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  1. Honestly, I could prolly write at least half a decent sized novel on this topic. For someone completley new though, I'd suggest you start small and observe and maybe stray away from sims with a high roleplay standard, but dont go for something trashy either (unless casual rp is what you find yourself preferring). But if you do go to a sim where people are fairly experienced, stand to the side and observe a bit and figure out how exactly people are doing things before you jump in do something wrong and get ppl pissed at you. That was my biggest mistake when i started, I was too eager to jump
  2. Do what many sims do, create your own. Make legit money come only from one authorized official source, who will make prims that stand for money of different amounts, make a certain number of copies of each prim, and distribute them however youd like, and replenish your reservoir/bank from time to time. One thing for sure though, however you do it, make sure whatever you hand out that stands for IC money is NO COPY NO MOD. Otherwise people can easily reproduce/modify them themselves and all you will have is an ineffective system and a lotta counterfeit money floating around and all you nee
  3. LOL I also happen to be someone who participates avidly (and often leads) EMS RP Groups. For one, you definatley should look up a group called SLIAFF. Let me know if you need me to get you the link. This is a group where Fire/EMS Chiefs can advertise positions they have open. Pretty much every sim thats designated as urban or family will have EMT positions but family RP sims, because there are kid characters present, are very restricted in terms of what type of violence can be portrayed there, so your EMT role will not net you many gruesome calls or even calls in general and you'll have to
  4. Just as a friendly tip/caution- Please be very careful with what you do regarding bloodlines. Not as much anymore-but about 18 months ago-bloodlines were very controversial and there were many people who were annoyed with getting "spammed" with them and many sims/places that banned them. Not saying bloodlines itself is illegal-but be careful what you do with it, lest you find yourself getting scolded or worst....
  5. The Texan Third Army, 2nd Infantry Regiment is hereby recruiting pararp'ers interested in: Military, Medical or Police roleplay as well as rp'ed and metered combat to fill the following roles: Infantry Soldier, Medic, Field Cook, and Quartermaster. Ability/experience in high qualify pararp as well as metered combat preferred but not reqd. Also, ability/xp in both metered and rp'ed combat and policing preferred for soliders while medical ability/xp preferred for medics. This unit is based in post apocalyptic town made of 3 factions: neutral civilians, rebels fighting to overthrow the govt, and
  6. Seeking players to join 3 factions on sim: Neutral Civilians, Rebels Fighting to Overthrow Govt, and Govt Military Forces sent to enforce laws. Both the military and rebels offer combat roles and need strong pararpers capable of metered combat (gun-fights) Mil. Infantry: Police ability helps. Military looking for strong pararpers able to play medic roles. Combat ability helps, not necessary. Civilians looking for strong pararpers to play Oil Miner, Prostitute and others. Combat ability preferred. Although this sim is still new and small, our members are almost all strong ParaRPers and we have
  7. Hey there Juliet, First off, I personally started my time as a roleplayer in CD and I still remember being where you are now, about 2 years ago. Roleplaying as a Drifter means you can be on sim and participate in most roleplays, but there will be some restrictions unitl you are fully accepted. CD's roleplay is backed by a computer system, and being a drifer means the police wont be able to arrest your character and use the system to book your character into jail (you can be ticketed tho), the doctors wont be able to check you into the hospital (you can still be treated by fire department me
  8. What some fun? What some action? What to be kept busy? What to learn some things that'll be helpful even in real life? Well then, sign up for the Dark Creed Fire-Rescue-EMS. This roleplay emergency services organization, always recruiting and hiring new members, is based in a dark urban rp centered on its gangs and gang violence. For this reason, the FD here is expecting a high volume of calls and a lot of action (and I’d imagine a good many of you are looking for the thrill of a high amount of FD action), between victims of constant shootings and other forms of gang rivalry and attacks, t
  9. Dark Urban RP. Emphasis on gangs, many gang fights to provide a large abundance of partients for EMS to treat. Official Sim Currency is the Linden Dollar and members of this FD may charge L$'s for their services. Additionally, sim authority will compensate for evidence of activity/rp with points and L's. Currently Hiring: Firefighters, Paramedics To apply and view SOPs: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rE80rcGW2lvlh1sD59vBqhPEamRbflOG-KsOS2_LZdE/viewform To visit the station: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark%20Creed/142/61/41 No previous experience or any knowledge necessary-will pro
  10. Looking for a fresh start? Something to make you want to log in everyday? Want to log in everyday to a community that not only looks beautiful but is functional? Then come see Churchill Bay. A beautiful Coastal town with lovely homes, beach, downtown shops, full Emergency Services. Everything a small town needs and the best part. Its 1 sim! You get to know your neighbors, not lost in a sea of names in there homes only. Take a ride to the Bay today, homes & shops available today. TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isla%20Tequila/207/222/22 Group: secondlife:///app/group/270db7d5
  11. Something I wrote and published nearly a quarter of a year ago. Seems like the first posts have been buried under a plethora of other posts now and seems like now people have forgotten about this work thats supposed to be useful so I decided to repost it. Any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reply to this thread or privately IM/NC me in-world. Offline IM's go to email and dont cap-for quickest reply-pls use IM or email caimartinjg@gmail.com . Also Available At: http://caimartinjg.blogspot.com/p/a-medics-guide-to-medical-roleplay.html (Note: It is the author’s recommendat
  12. Greetings: I am an experienced paragraph roleplayer specializing in Paramedic Roleplay and for the past eighteen months I have lead several Medical/Rescue RP groups. I am currently training to become an EMT in RL and last week, my previous home sim closed, leaving me and several of my fellow Emergency Medical/Rescue RP’ers without a home. Details on my past and experience are available through my resume (attached). In sum, I have been paragraph roleplaying for two years now and I have been roleplaying the fire/emergency medical/rescue field for over 20 months now. I have been a group lead
  13. Welcome to New Providence! We hope you enjoyed your flight. You will have a one of a kind experience here in New Providence- with our sunny beaches and our luscious palm trees where can you go wrong? If you like to take selfies you can snap one pretty much anywhere. Our city is very picturesque and there is never a dull moment. So let me be the first to say, Welcome to paradise as a home or a vacation destination we hope you enjoy your stay. New Providence provides a unique enviroment with it's welcoming locals and beautiful scenery. You'll feel right at home with so many things to do! Tour
  14. yea sorry to say but to begin with, ive never heard of anything like this before. on top of that, to be honest, sims that last long are rare. most sims are only around for a few weeks or months at most. especially when it comes to homesteads-homesteads are limited capacity sims and people that use them usually arent serious/ready to be serious/expecting much success to begin with. i wish you luck though. maybe the sim might still be here or someone else who's familiar with this sees this post. or better yet-perhaps you should recreate it yourself
  15. HOW TO INITIATE ROLEPLAY Written and Complied By: BlueBell Noel Contributors: Valmont Marseille Buffy Aura Su Pointe Kalyptika Fallen Martin J.G. Cai (CaiMartinJG) JillAbel Iouve Talisa Raquel Amora Cortez John Morland Gemma Morland Evie Serenity Dannika Dryke Roxie Smith Takahiro Ugimachi Clio Clary Leaders and Members of: The Crack Den If you are new to a sim and/or roleplay - make yourself familiar with the sim rules and common practices. Observe, but don’t be shy. Some of us might seem a bit intimidating, be it IC or be it because they throw out long, carefully constructed flowery emotes,
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