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  1. Honestly, I could prolly write at least half a decent sized novel on this topic. For someone completley new though, I'd suggest you start small and observe and maybe stray away from sims with a high roleplay standard, but dont go for something trashy either (unless casual rp is what you find yourself preferring). But if you do go to a sim where people are fairly experienced, stand to the side and observe a bit and figure out how exactly people are doing things before you jump in do something wrong and get ppl pissed at you. That was my biggest mistake when i started, I was too eager to jump in too soon and some people had only so much patience for a newb. Make sure you learn the rules too. Every sim has its own theme and its own variances on the rules, every theme's RP system is slightly unique to itself, but regardless of the slight differences the rules in general are the same sim to sim. One thing to understand as well, if you find the rules confusing or contradictory, dont be surprised. RP its a balancing act between quite a few dfferent rules and quite a few things that matter and quite a few things to take into account. That cant be taught, only time/experience and lots of practice can help you on that. This may take a bit of luck, but try to make the right friends. Someone powerful who'd help you can help bring you a long way. And speaking of resouces, search up groups such as " Seeking Roleplay " " Roleplay Network " "Roleplay Gateway" " RPC " and " Family Role Play Network " to check out the different sims that are recruiting. Also visit the Secondlife Roleplay Center. If you know how to go to different regions, go to the region named Hastings. Thats where the RPC is. Sims advertise there, and you can pick up different guides on roleplaying there as well. Great resource. If you cant find the RPC, then either talk to me (caimartinjg), astarte.hubbenfluff, or elphaba.scientist inworld and we can help you (the last two are the owners while I helped them get their guides library together). Lastly, if theres any one sim in particular Id recommend.....if you're interested in post apocalyptic roleplay, theres this one sim called Wargame Apocalypse thats pretty fun. The players are very friendly, and very experienced as well and can really help you along. If you want to find out more or apply, please visit wargame-apocalypse.enjin.com and the SLURL if you'd like to visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Johnson%20City/130/128/1501
  2. Do what many sims do, create your own. Make legit money come only from one authorized official source, who will make prims that stand for money of different amounts, make a certain number of copies of each prim, and distribute them however youd like, and replenish your reservoir/bank from time to time. One thing for sure though, however you do it, make sure whatever you hand out that stands for IC money is NO COPY NO MOD. Otherwise people can easily reproduce/modify them themselves and all you will have is an ineffective system and a lotta counterfeit money floating around and all you need for that to happen is just one unscrupulous player on board.
  3. LOL I also happen to be someone who participates avidly (and often leads) EMS RP Groups. For one, you definatley should look up a group called SLIAFF. Let me know if you need me to get you the link. This is a group where Fire/EMS Chiefs can advertise positions they have open. Pretty much every sim thats designated as urban or family will have EMT positions but family RP sims, because there are kid characters present, are very restricted in terms of what type of violence can be portrayed there, so your EMT role will not net you many gruesome calls or even calls in general and you'll have to focus most of your RP time on the non-responding aspects of EMS life. If you want to try a genre aside from the urban/modern scene, I am currently the commander of a military medical unit that is looking for medics in a post apocalyptic enviornment. Post Apoc isnt exactly the same as urban/modern, but it is very similar at least where I'm playing currently, and b/c of that the differences are subtle and if you are familiar with EMS in the urban/modern enviornment or in RL you should be fine in the post apoc enviornment. Just be warned-in the post apoc-everything is in short supply. So one, you'll have to improvise a bit, two, because our faction performs mainly an infantry and policing role, you may be called from time to time to perform combative or police duties or support infantry/police missions with your medical skills when not occupied with patients. If you'd like more info about the post apoc, or to apply, please visit: wargame-apocalypse.enjin.com If you'd liket to visit us: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Johnson%20City/130/128/1501 I will warn you though, you may need to make some adjustments depending how long your hiatus has been. From what I have heard things have changed a lot since the SLFD days of 2009. People arent all gathered in one big group on the mainland now, we're now all scattered in small groups all over the place in private regions. On top of that, in some sims we now have a thing called paragraph roleplay (pararp) where its not just WHAT you post but HOW you post it that matters too (ParaRP is both an art and a competition, and its the last part that makes it controversial). Being that I am into EMS both in SL and IRL, if you'd like to contact me in world please feel free. I'm not doing strictly EMS RP at the moment, but I can certainly help you get set up and we prolly have a lot to talk about as well.
  4. Just as a friendly tip/caution- Please be very careful with what you do regarding bloodlines. Not as much anymore-but about 18 months ago-bloodlines were very controversial and there were many people who were annoyed with getting "spammed" with them and many sims/places that banned them. Not saying bloodlines itself is illegal-but be careful what you do with it, lest you find yourself getting scolded or worst....
  5. The Texan Third Army, 2nd Infantry Regiment is hereby recruiting pararp'ers interested in: Military, Medical or Police roleplay as well as rp'ed and metered combat to fill the following roles: Infantry Soldier, Medic, Field Cook, and Quartermaster. Ability/experience in high qualify pararp as well as metered combat preferred but not reqd. Also, ability/xp in both metered and rp'ed combat and policing preferred for soliders while medical ability/xp preferred for medics. This unit is based in post apocalyptic town made of 3 factions: neutral civilians, rebels fighting to overthrow the govt, and military sent to keep the peace and enforce laws. Thus, this unit performs both an infantry and law enforcement role, and is the only provider of medical aid in the region. While the setting is post apoc, it is still very similar to a modern day urban noir setting such as CD/DE, Lansing, Syn/BW/Dark Creed, etc, with only subtle differences. The community is a weeks old but blooming one mostly made of strong pararp'ers. While the community may still be small and at times the sim quiet, there is also still a good amount of roleplays to get involved in thanks to quality, active members. While the sim is metered, rp'ed combat is also an option and the sim focuses far more on quality pararp than simply fighting. The roleplay here-at the end of the day-is detailed, intense, and very exhilarating. For more info on the sim, a full list of open roles, and the app: wargame-apocalypse.enjin.com RP Samples are also available on the website at the forums. Rebel and Civilian factions have roles open as well; however, at the moment the military units are understaffed and frequently outnumbered by rebels and civilians who lean closer to the rebels than the military. To Visit Our Sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Johnson%20City/120/128/1501 To Join our RP Group: secondlife:///app/group/e944f98d-0c26-8c37-2707-8364f8648ddc/about If you have any more questions, pls feel free to ask: Topaz (violetta.daviau)-Owner, Civilian Contact Colonel John Kane (malte.heinrichs)-Owner, Military Commander Captain Marty Cai (CaiMartinJG)-Military Medic Commander, Soon-to-Be Military CO Mae Panache-Rebel Sargento. We hope to see you here and a part of our growing team soon! :)
  6. Seeking players to join 3 factions on sim: Neutral Civilians, Rebels Fighting to Overthrow Govt, and Govt Military Forces sent to enforce laws. Both the military and rebels offer combat roles and need strong pararpers capable of metered combat (gun-fights) Mil. Infantry: Police ability helps. Military looking for strong pararpers able to play medic roles. Combat ability helps, not necessary. Civilians looking for strong pararpers to play Oil Miner, Prostitute and others. Combat ability preferred. Although this sim is still new and small, our members are almost all strong ParaRPers and we have several deep, interesting storylines ongoing for new players to jump into. Of course, we would love it if you'd join us and help us expand. Although this is a metered CCS Combat sim, we are far more focused on Quality ParaRP, combat is supposed to only supplement that. For more information, and to apply, please visit wargame-apocalypse.enjin.com Roleplay samples available at the forums on the website. To Visit Our Sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Johnson%20City/120/128/1501 To Join our RP Group: secondlife:///app/group/e944f98d-0c26-8c37-2707-8364f8648ddc/about If you have any more questions, pls feel free to ask: Topaz (violetta.daviau)-Owner, Civilian Contact Colonel John Kane (malte.heinrichs)-Owner, Military Commander Captain Marty Cai (CaiMartinJG)-Military Medic Commander, Soon-to-Be Military CO Mae Panache-Rebel Sargento. We hope to see you here and part of our growing team soon! :)
