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  1. Wow, there's a lot going on here. Honestly, Peggy is entitled to her opinion. I've read a lot about "emeraldgate" before I decided that I will use 3rd party viewers (opposite of what she decided.) the emerald controversy, at least as it had been published, was that the viewer disclosed the path upon which the viewer was instaled. From that, certain things could be made known about the user. Example: If two avatars showed that the viewer was in C:\Program Files (x86)\emerald then you knew that the computer was 64 bit. But if it was installed to C:\Users\anynamet\Downloads then because of it being under a certain user profile, alts could be tracked, certain rl info could be deduced, etc. I chose very benign paths for my examples, but if someone didn't think of it, then it was an open invitation for security exploits. There was a lot more to it too, but since emerald was pretty much a dead issue when I looked into it, I came away from my research with the feeling that LL is now wiser about what to look for before approving a TPV. I also got the impression that the purpose of the original Phoenix viewer was to fork off of emerald, removing all malicious code, and thatLL would approve them only after they had proven that all such code, and those directly responsible for putting it there were gone. As for indirect responsibility, well, I was recently forced to quit a rl job to avoid "indirect responsibility" for things that I saw going on. Not all people can. I'll believe that there are those who believed in about 90% of what emerald was doing, while disapproving of 10%, and stayed on board simplybecause until Phoenix was born, they had nowhere else to go. human nature is to do just that. In the rl job I'm referencign to, there are others who left due to dishonesty. But I'm the only one who did so voluntarily. And I had leisure time because I made it known that there were certtain actions that I could expose from higher-ups. The point I'm trying to make is that for me, things had to reach a certain threshold, and i trust that for the Phoenix team, that threshold was higher than what it took for the scandal to break. To a person like Peggy, it's probably more a matter of "once bitten twice shy." I never used emerald. She apparently did. And I can see how that makes all the difference in the world. Then there's this.... Jadeclaw Denfu wrote: It already exists. It's called Singularity: https://sites.google.com/site/singularityviewer/ I use Firestorm for building / Scripting stuff and Singularity, when I need fast rendering, especially when travelling. I have nothing at all bad to say about Singularity. But it is a completely different flavor than Firestorm. I praise both development teams. I really do. but Singularity is based on v1, with such a devoted team that it remains relevant while everyone else is on v3. That's not an easy task. Singularity is the viewer that allows those with older machines to keep logging into sl, and it's the viewer of choice for those who value fps above all else (a crowd that includes racers, sailors, many people who use combat or spell huds, etc.) Firestorm, on the other hand, is chock-full of almost too many features. It can do every single thing, but it demands a lot of power. Simply put, I see singularity as the "purpose built racecar" of sl. Blazingly fast, but with fewer features than we've grown accustomed to. firestorm, on the other hand, is like th luxury car, full of features that we may never know of the whole time we're using it, some need those features to feel comfortable. Some consider them to be inefficient extras, while some who never use them consider them a prestige that they must have for bragging purposes.
  2. Two out of three that I read agree with you. I did find one gray area. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: I disagree. All the documents are very clear that you cannot share conversations without the consent of the participants. There are no exceptions. If the subject matter is impersonal, such as a technical discussion, then you should have no problem obtaining consent. BTW, those ignorant disclaimers people put in their profile saying that if you talk to them you are giving consent don't hold any water either. The privacy policy http://secondlife.com/corporate/privacy.php states: Disclosing Personal Information in Profiles, Forums or within Second Life You may choose to disclose personal information in our online forums, via your Second Life profile, directly to other users in chat or otherwise while using Second Life. Please be aware that such information is public information and you should not expect privacy or confidentiality of this information. And because this is an official LL document, anyone who has action taken against them for sharing local chat needs only to cite this document to win any case against them, The TOS and Community Standards fully back what you're saying, but if someone really wanted to be a lawyer about it, they do have this to turn to. Odds are, thought, that most of us wouldn't even try, if it's about something we've posted in local. After all, most of us reserve private comments for IM or conference. Most of us also understand that even if we did present a report for reposting public chat, that a) the damage had already been done, and b0 it would be simple for the offending person to either defend themselves, or create a new account. So it's still best not to post into local anything that discloses any rl info, anything that is potentially embarrassing, or anything you would object to being shared.
  3. Same way as any government. Taxes. Land costs quite a bit more in SL than a similar amount of server space anywhere else, and you can only get land from the Lab. So everywhere you travel to is money in LL's pocket. Uploads cost a negligable amount of money. you can sonsider that "sales tax." From the exchange, there is a small commission that goes to LL. Consider that "income tax" for the seller. When you buy lindens, or change them out, there is a small "exchange fee" So they have their revenue sources. Some would argue that the bottom line could be increased by tweaking these prices a bit, but LL seems to be quite successful.
  4. I think the answer depends on whether the question is technical or practical. Most people won't complain if you do. After all, they DID choose to post in local, whe an IM or a conference would be sooo easy. Technically, though, I think one would have to wade through just about every document that LL has produced to see which rules contradict which other rules, and/or come up with a precident based answer.
