unfortunately. This time, they told me that I needed to send a picture of my Social Security Card and Drivers License to them in an email in order to have the account activated. More Paypal hoops to jump though, yay. My question is, why in the world does Linden Labs even deal with someone so unprofessional as Paypal? It's widely known that Paypal is a joke and has horrible outsourced customer service. (but that is a whole different rant right there) I just needed to get the Paypal debit card in order to transfer my earnings from SL to my real life. I would think that LL would want to go with someone a bit more reputable than Paypal. Even Google has their own wallet type of thing, though I don't think it's as easy to send out payments to people as it is in Paypal, but I'm sure that Linden Labs could work something out. Anyone would be better than Paypal. And no, I didn't know that they would refuse to take the bank account off of the old accounts, and I see no reason for them not to do so. (actually, seems like it would be against the law to not remove the information if requested) They are already asking me for very specific items for proof of who I am to activate the debit card, so it obviously isn't a security issue to them. I think that if you want your account or at least your bank account info deleted from their database so you can start over again, that they should do it, even if it requires them asking you for proof of identification. But then they wouldn't make as much money off of their $5 a month debit card fee, and they know it.
  6. Just curious now... is this all really just an experiment to see what it's like to be a woman or have you ever thought about becoming a woman in real life? Not meaning to offend you with that question or anything, but you seem really into wanting to know what it's like. And there is nothing wrong with a straight man wanting to be a woman or cross dress in real life. But all of this has really set off my curiosity meter, so I really wanted to ask.
  7. Perrie Juran wrote: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Like_Me I think that it is great that we can do and explore things in SL that in RL would or could be difficult for us and that we can learn and grow from these experiences. Now I am dating myself but I remember this book which was extremely controversial at the time. A White man trying to explore the Black man's world. It was good because it helped to open and further discussion about things that needed to be discussed and dealt with. I don't know how long it remained that way, but it was if my memory serves me required reading when I was in H.S. I do know I read it and did a report on it in my literature class. Reminded me of this tv show, and now I see why. The tv show was based on the book, it seems. Anyone else remember this show? (sorry to get a little off topic, but it still relates in a way) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black._White.
  8. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Mysteriann wrote: I received a message from her yesterday morning saying that breasts are something that are very important to a woman and that most women spend a lot of time thinking about their own breasts. That most women she knew were not satisfied with their breasts, that the well-endowed want to be smaller, flat-chested women want to be bigger, or they don't like the shape. She said not all women of course, but many and perhaps most, snd that girls Marisa's age were starting to think about their bodies differently, so I needed to start thinking about my breasts. It has not been my experience that breasts are very important to women. At least no more so than Mr. Wiggly is important to fellas. I see all the magazine headlines at the market checkout and wonder who reads that crap. My 92 year old neighbor thinks I should wear my hair longer and pad my bras. I told her I was toying with the idea of growing my hair long enough to stuff in my bra and she stopped mentioning it. I fear you are going to get so caught up in the minutae of this RP that you'll miss the big picture. I don't think you can plan a scenario that will teach you what it's like. There's that old saying that life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. I don't know, I think it really depends on the woman for that one. I know that when I'm getting ready to go to a club in real life, I'll put on shirts and think that my boobs look too small in them and then I'll change to a more flattering shirt. While it's not something I think about constantly, it is something that I think about from time to time. (36B for anyone wondering, I'm naturally skinny though) Though I really wouldn't want to get implants because I think that they would feel like having a fat lip, but only in your chest. It would be like this lump of junk in your chest that would feel odd or something. Not the mention the fact that they are at least $6k USD for both, and that's a bottom of the barrel price from what I have heard. >< Not only that, they need maintenance and stuff once in a while, depending on which type of implant you get. Back on point though, I guess it really depends on the woman and the situation at the time on if it's something that we are really concerned with or not.