  7. Hey there Juliet, First off, I personally started my time as a roleplayer in CD and I still remember being where you are now, about 2 years ago. Roleplaying as a Drifter means you can be on sim and participate in most roleplays, but there will be some restrictions unitl you are fully accepted. CD's roleplay is backed by a computer system, and being a drifer means the police wont be able to arrest your character and use the system to book your character into jail (you can be ticketed tho), the doctors wont be able to check you into the hospital (you can still be treated by fire department medics though), and you most likely cant sign up for a job just yet (you still can roleplay inside a business as a customer though). What it boils down to, and this is the case in most sims, before your application is accepted you may roleplay but you must limit your roleplay to more milder things, nothing that would be considered "crazy" or "wild" or could potentially get out of hand until leadership have reviewed your application and are satisfied you are able to handle unrestricted roleplay priviledges. Yes, you may roleplay hanging out with your friends, roleplaying dining in the restrauants, maybe roleplay drinking in the bars, roleplay exploring the cities, but no fights, no attacks, no robberies, etc and basically no doing something that'll either get you arrested or sent to hospital. A Drifter, by the way, is someone who is moving from place to place. Basically means you just moved here and you are not sure if you will or be allowed to remain for long yet. As per applications, they are only checked from time to time by a limited number of high up individuals and usually there are scores of pending applications at a time. If you're lucky you might get an answer within a few days but I've heard of many cases where an app doesnt receieve an answer for up to three weeks. Apps are also computerized and the computers have and may at times go down. Additionally, once your application is approved a new tag and additional group invites as well as notification by IM will be sent to you, also by a computer through a "bot" (avatar a computer conducts business in SL through). Sometimes, these things will fail to go through and you will need to check using the reinvite board in the OOC area. For questions regarding the CD sim in particular, you are far better off contacting a CD staff member or using their own forums. This forums here is for everyone who rp's in SL-many ppl have never even heard of CD before. Asking a question in the CD OOC group is acceptable as well. A roster of CD Staff members can be found here: http://thecrackden.com/help The CD forums may be accessed here: http://thecrackden.com/discuss/ As a disclaimer, I am NOT a CD Staff Member and have no authority to speak offically on their behalf. I am speaking to the best of my knowledge, but you are best off speaking to a Staff Member for most accurate, official replies. Hope this helps! ~Marty
  8. What some fun? What some action? What to be kept busy? What to learn some things that'll be helpful even in real life? Well then, sign up for the Dark Creed Fire-Rescue-EMS. This roleplay emergency services organization, always recruiting and hiring new members, is based in a dark urban rp centered on its gangs and gang violence. For this reason, the FD here is expecting a high volume of calls and a lot of action (and I’d imagine a good many of you are looking for the thrill of a high amount of FD action), between victims of constant shootings and other forms of gang rivalry and attacks, to arsons and firebombs. As this is also a City Sim-MVA’s happen from time to time too-we just had a car accident last night after a police chase. We are currently operating an Engine, Ladder, Ambulance (ALS), and an approved medevac helicopter. The Sim Leadership have been very enthusiastic and supportive of the FD’s presence here. Additionally, as per the nature of this roleplay, when a gangfight erupts, it is often between several members each of each gang, for that reason, when calls come in-and they often do-they often come in with more victims or otherwise larger than the current staffing can handle. In sum-you are highly needed her right now and if you come here, there will be a lot of the action you enjoy for you to enjoy and there will be few dull moments. And even when there are no calls or people to rescue (tho we often do-and as it says above-often there are more than we can handle), the sim is usually very active and there are lots of other fun things you can do off-duty. To join, click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rE80rcGW2lvlh1sD59vBqhPEamRbflOG-KsOS2_LZdE/viewform?usp=send_form The form looks big, but theres a huge chunk of it you may not need to fill out-so in truth-its easy and straightforward. Currently HIring Firefighters and Paramedics at Provisional Rank (or in some cases Regular Rank). Officer Promotions may be considered after 2 active weks of service. And dont worry either if you're already doing something else or you think you may not have enough time. We only ask our crew to show up when available and we wont fire you or reject you if you can only help out here adn there. Also-we do not care what you do outside of duty with us-you may even serve with other organizations if you'd like. To visit the station: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark%20Creed/142/61/41 No previous experience or any knowledge necessary-will provide all training. We look foward to seeing you here soon! :) ~Marty J.G. Cai (CaiMartinJG) Department Chief
  9. Dark Urban RP. Emphasis on gangs, many gang fights to provide a large abundance of partients for EMS to treat. Official Sim Currency is the Linden Dollar and members of this FD may charge L$'s for their services. Additionally, sim authority will compensate for evidence of activity/rp with points and L's. Currently Hiring: Firefighters, Paramedics To apply and view SOPs: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rE80rcGW2lvlh1sD59vBqhPEamRbflOG-KsOS2_LZdE/viewform To visit the station: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark%20Creed/142/61/41 No previous experience or any knowledge necessary-will provide all training. We hope to see you here soon! :)
  10. Looking for a fresh start? Something to make you want to log in everyday? Want to log in everyday to a community that not only looks beautiful but is functional? Then come see Churchill Bay. A beautiful Coastal town with lovely homes, beach, downtown shops, full Emergency Services. Everything a small town needs and the best part. Its 1 sim! You get to know your neighbors, not lost in a sea of names in there homes only. Take a ride to the Bay today, homes & shops available today. TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isla%20Tequila/207/222/22 Group: secondlife:///app/group/270db7d5-e1e8-2dc0-8803-fd94a51fc04c Fire/EMS Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rE80rcGW2lvlh1sD59vBqhPEamRbflOG-KsOS2_LZdE/viewform?usp=send_form
  11. Something I wrote and published nearly a quarter of a year ago. Seems like the first posts have been buried under a plethora of other posts now and seems like now people have forgotten about this work thats supposed to be useful so I decided to repost it. Any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reply to this thread or privately IM/NC me in-world. Offline IM's go to email and dont cap-for quickest reply-pls use IM or email caimartinjg@gmail.com . Also Available At: http://caimartinjg.blogspot.com/p/a-medics-guide-to-medical-roleplay.html (Note: It is the author’s recommendation that while a version is provided by NC for convenience that the version to be used should be the online version at the link above. Not only does the online version allow for commenting and better formatting options such as boldface and italics, the online version is guaranteed to be the most up to date as a website can be edited, an NC cannot once it is out of the author’s inventory). A MEDIC’S GUIDE TO MEDICAL ROLEPLAY v.1.1 Beta/Draft By Martin J.G. "Marty" Cai (CaiMartinJG) Written: 08 March 2014 Last Edit: 14 March 2014 This is the corresponding guide to “A Patient’s Guide to Medical Roleplay” for those who roleplay as Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors, and other medical professions. It contains everything that appears in the patients guide AS WELL AS additional instructions underneath the patient sections for those roleplaying as medical professionals/responders. While it is understood that this sequel version is very long (as if the patient’s version isnt long enough already), even though the patient’s version contains sufficient info for members of the general public not roleplaying in the professions, it is highly recommended that non-professions go through this sequel version as well as the patient’s version to gain additional insight as well as to better understand and recognize the medic’s tactics as the medic guides the patients along. The standalone patient's version of this guide can be found here: http://caimartinjg.blogspot.com/p/a-patients-guide-to-medical-roleplay.html http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/A-Patient-s-Guide-to-Medical-Roleplay-v-1-2-Beta-Draft-... Oftentimes, roleplayers will find themselves in a position where their characters will be in need of medical attention-but will struggle with coming up with quality posts while roleplaying with the EMT’s and Hospital Staff who respond to their character’s calls. Many times, especially when a character is unconscious or just laying there getting treated, it can be very difficult for the roleplayer to come up with much to write. This guide will provide tips to aid the player whose unfortunate character will end up in the hands of some medical professional in creating longer, quality, more interesting and more realistic posts while conducting some form of medical roleplay. It is also recognized that, while everyone in a roleplay shares the responsibility of making the RP a quality RP, those roleplaying as medical professionals (“medics”) should bear the larger bulk of responsibility for ensuring the quality of a medical roleplay for several reasons, in order to make the lessons taught in these guides viable in rp. The medic specific sections will show those roleplaying in the professions how to do their share in promoting quality medical roleplay. The goal is for the medic to get a patient to do as the patient’s section/guide teaches them to do, using the medic’s own actions, roleplay, and roleplay posts without having to force the patient to (speed-)read the patient’s sections/guides or sit down for a boring lecture on those lessons prior to or during a medical roleplay. The goal is: for the medic to skillfully get the patient to do as the patient's section/guide says to do, without