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  1. Unfortunately, RPHS closed down in spring due to several RL-based reasons. I sincerely apologize in the name of the entire former RPHS Team for any inconvienience caused by the lack of earlier notice.
  2. Happy New Year! And may 2013 be a happier, healthier, wealthier, more creative, more successful, and overall better year for y'all than 2012 ever was! :heart:
  3. The slurl on the pic is down on the ground, but since the RPHS is a roleplay rea, the actual entry is via the OOC skybox. And here is the Taxi -> to the Skybox <- .
  4. This Friday, September 28th, at 2pm SLT there will be a dance in the gym at Rising Phoenix High School. It is an opportunity to have a look around and meet some of the staff and potential new students, whilst having some fun. Please dress in something yellow or Orange and don't forget to bring your dancing shoes. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amber%20Dawn/224/143/701 RPHS Admin Team PS: The term starts Monday, Oct 1st. Those who enroll before, attend this term for free. (see also >here< )
  5. Only 7 Days left until we go live! Just one week! We're still accepting students, and the offer still stands: If you enroll now, theres no tuition to pay for this term! So sign up, and save L$! Come visit us inworld: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amber%20Dawn/224/143/701 Rising Phoenix High School - where credibility and a good story are important to us. _____________________________________________________________________ "Together we rise with the strength and courage to do the right thing."
  6. Only 15 Days left until we go live! And: If you enroll now, theres no tuition to pay until December! Though that offer only lasts until October 1st -- so sign up for the school now and save L$! Come visit us inworld: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amber%20Dawn/224/143/701 Rising Phoenix High School - where credibility and a good story are important to us. _____________________________________________________________________ "Together we rise with the strength and courage to do the right thing."
  7. We at the ... ... still are looking for students, and we're still hiring teachers and staff as well, ready to start with the first term, on Oct 1st, 2012. An Open House Day to show off the school will be on Sept 28th, a dance event with the Grand Opening is scheduled for the same day as well. Landmark to the OOC and Admin Center, and more info can be given inworld. Just contact Arr Silverweb, Bernd Teardrop or me. Rising Phoenix High School - where credibility and a good story are important to us. _____________________________________________________________________ "Together we rise with the strength and courage to do the right thing."
  8. Something about the IC background: The Rising Phoenix High School is a small suburban high school, seriously under-funded and half forgotten by the local Education Department. Though due to the idealism of some staff members and alumni, the building and its surroundings still look representable. And somehow, these idealistic men and women manage to keep the students and the other staff motivated, in the hope that this High School once will rise and shine like the Phoenix that gave it its name. ________________________________________ If you are interested in an immersive, roleplay-only urban environment, feel free to contact Arr Silverweb, Bernd Teardrop or me inworld for application details. We will do our best to process your applications as quickly as possible. Please refrain though from trying to contact Bernd Teardrop and me via our web profiles' streams, as both of us never look there. For the landmark to the school's OOC TP point (with a hidden teleporter to the bus stop), please stay tuned. It will be posted as soon as the RPHS goes public.
  9. Text speak. if I get an IM with "How r u?" or "y do u not ansr?" etc, I choose to not understand it. I even reply with asking them to write plain English. Okay my excuse is that English is second language to me, but even in my first language text speak is annoying me like hell. I even refuse to use abbreviations in actual short messages on my mobile. deliberately false pronounciation that isn't even excusable with some dialect. And slang. Examples: "yesh", "newp", "kitteh", "bunneh", et cetera. I do know that there are some people in SL who are dyslexic, who are barely able to write correctly even though they work hard on it, but even their efforts sometimes look more correct than some of these "fun words" "babytalk", especially out of RP areas. No it's not cute. At all. And even if you're IC and role-playing a 4 years old child: no 4 years old child speaks like that in real life. Club-specific phrases and gesture spam, like "show some linden love", gestures like "Ruubga" (what does that word even mean?), "I luv this tuuuuuuuuuune!" etc. Such annoying gestures, especially those with sound, are the reason why I hardly go to clubs anymore. most sound gestures in general - for example those creepy laugh and giggle gestures, the welcome back gestures, etc.
  10. Thanks! I'm sure we'll take this offer soon. Anyways. Thanks to the wide appearance of nekos and elves among school roleplays Arr, Bernd and I agreed upon a little change in item #4 of the list in the starting post. The rule "only humans" remains, but wearing elf ears or neko ears will be seen as a kind of fashion statement, just like the dyed irokese hairdo or chokers some teens in RL are wearing, even in school. That means: no matter which race you play elsewhere, on RPHS you're playing a human.
  11. I know I know, lots of people will cry out loud "oh gosh not another roleplay school on the grid!" But after the rather dissatisfying experiences we made with other schools in SL where good RP was seen as a nuisance at best, and as griefing at worst, the RP school I help my friends to found - - the Rising Phoenix High School - - will be entirely different. The semesters, including holiday breaks, will be 2 RL months long. Not one month, not six weeks, but two entire months.It will be strictly roleplay. Students and Staff will have to apply for the school, providing some kind of background story for their character. The focus will be on roleplay, not on actually learning the subjects.The usage of Gestures and short message style abbreviations will not be tolerated. So, no "lol", no "rofl" "y r u so srz" while roleplaying. There are a few exceptions though, like "((brb))" "((wb))" - in double brackets for OOC - and like all OOC talk tolerated only as long as it's seldom, short, and not disturbing the roleplay. Another exception will be special gestures for the cheer team once we have one.We strive for "realism" - so: no vampires, no elves, no drows nor mermaids, no mutants, no shapeshifters, no aliens, no robots. Human Avatars only, period.If you want to play an animal on the school grounds, act like one - which means you won't be able to talk IC'ly. you won't be able to attend or give classes, you might even be chased out of the building and from the fields. Maybe one of the students or staff can interprete your emoting, barking, mewing, growling or whinnying, based on their experience with you or your species, but that's it.The moment you leave the OOC skybox and enter the school area on the ground not wearing an OOC visitor tag, you'll be seen as "in character", and expected to follow the IC guidelines."Striving for "realism"" and "strictly roleplay" also means: Flying will be disabled, voice will be disabled. Vehicles can only be driven on the school grounds if you plausibly are allowed to drive them. Rezzing will only be tolerated in certain, plausible circumstances. And teleports to classrooms will be an exception, not the rule.Basically everything else goes (within the limits set by TOS and LL's Community Standards) if you're ready to accept the IC consequences for it. As soon as trouble swaps over to OOC though, the consequences will be OOC too. So... what's needed: Students: - You'll apply for your matching grade group (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)Teachers: - all subjects welcome, but remember the focus is on RP.Other staff - like councelor, nurse, cook, janitor, ... Since there is still a lot to do, we plan on opening the school for the public in late September, with the first semester beginning Oct 1. If you are interested, contact either me (Alexandra Actor), or Bernd Teardrop (current Principal of RPHS), or Arrlan Silverweb (current VP and first teacher at RPHS). "Together we rise with the strength and courage to do the right thing."
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