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  1. I have a need for a full sim builder to build sims, or update existing ones. I'm easy to work with and will pay well, but I am very exacting in what I want. Job Requirements English Speaking. Ability to organize things and have good skills when laying out lots of objects. Sketch out an idea of how the build will be before hand. You must be able to build to a general theme (eg: Fantasy, or Retrowave). You must be able to enter skill gaming regions. No exceptions. (If you cannot, please read here for information: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Offic
  2. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Value_Added_Tax_(VAT)_Frequently_Asked_Questions#Linden_Lab_is_based_in_the_United_States._Why_are_you_charging_VAT_for_European_Residents.3F
  3. re: the USA -- Depending on how you set up your tax situation in the USA (S Corp, etc) the taxes are generally quite minimal. If you're doing it all personal, then it's all just ordinary income for federal (For the average person this is gonna run in the 15-20% range), and state is whatever rules the state has. I'm in an income tax free state, and am setup as an S Corp for all my SL things, so the overall tax burden is less than what you pay in just VAT and all the tools I use to create content (Software purchases, computer cost, etc) are all expenses and thus not income that is taxed. Yo
  4. I have acquired a sim. Thanks to all who responded.
  5. I am still looking for a sim, preferably from someone who isn't going to sell me one for $300 with tier due the next day.
  6. Looking to buy a full sim, please message me in world.
  7. I've emailed you and messaged you in world a bit ago.
  8. Just ask owners to ban you from the skill gaming regions. Unlike the previous post mentioned, nearly every owner today will, so long as they are able to (eg: regions we own). The owners today are much more professional than when it was wild wild west days. I've gone ahead and proactively banned you from my two skill gaming regions.
  9. 1 on 1 mentoring is indeed hard, but if you need help feel free to message me in world i'm always happy to help fellow scripters (for free)
  10. Yes, she does have an agenda, Freya - you are perfectly correct. And as usual those with that agenda exist to tell others what they can and cannot do. Many women, myself included, love a lot of those fantasies the OP is railing against. So yes, Carlotta, Freya is correct: We're not interested in your silly senses of morality and out-dated shaming behavior, especially when you do it against other women. You don't get to choose how we enjoy SL. Go take your fight elsewhere, you'll find few on your side here.
  11. In my mind, I think these are some of the causes: 1. The exchanges selling off their excess L$ inventory. This would cause a massive influx of L$ into the market, easily eating up all the 257 buy orders wiping them out. I suspect this still isn't done and there is still a lot of L$ to sell. 2. The way Linden Lab has been treating the skill gaming program is absolutely atrocious and many operators whom in the past would keep large L$ balances on hand are now cutting their balances and holdings, putting many more sell orders in than in the past. 3. A lot of people, in general, have been losi
  12. I have found what I needed, thanks to all that responded to me for this
  13. Please contact me in world (vexacion resident), I have a lot of work for you! I can give you much more detail there. (If I don't reply to you immediately I will - sometimes RL creeps up)
  14. I know how all this went down. On 8/27 someone asked LL the question specifically about playing games "across sim borders", and they said in response on 8/28 "No, it's against the policy to do that". Except, there was no policy that said that. The next day, it mysteriously shows up in the FAQ as a "Note:" section, and SGR regions that were connected to non-SGR were suddenly converted back or forced to be moved. The facts point to one thing, that Linden Lab so haphazardly thought through the Skill Game Policy in general, that this is yet another instance where the were oblivious to one of the
  15. What I would do is if you want the hud to dynamically change the object its controlling based on your distance, then you're really best using llSensorRepeat in your HUD, narrow it down as best you can for your objects (sadly, sensors are a little bit limited...), and track the closest one, and issue llRegionSayTo commands to that UUID. The critical part is narrowing down your Sensors to your specific objects. Say you repeated the sensor every 3 seconds, then as you walk around your objects, every 3 seconds if a different one is closer, just have a variable change in your script to the closest
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