the patient even knowing it using tips/techniques taught by this medic's guide and perhaps even using tactics and techniques of the proactive medic's own. The key is: everyone, especially medics, should be as proactive as possible in following these guidelines and getting others involved to do so as well. 1. PATIENTS: Inform a newly arriving medic of your characters condition in the first post he/she may read. The first thing any medic will do when (s)he comes upon your character would be to look him/her over and get a determination of your characters injuries/symptoms/extent. Oftentimes the medic will even send you an IM and ask you OOCly what they will come upon when they look over your character. In your first post with a medic, include a detailed description of your characters current state when the medics comes upon him/her, include: what injuries you have and their extent, symptoms and extent, anything other rescuers/good Samaritans may have done to change the status of your injuries/symptoms-if they had made things better or worse, and whatever else may be pertinent. You may also want to let your rescuers know at this time any special requests or specifications of your roleplay-for example, if you would like a detailed roleplay at the EMS level or something more cursory-as many times, a patient will prefer the EMS level to be done quickly as it is the intermediate between a long roleplay that resulted in the patients injury and another long roleplay to come-at hospital. As much as possible, you may also want to find out (if you haven’t already done so) beforehand how exactly your character will realistically be. MEDICS: As you come on the scene and start setting up, please be sure to give the patient this information thru NC or the link, and let them know you will be guiding them along the guide in your own roleplay. Allow them a few moments (suggested 10 mins) to review the material-you may want to do this the very first thing as you or even before you get to a patient, and use the meantime wisely to do other things you may have to do in order to set up for a scene. Remember-as you come upon the scene, you also have to wait for everyone else already there to post first-if the patient posts as instructed by this guide and informs you of their injuries/condition in their post-great. If not, proceed to IM them and ask OOCly what youd find. If the patient’s injuries or how they are roleplaying out their injury don’t seem to be realistic to you based on your knowledge and experience as a medical professional, be sure to IM them and politely inform them of what you believe (based on your knowledge and experience) would be more reasonable. Let them know, in detail, what would be the most likely injury(ies)/symptoms/extent to result from their rp and how they should be roleplaying out each injury. Remember, your patient might not have the medical expertise that you do, so you should, let your patient know what would be realistic for their roleplay/circumstances and provide them with whatever information necessary to roleplay as realistically and accurately as they can. Guide them along-be sure to make helpful suggestions, but do NOT force anyone to play anything against their will-that would be powergaming. Help them decide the appropriate injury, but leave it to them to actually make the decision. This would also be the time to communicate any objectives you may wish to accomplish in the rp. Similarly, if you are a heavy paraposter, you might want to check with your patient as to his/her preference-some people would be more than happy to roleplay a medical scene out while others would rather have it done more cursory, especially at the EMS level. 2. PATIENTS: Describe your characters response to the medic’s treatment. In almost all cases, when a medic treats a patient-the patient will almost invariably get better immediately and because patients seldom ever post how their characters are responding to the treatment, medics will almost invariably assume that the patients are responding as intended-otherwise-if a medic starts to roleplay that their patient is deteriorating, their patient may get upset with them and call them out for powergaming. There is several things wrong with this. First off-a medic should never have to assume/decide how another’s character will respond to something-according to the most basic of roleplay conventions, only the player of a character has the right to determine what happens to their characters. Secondly-it is very unrealistic that every patient, every time, responds as intended to treatment. Sadly, in real life, many times, despite a medic’s best efforts, a patient may not always get better, and sometimes will continue to get worst unless the medics step up their efforts. The more serious a patients condition is, the more likely they will refuse to get better or deteriorate despite a medic’s best attempts to treat. Sometimes, it is the medic’s treatment that will cause a patient’s injuries/symptoms to get worst, or create additional injuries/symptoms for the patient. CPR for example, will often mean that a patient’s rib bones breaking, and intubation will often result in the patient having a sore throat and having difficulty speaking for days to come after the breathing tube’s removal. Sometimes, such as in the case of setting a broken bone prior to splinting it-a medic might even have to cause more pain in order to relieve pain. Every drug has its possible side effects, almost all drugs carry the risk of nausea/vomiting, yet most patients seldom every play out more than the intended effects of medication administered by a medic. In most cases, there should be at least some sort of response. Make the roleplay interesting-and while you’re at it, prolong it as well-give the medic’s extra surprise challenges along the way. Make the roleplay suspenseful-make it seem like a drag before your character starts to get better, make it seem uncertain for some time if your character will get better or not. Better yet, bring your character to the brink of death before allowing him/her to improve his/her condition-this is not to say though, by deteriorating your patient, you will necessarily have to ultimately roleplay permanent damage you did not intend originally or have to kill your character. MEDICS: In your ic/rp post, continue to provide your patient with the info they would need to know in order to rp and respond to your treatment realistically as instructed above, state in your ic/rp post what options/possibilities the patient has in terms of possible outcomes/effects to your character's treatment, and make it clear that you will be expecting them to describe how their character is responding to treatment, as described above corresponding patient section. State in your ic/rp post what will and what can happen to your patient as you treat, without dictating their roleplay or appearing to dictate-as such could considered powergaming or lead to accusations of PG. Let your patient know in your ic/rp post that getting better as hoped for isn’t the only option (and what other options they have-getting better, continuing to get worst, neither getting better/worse), that possibly the treatment may more than likely have other than intended effects as well as what they might be, as described in the (corresponding) patient section above. In other words, you should make indications in your ic/rp posts hinting (not dictating) the effect your treatment may have on your patient. For ex, put in your post that “…carefully and cautiously he tries to set the fractured bone into place-this is what makes this the most painful part of the entire EMS treatment process. because he wants to get thru this as fast as he can…” When possible, give options, if not, state in your ic/rp post what will happen due to your treatment but leave it to your patient to decide how (e.g. applying pressure to a bleeding wound will almost always cause a sting-but how much of it is felt and how the patient responds to it-will be up to them, but allow your patient to decide if the bleeding will start to subside, get worst, or not get better/worst).Since as a medic you will be, for the most part, when you can, be talking to the patient and keeping the patient updated on their condition and whatever you’re doing to them, you might want to have your character warn your patient about (what) possible effects may come with your treatment in IC speech. Lastly, hint it out in your (ic/rp) post that your patient should be putting in their (ic/rp) posts how they are responding to your treatment, perhaps with something such as posting that you will be periodically checking to see how your patient is responding to treatment, how your patient is progressing – thereby letting your patient know they are to tell you in their post how they are responding to your character's treatment. For ex, post icly that “...every here and there he'd look to check to see if the bleeding is getting any worst, getting any better, or staying the same, either 3 can happen and depending on which happens he will then act accordingly…” If your patient fails to pick up that they are to indicate in their (ic/rp) posts how they respond to treatment despite you laying out in your (ic/rp) post all the possibilities-then either let them know in IMs what they are to do (and perhaps ask them then and there) or just assume then the default that the treatment is doing as it intends and that they are responding how they would be likely expected to. 3. PATIENTS: Interact with the medic treating your character especially if your character is conscious and able to. Roleplay is not about one person posting how their medic character would treat a patient-it is about creating stories through different character’s interactions with each other. Medic's are trained to continuously talk to their patients when treating, and often do, when possible (situation is not pressing enough that they have to keep rushing and cant talk), even when a patient is unconscious.Obviously, respond to the medic and respond fully, as much as possible-talk to the medic. Whine, complain. It would make sense that your character would be whining and complaining, crying and begging the medic-after all, most likely your character would be in a lot of pain by the time (s)he meets the medic, and on top of that, a lot of times the medic’s treatment can