  9. Cerise Sorbet wrote: For the time being, Exodus would be pretty high on the list. It has migrated from Carbon over to Cocoa, and it has some tweaks for the Retina displays and full screen on newer OS X releases. Other viewers should eventually get these patches too. Does Firestorm not use Cocoa yet? Firestorm seems to work pretty well for me on my Hackintosh, though I know if I was running it on a Windows partition, everything would be so much better if I was using Nvidia drivers and the new software for it, instead of the usual kexts on the Hackintosh. Was thinking about getting Exodus again, actually.
  10. I was also surprised when I went on the first day of how laggy it was. The running in place and moving so slowly seemed so odd. I would have thought that after being in business for 10 years, that LL would have figured out some way by now to fix situations like this from happening. I'm not an expert in how everything in SL works, but it seems like the technology would be there to fix these issues.
  11. MitchieMorgan wrote: Let me just say in lament's terms that my friend does not know that I am doing this but I have to ask anyway. My friend who I am not going to name for her privacy reasons has just gone through hell in her sl relationship. First, to start off, she was in a relationship with her boyfriend for several weeks, so their relationship was fresh and new. So they would often hook up in different places in the adult worlds in sl. Well, they were at one place and they were near a brothel. One of the moderator's realized that she was not an employee and booted her out without my friend's knowledge even though they were no where near the brothel at all. My friend freaked out and teleported herself to her home. While my friend was gone, this moderator or whatever this witch was, informed her boyfriend that she was not a female and a male in disguise because she does not mic chat with him. Now mind you we are friends in real life and i know for a fact that she is female but she cant afford a mic right now. Well, after getting what she thought was resolved, turns out that it wasnt and they haven't spoken in days. My friend cried and now feels bad. I have tried to comfort her but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with outsiders and a lack of trust in the relationship? Signed, Mitchie Morgan-Wallace or as I am know in Second Life MitchieMorgan On another note, I don't know what part of the world you two are from, but cheap headsets with a mic are only around $10 or a little more at Walmart. (and probably around the same at similar places)
  12. Syo Emerald wrote: One does not even need to change gender to experiance how different avatars experiance SL and the social interactions. I can tell you it makes a difference (a huge!) if you are an elf, a demon or a toaster. I hope we can hear about his experiances. I like to try to treat everyone the same, though I am not so sure I could treat a toaster the same. I also hope that he will report back if he finds someone and does it, I'd even love to see a blog made about the experience. The whole veteran part is just so fascinating.
  13. Randi Release wrote: A shy young girl in need of someone to take care of her. But don't let her innocent exterior fool you... Yes, I am a female in RL. I am 26. I keep my RL and SL separate. I do not cam or do voice. Message me for a full list of my kinks and limits ;-) Not trying to get on your butt or anything, and I know that you keep your RL and SL separate, but I have a comment to add. If you want someone to "take care of" you, that's likely going to involve the use of RL money in which a lot of people spend on here. Even if they didn't feed real money in to get Lindens, Lindens are still worth real money that someone can transfer out to use in their real life, if they are some sort of business person on here. I would think that it would be a courteous thing to at least let them hear you quote a poem or something on voice, so they at least know that you are what you say they are. Not accusing you of not being a real female or anything, but I would think that if you want someone to invest time and money into you, that it would be a good thing to do to at least show them that they are "getting what they paid for", for lack of a better term. That's why I suggested just quoting part of a poem on voice, it's impersonal and would show them. You wouldn't even be having a conversation with them, just letting them hear your voice. Hopefully I didn't offend you, as it was not my intention to do so!
  14. While I agree with what the post after the OP said, I think that this is a great idea for the OP. While it won't be the full package of how it would be in RL, you will see a big difference in how people treat you. A large increase in IM's, especially if you really make yourself look good and realistic. You'll pretty much be seeing the social impact of what it's like, if nothing else. I also find it interesting that a veteran wants to see if he could handle being female. I would have thought that you have probably seen such horrible things over there that you could handle anything at this point in your life! I can only imagine what you went through over there, thanks for your service!
  15. Kenbro Utu wrote: Obviously, it's for pole dancing... Ha, I agree. Everything in Second Life is for pole dancing!
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