not only be invasive-but the medic’s treatment, while it is well intended, will cause some more pain before it starts to help. It might even make sense for your character to want and maybe even try to resist and fight off the well-intending medic. Something like this, realistically, isn’t all too uncommon at all when it comes to RL. The treatment may be anything but fun, your character may be petrified of the hospital, your character may be trying to detox and wouldn’t want the medic to administer life-sustaining medication that might get your character hooked to drugs again. Remember, it is now very unlikely that your character is anyhow in a good mood. Make a special request of the medic. Your character may want the medic to do a certain something to help them out of his/her misery, may want a certain person notified, may need to arrange for childcare, or may want a blankie if (s)he is cold. MEDICS: Interact with your patients, and try to get them to interact with you. Hint in out in your post, how they might be able to interact with you. Post that your character is nervous that the patient, who might be getting impatient or is angry that they are not well, might attack/resist him/her. Or describe your character being nervous because the patient is likely to get sick to their stomach and thus your character is afraid he/she may get puked on as he/she continues to do his/her job. “Ask their name, tell them who you are, keep talking in a calm voice to them, even if they don’t respond, studies show that those in an unconscious, or semi conscious state can still hear what is going on around them” (Noel 1). Medics are supposed to talk to their patients, keep them up to date as to what’s going on, and keep them informed on what they’re doing to their patients, even when the patient is clearly not conscious a medic is trained to continue to speak to them when otherwise possible. Also, medics, when they first come upon a patient, they will ask the patient's name, introduce themselves/colleagues, let the patient know what is happening, what may have happened beforehand if necessary/possible, and reassure your patient they are in good hands and that everything possible will be done to the best of ability for them. Medics are also supposed to keep a conscious patient awake and alert and will oftentimes ask patients to keep talking to them, especially asking about a patient’s condition-how a patient is feeling, where they are hurting, how they are doing, any new symptoms/changes in condition, etc. When possible, a medic might even start to make some small talk to distract his/her patient from the pain, to keep the patient awake and alert. Ask them about something positive, such as asking them to tell you what would be their favorite ____. Ask them about family, what they enjoy to do, perhaps even ask what they were doing/going to do when their mishap happened. Tell them small short stories even, but be careful not to lose them though. If they start to slip away, then its time to call to them make them wake up and explain to them that they need to stay conscious alert and awake until the doctor says they can rest. Remember-not only should you be just talking to the patient-but you should be encouraging the patient to respond to you and interact with you the medic, get that convo and patient-medic interaction going, if possible as well. Try to speak in a way that will elicit a response-end all statements with “alright?” or “sounds good?” "what did you think?" or maybe even “did you hear me?” or something of the like. For example, "hey sweetheart, are you still feeling nauseous? I'm going to give you something to make you feel a bit better alright, you might feel a pinprick though, sounds good?" And of course, respond to any interaction from your patient ASAP. Comfort, reassure, and console the patient. Provide them with what they ask for-if it isnt possible, explain to them nicely why not. And if possible, be humorous. Not only will the RP be more interesting if jokes and all are being cracked, or even with a bit of teasing, but chances are that will lighten up the mood for the patient as well and make their suffering character feel better emotionally. Explain your treatment, and possible outcomes/effects, as instructed above, in a humorous fashion perhaps. If possible (as in your organization’s policy allows it), if you need to move a patient but they are not (don’t need to be) backboarded, carry them flirtatiously! Scoop them up, cradle them, and bring them to the stretcher like you’re carrying your wife into your new home on your wedding day! 4. PATIENTS: Follow up with the medics once your character is feeling better. Chances are, especially if you have a character with even somewhat of a decent heart, realistically, your character would be at least quite appreciative if not feeling indebted to the medic who saved his/her life, ran to your characters aide while everyone else ran away horrified, and was by your character’s side the whole time during what would probably be some of the worst times in your characters life. Next time you see the medic out on the street off duty, go over to him/her, give him/her a big hug, say thank you, maybe even buy him/her a drink or two. See them making rounds in the hospital-call them over, and say thank you or whatnot (and EMT’s even during off times or right after they drop off a patient will head to the recovery ward and make rounds, check up on and catch up with patients they have previously brought in). Have nothing to do and notice that your rescuer is online and in the hospital/station-feel free to head over to the station and bring flowers, chocolates, or some other thank you gift. In any case, once your character gets to this point, chances are, (s)he is going to feel a special bond when it comes to his/her rescuers. Jump on that-play it out realistically-who knows what sorta friendship/storyline may ultimately result from one rescue. MEDICS: Similarly, try to follow up with patients as well after a rescue when possible and try to get the rp-the IC relationship-to go beyond just one simple everyday rescue. If realistically necessary, instead of treating your patient, hospitalizing him/her, then letting him/her go, ask them to come back from time to time for further treatment/checkups, and schedule future rp’s accordingly. See that a recent patient is online as well, and you don’t have anything to do, see that that patient happens to be out in public as well, feel free to run into them walking, strolling, running, driving, etc, by, or just so happens to go to the same bar, grocery store, beach, restaurant, etc at the same time. Go to them, realize that the person you just ran into on the streets, or in the same place you are visiting off duty, just so happens to look quite familiar or perhaps maybe even recognize them as a recent patient if it was really that recent and your character has that sharp of a memory. Say hello, ask them if you might have met them before, tell them they look quite familiar, ask them where you may have met before, if necessary, mention your medic work and ask them if they’ve been hurt-perhaps you met them on the job. Anyhow, if you didn’t remember them already or they didn’t remember you already on the spot, lead up to that point and eventually you should (or they should) remember who each other is and the details of what happened and how you met. Then, once you know who they are, ask them how they’ve been, how they doing, are they getting/feeling better now. Ask them how things went for them after you left them at hospital-hopefully it wasn’t too bad. Get that convo going, invite them/buy them a drink or coffee or whatnot perhaps, and see where it might go from there…. Similarly, if both of you are online and you are free while they’re in hospital, stop by, visit, say hello. Hospital RP can be quite boring at times, and even EMT’s during their free/off times often do (in RL) check up on their patients in hospital, especially in certain special cases when a patient stands out to a medic for whatever reason (e.g. a young patient). Once again, stop by, say hello, ask if they remember who you are, ask them how they’re feelin, how things have been for them, if they’re getting better, etc, and get that convo going-and see where else the rp’s may take ya! Do understand that after a rescue, especially a particularly tough one (or what may seem like a particularly tough one-which could be barely anything-for the rookie), chances are not only will the patient feel a bond for the medic but the medic might feel a bond for the patient as well. Additionally, if it’s possible that your practice allows for billing/coding, another way to continue the RP beyond just the rescue/treatment would be to subsequently roleplay going after the patient for the bill as well. In any case, don’t let the RP just end with the patient being treated-try to extend it as far as you can! 5. PATIENTS: Follow up with the consequences/effects of the injury/illness on your character. Oftentimes, a roleplayer’s character will get hurt, seek treatment, stay in hospital, and soon after the roleplayer will almost nearly forget about the entire incident aside from perhaps seeking revenge or noting it in a pick describing their character of a certain physical scar. Unfortunately, realistically, it’s not that easy at all to just heal and then shrug off the event like it almost never happened, it’s not that easy at all to just forget after a short bit. Chances are-anything that will result in an ambulance ride and/or the hospital will be traumatic, and the more traumatic something is, the more profound of an effect it might have on your character, the more time it will take to heal both physically and emotionally, and the less likely your character will be able to just move on from it soon. Sometimes, the physical scars might go away after a while, but mental/emotional scars tend to take a lot longer. There’s an entire whirlwind, quite a wide range, of emotions your character might feel after a traumatic event. Appreciation-both towards rescuer’s (as mentioned above) and maybe even towards a higher power or for life in general-and this may end up making your character more religious. Similarly, your character might become quite angry-perhaps even at the same time-towards those responsible for the trauma, and once again towards a higher power, people, or life in general-your character might become far less religious, and perhaps much more withdrawn and tough towards others in this case. That anger might also lead to crime/an increase tendency towards violence. Grief, PTSD, increased anxiety, and fear might happen as well. All of these might also lead to alcoholism or other forms of drug abuse. In sum, there is a wide range of ways your character might be suddenly altered mentally and emotionally, and what combo of effects your character might feel depends on both your character’s nature and the circumstances of the trauma-you’ll prolly need to do some homework-research, consideration, etc-in order to make a good choice of what might result as it is on a case by case basis. Additionally, while most times physical scars heal faster than emotional ones-those don’t always heal either and certainly most likely not immediately after you leave the doctor’s/hospital. Yes, injuries in most RP’s tend to heal much quicker than in RL-but they don’t go away immediately either. Chances are you’re not going to leave the doc’s or hospital fully healed, and there’ll be something left for a few days even though you’ll be mostly healed by then. Spice up the rp immediately after a bit-have your character go around in crutches, or a cast, maybe even a wheelchair, if not limping or otherwise weakened for a few days after your character gets out-it may just be interesting, and certainly a lot more realistic. MEDICS: Once a patient is out of your hands, naturally it’s a lot harder then go guide them along. Thankfully, as it is already many sims require that patients play out the effects of their injury and many patients already do so. Once again, make sure they are aware and have access to this/the patient’s guide as it already provides tips on how to roleplay out the injury. Additionally, before you allow patient to return to the general public, once again inform them on what would be realistic, what options they may have going forth, what they should play out (that realistically they would most likely be guaranteed to have to deal with) and what they might (depression, etc) have that they are not guaranteed to have that they could play out. Let them know what would be realistically required, but once again don’t dictate their rp either, and do allow them to leave with options where possible. Finally, remind patients that additional research can be conducted on the internet where more info is available-and be available to answer questions/provide additional aid if needed or have someone on your sim (chief of medicine, mod/gm/admin, etc) designated as available to aid with this if needed. Similarly, realize that not only are there possible effects on the patient after an injury/illness, the work of a medic in general can have a profound effect on the medic as well-especially when the medic is still a rookie and especially after a particularly traumatizing case, and certainly after a medic loses a patient (and especially certainly if the patient died as a result of something the medic did/didn't do). As a result of his/her work, a medic can very likely end up losing his/her innocence. Certainly after a while a medic will toughen up quite a bit most likely. In some cases they may become more appreciative and realize how fragile life can be-and become far more cautious about things. The effect on the medic may not always be so positive as well-grief, PTSD, anger may result along with a very negative view on life and constantly being very gloomy as a result of all the **bleep**ty things a medic might have to see happen. In sum, a medic can be affected by witnessing trauma very much like how a patient might be affected by experiencing trauma as described above-but while a patient only has to go thru trauma on occasion-trauma is more of a every day thing for the medic, which can cause the effects to slightly differ as well. In the status quo (in other words, the time before/during when this guide was first written) it has been noticed that patients’ rp (as a whole) tends to be very repetitive and in some ways, uninteresting to the person who deals with patients on a daily basis and in a way, even unrealistic. It is the hope in writing this guide that after reading this, you will find this guide helpful in improving your medical RP quality, in making your medical RP far more interesting, fun, and realistic, regardless if you are the patient or the professional hinting out in your posts what your patient should be doing as per this/the corresponding patient’s rp guide. Once again, while the above sections may provide a lot of advice, tips, tricks, and ideas, this doesnt include everything possible either-that cant possibly be done-so please, be sure to think outside the box, and try to come up with your own ideas as well. Good luck, happy rp’ing, and once again, hope it helps! WORKS CITED: Noel, Jessi (jessi.noel). "EMT Procedures/Role Play Instructions for Medical Calls with police involvement." . Fire Department Hathian, Crack Den RP/Alterscape Sims, 26 Jan 2011. SecondLife Notecard. 09 Mar 2014. AUTHOR'S BIO/CREDENTIALS: Marty Cai (caimartinjg) is a distinguished ParaRoleplayer predominantly playing on SecondLife. Cai has served in several leadership positions on several sims, including serving as Hospital Administrator ((Medical Group Leader)) in a popular SL Roleplay Community for six months and after that serve as a moderator while helping some friends establish their own roleplay community. Cai is also moderated for an aspiring, World-of-Darkness Roleplay sim with predominantly heavy roleplayers like Cai himself as members. After that, Cai joined the Lansing Fire Department in December 2013 and very soon thereafter he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and placed in charge of that department's EMS Operations, he served in that position for about two weeks and then was once again promoted this time to the rank of Deputy Chief of Operations, in which post he currently serves now, and is consistently receiving positive remarks and ratings from both members of the Lansing community, his crew, as well as his chief. Circa June 2013 Cai had the honour of being recruited for the management team of an SL RP sim for elite players only, enticed with the opportunity to meet the best of the best like him and make excellent connections. Cai predominantly plays in emergency services roles such as Police and EMS on urban/noir roleplay sims but is also partial to familial roleplays and may from time to time stretch his interests elsewhere as well. NOTICE: Permission is granted for ONLY noncommerical use and distribution by roleplayers and by roleplay community leaders via any means, including inclusion in welcome packages and sim-related websites of this guide provided that credit is given to the author and the guide is provided as it appears including with this notice. Any questions or requests please contact the author. Marty J.G. Cai (CaiMartinJG)
  12. Greetings: I am an experienced paragraph roleplayer specializing in Paramedic Roleplay and for the past eighteen months I have lead several Medical/Rescue RP groups. I am currently training to become an EMT in RL and last week, my previous home sim closed, leaving me and several of my fellow Emergency Medical/Rescue RP’ers without a home. Details on my past and experience are available through my resume (attached). In sum, I have been paragraph roleplaying for two years now and I have been roleplaying the fire/emergency medical/rescue field for over 20 months now. I have been a group leader for nearly 18 months now and during this 18 month tenure has served in moderator positions as well. As I have mentioned, I am in the process of becoming an EMT IRL and have taken in advanced to get a head start FEMA Emergency Management Institute Courses, including those that teach how to lead an emergency service. My experience leading (EMS/Rescue) Groups in SL’s RP has been for a large part very positive: in my first post I quickly became very popular in a community much like DA’s, in my post as Deputy Chief of Fire Operations in Lansing City Advanced ParaRP, I quickly won through hard work, effective leadership, and dedication the respects and admiration of at least 95% if not more of my crew, as per my Chief (Dragovar), many of whom followed me to my last sim and is still following me to places I go to and establish fire/rescue groups, and I expect many of them to come with me to DA if the opportunity for our type of RP would be made available here. As per my crew, they are not too small in numbers but more importantly, mostly qualified and competent RP’ers and RP’ers in the field of fire, rescue, and EMS. Most are very knowledgeable with their roleplay specialty (firematics/rescue, ems, or both) and almost all are either qualify pararoleplayers or at least capable of the semi-para level of rp. My crowd also boasts several RL Emergency Personnel, another RL trainee like myself, an RL Former FD Hiring Manager who made Captain at only age 21, as well as several highly loyal and dedicated members. The staff roster for the last Fire Department that I was chief of can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlCTdS6FMKJydHFyNWhFQUZUaV83Nk1SUm9GeC1pM1E&usp=sharing. Once again I do plan on inviting my staff there as they all don’t have anywhere to RP anymore and if I am approved to established the DA Fire Rescue EMS each of them will be offered an automatic transfer including name, rank, numbers, training credits, etc. I have also attached to this NC my policies for my last place as I plan to use similar policies but will edit my policies to better suit the DA Community-I am also willing to consider any changes by request as well. I have also attached the application I created for a previous group, once again, I once again plan to use something similar. As I have mentioned, me and my folks are currently without a home and I would like to hear more about this new sim. What style of roleplay-casual, semipara, para? Aditionally, if theres any way I can help-pls let me know-as i got nothing to do ATM and I'll be happy to see what i can do. If it is possible-perhaps I can consider moving my homeless crew over to your sim and establish ourselves in your FD? Sincerely and Respectfully Yours, Marty J.G. Cai (CaiMartinJG) SL RP'ers Resume: Martin J.G. “Marty” Cai (CaiMartinJG) SL Rez Date (Original): 04 February 2011 caimartinjg@gmail.com 15 May 2014 SUMMARY: Marty Cai (CaiMartinJG) is a distinguished ParaRoleplayer predominantly playing on SecondLife. Cai has served in several leadership positions on several sims, including serving as Hospital Administrator ((Medical Group Leader)) in a popular SL Roleplay Community for six months and after that serve as a moderator while helping some friends establish their own roleplay community. Cai is also moderated for an aspiring, World-of-Darkness Roleplay sim with predominantly heavy roleplayers like Cai himself as members. After that, Cai joined the Lansing Fire Department in December 2013 and very soon thereafter he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and placed in charge of that department's EMS Operations, he served in that position for about two weeks and then was once again promoted this time to the rank of Deputy Chief of Operations, in which post he currently served for over a month until a chance of command (and plans), and, now Captain of the Lansing FD EMS Division, is still consistently receiving positive remarks and ratings from both members of the Lansing community, his crew, as well as his chief. In March of 2014, Chief Cai accepted an appointment to the Chief position of the La Puerta County FD in New Providence ParaRoleplay, a once popular urbacn city advanced pararoleplay sim. Here, Chief Cai wrote the Department SOPs along with some help using SOPs written by Chief Keragon Dragovar (Canton/Lansing FD Ret.) as a model. In this post, Chief Cai not only lead his department but also actively recruited members for both the department and the sim, as well as manage the logistics of the department including making arrangements to obtain uniforms and vehicle skins. Circa June 2013 Cai had the honour of being recruited for the management team of an SL RP sim for elite players only, enticed with the opportunity to meet the best of the best like him and make excellent connections. Cai predominantly plays in emergency services roles such as Police and EMS on urban/noir roleplay sims but is also partial to familial roleplays and may from time to time stretch his interests elsewhere as well. OBJECTIVE: To obtain challenging lead, staff, and management positions in the many wonderful Roleplay Cities (Sims) and Emergency Services Roleplay groups of SecondLife where I can put into play my skills and abilities in roleplay and leadership, where I can progress and improve, and most of all, where I can volunteer my time, efforts, expertise and give back to the roleplay community as much as I reap its benefits. LEADERSHIP STYLE (PERSONAL STATEMENT): As a leader I prefer to approach any leadership jobs at any level with what I like to call a “mentor-advocate” style. Instead of standing to the side, viewing myself as above all subordinates, pulling rank, and giving out orders for others to carry out only to take credit for all the work later on, I prefer to see myself as an equal member of the team who only has a different responsibility (to provide leadership). As a leader and mentor I strive to help my people strengthen and better themselves, I strive to help them succeed and help the group as a whole strengthen, improve, and succeed, while performing the same work they do alongside of them as I see myself as no different form anyone else. Instead of just standing there and giving orders, I try instead to help my crew learn, improve, and know what best to do in each situation they may be placed in to the best of our ability. As a leader and advocate, I do my best to look out for my crew and their needs, and to take care of them not only to better them as workers but also to assist them in whatever may be needed. This may mean outsourcing and approaching superiors to get my team what we need to succeed, listening to someone when they need to vent or tell me something, be it related to the team or not, defending and representing my people’s interest to the best of my ability whenever it is possible/appropriate. As a group leader I tend to do more logistics and organization work versus just calling out orders: for example, whenever a call comes in the first thing I do is refresh my group, find out who’s on, and offer each member signed on a teleport to the scene and put out a tones notice in the group so everyone-online or offline can be aware. I may then aproportion my crew as necessary if more than one task needs to be completed and especially if more than one unit is responding. While I do run a tight ship and hold high-standards, in SL I also do prefer to take a more laid back style of leadership versus being an ultra strict drill sergeant. No, it shouldn’t be a free-for all do whatever you want, but I don’t see the need to be ultra tough and ruin the fun for others either-after all this is a game and it should be fun (and with that said, if someone else’s ruining others fun, especially intentionally, I’ll be more than happy to immediately remove them as well). If I see something I don’t like, I would first, as long as it’s not a serious offense, ask the offender nicely to cease and desist and give a warning or two before I refer the person up the chain of command. If it is something more serious, then I’d let the person know what they did wrong, that they’re being referred then proceed to refer. Being the “mentor-advocate” type leader, the type who looks out for my people, I would much more rather be approachable than mean, scary, and strict. As with any roleplay I take part in, as soon as I decide to invest in the sim, at any level (sim staff, group lead, member, etc) I almost always put the sim before myself (as I am a community-oriented person), doing what’s best for everyone as a whole, and I personally enjoy helping promote and grow the communities I am part of. I take pleasure in (1) getting the word out about the community and especially (2) when I see someone new on sim, I make sure I IM the person and welcome them, and let them know to please feel free to contact me if they need anything or have any questions, and if I can, when I’m looking for something to do, I prefer to engage a new person on sim in a RP and use that as an additional method of welcoming them than to roleplay with something who’s already established themselves on sim, someone I already know. As a leader I like to do whatever I can to help my people and help them succeed. HONORS/DISTINCTIONS: -Recruited for Lead Medical position (Staff member on Management Team) on Selective ParaRP Community (must qualify based on skills/be invited to join community). Community for only the top and best pararoleplayers in SL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE • Level: Expert Paragraph-Roleplayer • Roleplaying Since: 28 May 2012 • Para-Roleplaying Since: 15 June 2012 NOTABLE WORK (PORTFOLIO): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lo-EWJarv3lbeGozzs0h1YleGfLHuGTOVX0C1JZ0k4w/viewform KEY LEADERSHIP POSTS/POSITIONS: • Department Chief, La Puerta County Fire Department, New Providence Advanced ParaRP (March 2014-Present) o Actively recruited for both department and sim, quickly raised sizeable staff, wrote SOPs, provided leadership, support, and mentoring for staff both IC and OOC, advocated interests of staff team and handled logistics and upkeep of department. o References: Aiden Caudron, Sim Owner • Fire/EMS Officer, Lansing Fire Department (January 2014-May 2014) o Captain (EMS): 19 Feb 2014-May 2014 o Deputy Chief of Operations: 02 Jan 2014 - 19 Feb 2014 o Lieutenant (EMS): 18 December 2013 - 02 Jan 2014 o Hired as Paramedic: 10 December 2013 o Responsibilities (As DC): Reports directly to the Fire Chief and may fill in when they are absent. Directly monitors and communicates with officers and provides suggestions to the Fire Chief as well as helping assist in their capacity. As Lt./Capt: Provided Leadership, Guidance, and Training for the EMS Division as Commanding Officer EMS. o References: Keragon Dragovar, Chief (Ret) (EMTP, LT, DC), Francisdom Weder, Chief (DC, Capt-EMS). o Sim: North Lansing • Moderator, Wendigo Lake Roleplay (October 2013-December 2013) o References: Jon Vetinari (effluvium) (Owner), Tori Nolan (Admin), Cobrikhan Moonshadow (Admin) o Performed general moderation and security duties while tasked with being a roleplay moderator. Received training from Admin on performing moderation duties. o Sim: Wendigo Lake • Moderator, Wastelands Post Apocalyptic DCS2 Roleplay (August 2013) o Assisted in establishment of this Roleplay Sim. Actively recruited players and worked on player retention. Advertised sim, greeted newcommers as they arrived on sim in addition to providing information and offering assistance. Facilitated and encouraged roleplays whenever/whereever possible. In addition to traditional moderator/faction duties. o References: Draco Bashir, Creator/Owner, misandrall, Creator/Owner o Sim: Cipanas • Factions Leader, Wastelands Post Apocalyptic DCS2 Roleplay (August 2013-September 2013) o Hospital Chief (August 2013-September 2013) o Sheriff (August 2013) o References: Draco Bashir, Creator/Owner, misandrall, Creator/Owner o Sim: Cipanas • Hospital Administrator, Syn City Hospital (20 January 2013-20 July 2013) o References: Kali Ireman, Sim Owner o Primary Responsibility: To keep the hospital running, to deal with staff issues, take care of any issues which may arise, and to ensure that everything needed is taken care of. o Actively recruited staff, as well as organized and arranged staff for roleplays. o Responsible for increasing hospital activity, staff numbers, as well as improving the quality of medical roleplays in sim. o Sample work: syncityhospitalsl.prophpbb.com • Chief, Haunted Hills Emergency Medical Services (January 2013-Present) o References: Hunter Magic, Commissioner; Arianna Violet, Commissioner; Buildergal Darkfire, Commissioner o Primary Author of HHEMS Personnel Handbook and HHEMS Training Manual o Refer to: hhemsdeptsl.prophpbb.com • Chief, Seven Falls Fire Department (March-April 2013) o Responsible mainly for assisting with calls and providing department with leadership during calls. o Resigned due to other commitments. • Chief of Police, Angeles Vista Police Department (September 2013-October 2013) o References: Renita Yardley, Owner, Grigori Yardley, Owner o Sim: Hae An ALL OTHER POSITIONS/POSTS HELD: • Dead End Police Department (July-October 2012) o Rank at Resignation: Officer I o General Duties Patrol Officer o 110 Case Reports filed At Time of Resignation. o Reference: Shade Manx, Chief (Ret.) o Sim: Dead End • Oceana Police Department (October 2012-January 2013) o Assisted in Writing the OPD Department Handbook with Marcus Warbunsee. o Assisted in Recruitment Efforts o Positions: OPD Trainer o References: Jewels Silverblade, Owner; Deteric Furyo, Oceana Civil Defense Internal Affairs. o Sim: Oceana • Dead End Fire Department (November 2012-Present) o Rank: Paramedic o Primary Responsible for answering Medical Calls. o References: Coyoti Kharg, Chief (Ret); Melangell Dylasari (koosh.lilliehook), Chief. o Sim: Dead Fall • Phoenix City Police Department (November 2012-January 2013) o Rank: Recruit o General Duties Patrol Officer o Reference: JohnSolo Ghost, Chief o Sim: Vingolf • Canton Fire Department (December 2012) o Rank: Probationary o Primarily Responsible for Answering EMS and Fire Calls. o References: Keragon Dragovar, Chief o Sim: City of Canton (closed) • Meridian Fire Department (January 2012) o Rank: Probationary o Primarily Responsible for Answering EMS and Fire Calls o Reference: Jonathan Arna, Chief o Sim: Muleberry Acres • Syn City Medical Center Hospital o Paramedic (December 2012-July 2013) o Hospital Administrator (January 2013-July 2013) o Sim: Syn City • Crael Fire Department (February 2013-Present) o Emergency Medical Technician (full-fledged member) o Reference: Dlee Babii, Chief o Sim: Crael • Wendigo Lakes Sheriff's Department (September 2013-December 2013) o Sheriff's Deputy o References: Jon Vetinari (effluvium), Owner o Sim: Wendigo Lake SKILLS AND ABILITIES: • Expert Advanced ParaRP'er • RP EMS Skills Consistently Rated Superior/Well Above Average for SL Standards o Reference: Keragon Dragovar, Chief, Canton FD • Capable of Working with Tredpro TPF Fire System • Capable of Written Communications in English and Italian (Conversational) • Capable Only of Spoken Communications in Chinese (Limited Mandarin and Conversational Cantoneese) • Experience with VICE and DCS REAL LIFE: • Occupation: Student • GPA: 3.89/4.0 • WGPA: 4.3410/4.0 • Judge, Local Debate League (September 2013-Present) • Former Student Government Officer (Class Secretary). Served for two academic terms (school years) Dec 2011-June 2013. • Teacher's Aide, Local Church Faith Formation Center (Sep 2011-May 2012) • Certifications: ICS-100, ICS-200, NIMS-700, NRF-800 Works In Progress: EMT Certification, FEMA Professional Development Series • Time Zone: SLT +3. Residence: Greater NYC Area PREVIOUS SIM PARTICIPATION: • City of Concord (May 28, 2012-August 2012) o Sim: City of Concord (closed) • The Crack Den (June 15, 2012-Present) o CD Felon o CD Victim o Sim: Hathian • Dead End RP (July 11, 2012-Present) o Sim: Dead End • City of Canton (October-December 2012) o Sim: City of Canton (closed) • City of Phoenix (November 2012-January 2013) o Sim: Vingolf (closed) • Haunted Hills RP (2013) o Sim: Weston Falls • Syn City (Dec 2012-Jul 2013) o Highest DCS Level: 13 (alt), Lvl 12 (this account) o Sim: Syn City • Crael City RP (February 2013-Present) o Sim: Crael • Seven Falls RP (March-April 2013) o Sim: Village of Flora • Wastelands City Post Apocalyptic DCS2 Roleplay (August -September 2013) o Sim: Cipanas • Angeles Vista (September-October 2013) o Sim: Hae An • Wendigo Lake World-of-Darkness Roleplay (September 2013-December 2013) o Sim: Wendigo Lake • New Lansing Urban City Advanced ParaRoleplay (December 2013-Present) o Sim: North Lansing • New Providence Urban City Advanced ParaRoleplay (April 2014-May 2014) Thank you for your interest, References Furnished Upon Request.
  13. Welcome to New Providence! We hope you enjoyed your flight. You will have a one of a kind experience here in New Providence- with our sunny beaches and our luscious palm trees where can you go wrong? If you like to take selfies you can snap one pretty much anywhere. Our city is very picturesque and there is never a dull moment. So let me be the first to say, Welcome to paradise as a home or a vacation destination we hope you enjoy your stay. New Providence provides a unique enviroment with it's welcoming locals and beautiful scenery. You'll feel right at home with so many things to do! Tour the boardwalk.. Take a trip into the city.. Be a firefighter.. Be a cop.. Become a local yourself! The possibilities are endless! So come on and take a tour, we know you'll love it **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/html/assets/emoticons/mattemotes/grin.png" border="0" alt=":matte-motes-grin:" title="" /> http://www.newprovidence.tk/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Providence/182/82/3481
  14. yea sorry to say but to begin with, ive never heard of anything like this before. on top of that, to be honest, sims that last long are rare. most sims are only around for a few weeks or months at most. especially when it comes to homesteads-homesteads are limited capacity sims and people that use them usually arent serious/ready to be serious/expecting much success to begin with. i wish you luck though. maybe the sim might still be here or someone else who's familiar with this sees this post. or better yet-perhaps you should recreate it yourself
  15. HOW TO INITIATE ROLEPLAY Written and Complied By: BlueBell Noel Contributors: Valmont Marseille Buffy Aura Su Pointe Kalyptika Fallen Martin J.G. Cai (CaiMartinJG) JillAbel Iouve Talisa Raquel Amora Cortez John Morland Gemma Morland Evie Serenity Dannika Dryke Roxie Smith Takahiro Ugimachi Clio Clary Leaders and Members of: The Crack Den If you are new to a sim and/or roleplay - make yourself familiar with the sim rules and common practices. Observe, but don’t be shy. Some of us might seem a bit intimidating, be it IC or be it because they throw out long, carefully constructed flowery emotes, or because they have been around forever – but we all once were new and we all want our rp to grow. Learn the basics about post order and emoting, and you are good to go – you don’t have to write long paragraphs to be accepted. There is nothing better than learning by doing. - Once you are approved – find a job. It helps a lot with establishing contacts and making yourself known.. Your boss, your colleagues, your customers – even little interactions like selling someone a cupcake can turn into an interesting or funny scene. - remember that not all things are going to come to you… you have to do work to enhance your character and get involved in things in order to have things happen. Such as in life. If you stay in your house, nothing happens. If you go out in the world, stuff happens. - consider teaming up with another new RPer. Having an IC sibling/partner/cousin/friend/stalker/jealous ex can help a lot. You can explore together, have your own RP dynamic, exchange experiences and tips and introduce the other one to new contacts. How to approach a single RPer Let’s start with some possible scenarios. It’s a difference if you are approaching a single person or if you are trying to join an ongoing scene. So, let’s assume you are walking up to a character who stands around alone. The easiest way to engage anyone is at their workplace – usually they are happy to have customers and you both already have a topic to talk about. Of course this applies for dealers or hookers, too! Also – don’t forget the kid RPers. Most are very grateful for interaction with adults, and it’s very likely that you will get a great scene in return. If it makes you more comfortable, you -can- IM beforehand and ask if people are available for RP – but you don’t have to. Everyone on sim is supposed to be available, unless they wear an OOC-, AFK- or observer-tag. If they don’t reply: - Did you wait long enough for their reply? New RPers are often surprised -how- long it can take to type a paragraph. 10 minutes is not unusual. Some need longer (though if so, it’s polite to tell your counterpart in IM that you are still typing). - Are they afk? People on sim are not supposed to do that for an extended period of time. But sometimes RL happens. - Maybe they were distracted and didn’t see your post? If in doubt, IM them and ask if they are up for RP. And please, don’t feel discouraged when they aren’t. Sometimes people -are- busy OOC. Or they are about to log in a bit. You will find someone else. - How to post There is one really crucial aspect you should keep in mind: If you want interaction, offer something to work with. It doesn’t have to be absolutely original or exciting, but -do- something that draws the other one’s attention. Often new ones try to ‘introduce’ themselves with a thought-emote, and then they wait for their counterpart to engage -them-. Don’t do that. Nobody can read your thoughts. Be proactive. Focus on something the other character can see or hear, something they will have to react to. This can be totally random. Of course you can go the traditional route. Ask for a lighter, ask for directions, ask for a job. Drop some information and they might ask for more. If you have a job – what about handing out flyers for your business. If you’re hurting for ideas, think of interactions you’ve had with strangers in real life. Not necessarily stranger-danger scenarios, but random ways you’ve started talking to people. Emote finding a five-dollar bill lying in the street and ask people nearby if it’s theirs. If there’s something happening between other players, ask another bystander what’s going on. You’ll find more often than not that they may have been trying to come up with a way to RP themselves. Even better: do something unexpected. These are the scenes people will remember. Maybe make them laugh? Or annoy them (IC of course). Be an arrogant **bleep** (and expect an according reaction). Or – do something clumsy. Be drunk or drugged and stumble into them. No matter if your character is aggressive, or more timid and shy – be creative. Example: тaĸ υgιмacнι (takahiro.ugimachi) BUMPS into Liz as he’s looking down at his tarnished shoes and his folder flies open and the paperwork flies all over the street, “Oh for **bleep** sake… watch where you’re going you idiot.” Bar RP – how to RP in a crowd Don’t underestimate smalltalk and bar conversations. Yes, sometimes it seems as if it’s just random chit chat. But you can get a lot of information at the bar. Bartenders usually know their town and their clientele. And you can introduce yourself to staff and patrons alike – even if it’s just a simple chat. Again, don’t be shy. You can use the bar to observe and learn more about people, but it will be more productive if you engage them in a conversation. You don’t have to tell your entire background story with the first post – let people interact to find out more about you, and ask them questions. Or… DO something. Get drunk. Dance on the table. Hit on the bartender. Find out that you lost your wallet and that you can’t pay. (At bars the post order rules are weakened. You don’t necessarily have to wait for the entire room to post. Unless it’s a combat scene – focus on your direct counterparts, and pay attention to the rest of the crowd to see if somebody else joins into your conversation) How to join a scene There are a couple of guidelines for joining an ongoing scene. While every scene at a public place is considered, well, public – be considerate before you decide if or how you join in. First of all: Anything behind closed doors, and anything at a secluded place (back alley, somewhere at the beach etc.) is considered a private scene. Don’t join these scenes without getting explicit consent in IM first. If it’s a public scene: Always wait one full postround before you post in. Make sure you understand what’s going on. Be aware that we often don’t use the proper animations or RP props to visualize our actions. If in doubt (for example, you are not sure if someone is armed or on the ground) – ask in IM. Next step: Decide if you can contribute to the scene. - Is it already a cluster**bleep** of posts because there are too many people taking part? You probably should stay out unless you have a real good IC reason to join in. - Maybe it’s the end of a long scene and people seem to be eager to round it up, they might want to log/move on? Use common sense if your contribution would help with that or if you just would force people to stay when they are already exhausted from some hours of RP. - Is it a highly emotional scene? And/or a sex scene? A rape scene? Something very intense between two people and your intervention would likely force them to end it? Yes, it’s still a public scene and it -is- allowed to join in. If people absolutely don’t want to be interrupted they should take it to a secluded/private place. But ask yourself if your interruption will add to their scene, or just take away from it. Maybe you have a strong IC reason to intervene. Then go for it. If in doubt – ask. Practical advice: Wait one post round. Then post to make your presence known – without noticing what’s going on and/or without interfering: “Me stops as her mobile starts to vibrate, frowning at the incoming message – too distracted to notice the commotion around the corner.” Or : “/me enters the room and stops abruptly as she notices the couple making out on the counter. For some moments she just stares in disbelief, torn between amusement and anger – not sure if or how to react.” Then wait for their reaction to your post. Often their response will tell you if your intervention is welcome or not. If somebody screams for help, or if they explicitly acknowledge your presence – feel free to join in. If it looks as if they would deliberately ignore you, or if they post that they are actively trying not to be noticed – better move on. IF IN DOUBT: asking in IM doesn’t hurt. - How to get into danger Eager to risk your health? Your life? Your sanity? Some sims are violent places, and people come here to live out dark fantasies. But – it is not so much a place for random forced fantasy scenes (though, they happen, too, and that’s fine!). Most of us focus on immersion – dark things happen, but they are part of longterm stories, with according consequences for victim and attacker alike. And not everybody is into sex and violence anyway. A lot of new RPers come here looking for one of those exciting dark scenes, and there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t expect it to happen on your first day. If you are a potential victim – don’t expect everyone to be an attacker, don’t expect that our criminals have nothing else in mind but attacking you. Thought emoting how alone, attractive and helpless you are often won’t be enough to draw their attention (there are always more potential victims than potential attackers on sim – and even a psychopath has a life :) ). Offer them more. Be creative. Be more than ‘just a victim’. Engage them in a conversation, do something – see above. Be assured, it might take some time, but you -will- get into serious trouble. If you are a potential attacker – please, no random attacks without prior interaction. Give your potential victim time to respond – and don’t force them into something they might not enjoy. You don’t need explicit consent before you attack anyone, but it’s bad form not to leave them an IC-way out. Sometimes people don’t want to be victimized for good reasons (limited time, just having spent weeks in hospital etc.). Don’t expect anyone to be a willing victim who can be easily dragged off. By attacking a CDer you will most likely have to deal with consequences. Some will fiercely fight back, get you arrested or retaliate. Advice: Take some time to make yourself known. Many potential victims will shy away from you if they think that you just came here for a random rape scene – they won’t agree to it unless they know that you are going to stick around for possible consequences. Accepting serious damage to body or mind is for most of us only fun if it’s part of a longterm story. Be more than “just a random attacker”. You don’t have to be nice. But you should be creative. Last but not least: If you are a ‘normal’, potentially good and helpful citizen! (Yes, they exist, too). Of course it can be tempting to build up a reputation and to make friends by rescuing people. But please, don’t become a white knight. See above – ask yourself if your intervention will add to a scene or just interrupt and end it. Some victims have worked hard to get into trouble – and they won’t appreciate being rescued before their scene even started. Again – you can join a public scene, but be considerate. Most scenes start at a public area and maybe they just couldn’t move to a secluded place yet. Sometimes it’s better “not to see” certain things. If in doubt – ask in IM. Also – there are often opportunities to be helpful -after- bad things happened. Be the one who notices those ugly bruises. Maybe you’ll be asked to help with retaliation? Stop and call an ambulance when you find a bleeding victim. Also, consider joining the municipal services, Police, Fire, EMS, Hospital. On the other hand: If you are having a public scene and someone jumps in to save the victim – don’t get all upset and rude. Of course you can ask them politely not to disturb your scene (if possible -before- they post in). But the better way is to go with it. The default is: if you are at a public place, anyone can walk in and anything can happen. If you really don’t want to risk being interrupted – move to a private place. Some sims are dangerous towns. Everywhere. And some places are more dangerous than others. If you walk into gang territory, be aware that you might get into trouble (and that can be a lot of fun). Nobody needs explicit consent to attack you – all it needs is interaction. That doesn’t mean that you can’t approach dangerous people to have non-combative RP with them. Even our most dangerous gang-members might interact without hospitalizing you – if you give them a chance and reason to do so. Again – creativity is the key. Maybe they want you as customer – gangs usually have a business front, or they are dealing. Maybe you have information to offer. Maybe you are a potential prospect. Maybe they are up for a flirt. But – if your character ignores the risk, is aggressive and mouthy and doesn’t back down when threatened, don’t expect anyone to bend -their- character just because you don’t want to fight. Also – don’t be too afraid of taking a beating! People will respect your limits. And hospital and RPing out injuries can be fun. Conflict is good for storylines, and bad experiences are good for character development. Advice for established RPers: No matter if you know the person who walks up or not, no matter if it’s a beginner or a veteran. Please don’t just ignore their attempts to RP with you. We want an atmosphere where anyone can come up to anyone, where people aren’t afraid to initiate RP. If you really aren’t available at the moment – explain politely in IM, maybe offer that they can come back later. Don’t discourage new members by ignoring them. Don’t expect them to ask first before they dare to approach you. Nobody needs allowance for RP! Also – if they are obviously new, maybe don’t react with a 20 lines-paragraph, or at least warn them that they will have to wait a bit for your reply. Even for established RPers it’s sometimes difficult to reach out to people your character would usually avoid – or to reach out to people who’s character naturally would never get near you cause they know who you are or what you are capable of. That’s why we sometimes bend realism a bit – for example most businesses won’t ban anyone for their gang affiliation, at least not for longer. And while longterm vendettas can be fun – sometimes it’s better when your character forgives and forgets after a while. Especially when your enemy gives you a reason – maybe they do something for you, or it’s good for your business to cooperate. Maybe there are family connections – do your kids play with theirs? Did they hit on your brother/sister? That could give your conflict an entirely new dimension. Also, it can happen that your own character stifles your RP. Maybe you find that you are too cautious, too reasonable, too morally correct. Or – you are too insane, egocentric, too psychotic, and your interactions only revolve around violence without any deeper interaction. Then you should consider tweaking your character. People change. If you are too ‘normal’ and too careful to get into real trouble – an important life event could change that. If your character somehow became too **bleep**ed up for human relationships – try a therapy. Let things happen to your character and add layers of complexity.
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