  5. My point of view actually comes from putting myself in the OP's shoes. There have been moments when I didn't notice something for over 15 minutes. But, I rarely run only one program at once. Usually when i'm here, i'm inworld too.l And I get a ton of IM's. And I tend to write long posts. I spend quite a bit of time on Para-rp sims. And I'll also be checking email, checking a ton of IM's, doing some online shopping, both in rl and on the marketplace, and picking a song on youtube all at the same time. In other words, since I tend to miss the flasing orange tab that warns me of an IM, I just kind of assumed that the OP did the same. In other words, to me 10 minutes doesn't seem as long as it would to some. maybe the best thing to get out of this, whether it's customer service as was suggested by some, or patron responsibilities, as suggested by others, is that the OP DID comply, DID go back, and had no further complaints. If I was either the OP or the employee, I'd bne happy with the way it all turned out. but if I was the sim owner, I'd definitely want more details from both sides, to better determine if a bit more time should have been given. Also, it is really helpful when an employee or moderator wears a tag and makes an introduction, so that as someone else had suggested, you know whether they're serious or not.
  6. If you begin to overheat, sl will close unexpectedly before it can do any damage. That is as long as you didn't go changing settings for it to do otherwise.
  7. I have one request for the Firestorm team. I know they do a lot of wonderful things for sl. I have all kinds of appreciation for the work they put in. Can we get an optional light version of your viewer? Phoenix kind of filled that role until it went away. Just maybe something that has only the Firestorm features that we all need. Firestorm is the most popular viewer for good reason, and I'm sure that a lighter viewer for those who can't use it would be downloaded like crazy if it existed.
  8. Orca Flotta wrote: Harley, you know that LL by principle won't get involved in resident disputes. Even if they did it would be a he said/she said situation they can't decide on. I don't know if it's against TOS to say negative things about other resis, but I don't think so. She states her opinion about you, that is hardly harrassment. I guess if you muted her you have done all you can and should let it rest. Just ignore her and everything she says or writes. Actually, it's not as clear as that. Community standards... http://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php section 4 states: Disclosure Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing personal information about your fellow Residents without their consent -- including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their Resident profile -- is not allowed. And the TOS it'self http://secondlife.com/corporate/tos.php#tos8 in section 8.2 (v) states: 8.2 You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights. You agree that you will not:....................................... (v) Post, display or transmit Content that is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelous, false, inaccurate, misleading, or invades another person's privacy;........................................... Any violation by you of the terms of this Section may result in immediate suspension or termination of your Accounts without any refund or other compensation. However, going against the OP, the Privacy policy http://secondlife.com/corporate/privacy.php#privacy3 states this: Disclosing Personal Information in Profiles, Forums or within Second Life You may choose to disclose personal information in our online forums, via your Second Life profile, directly to other users in chat or otherwise while using Second Life. Please be aware that such information is public information and you should not expect privacy or confidentiality of this information. So, two out of three quoted documents by LL state that disclosure of rl informatiion by anyone other than the person who that rl belongs to is a violation. The third makes it arguable that how the person came upon the info makes a difference to whether it's a violation or not. So I would guess, from the Lab's point of view, it's important to know how this person got the information about the OP and her children. Also, a report doesn't need to be "he said/she said" if there are chat logs or screenshots included in the report. So, were those included? It would make it easier for LL to react if they were.
  9. Suki Hirano wrote: G-rated sims shouldn't even exist. Direct contradiction to the rating of SL itself. Unless I'm mistaken SL is rated 18+? Do people see any video game in the market rated M where "violence/sexual references/gore etc" aren't allowed? All sims in SL should start at M, while half of them should be A. Sick and tired of 40-year old men dressed up as freakishly-ugly 5-year old diaper-clad babies who talk like "wah I want lowwipops!" and complain about the "nudity" and "dirty language" on SL. What kind of sick, twisted individual are you to even know where to find such a thing? haha just kidding. I had to. But seriously, the rating system works fine as it is. Let those who prefer a more censored existence get it from the G-rated sims, even if deep down they're the kind of perverts described by Suki. After all, it's better than giving them a reason to bother the rest of us, right? I think on a lot of rp sims, the owner just expects that there will be a few people who take things too far. That's why almost every one has rules that rp is by consent only. And a lot of rp'ers don't look at that adult rating as a stigma. they see it more as a sign that whatever they do, they won't get banned from sl. Things occur in rp that wouldn't be considered acceptable anywhere else. Adult is where many can go where they don't feel their character is hindered by TOS. Often, because rp'ers are only playing a role, things get a bit more extreme on rp sims. Certainly a lot less politically correct. the atch with moderate land is that it is exactly what it was designed to be... the mile wide line between general and adult. To some, even those who have no desire to cross the adult side of that line themselves, it's comforting to know that nothing they do will get them into any trouble.
  10. It seems that you and i read the op completely opposite. What you're calling rudeness, I'm calling an honest mistake. We've al made them. But I think that the point that the OP was trying to make is that when mistakes happen, there's a right way and a wrong way to deal with it. If the OP had been banned, as you suggest, then that's one person who has no chance to ever make a donatioin, and will likely tell several others not to frequent the club. On the other hand, since she did re-read and comply, I'd have to say that the employee handled the situation in a way that very few sim owners would want. Since she re-read, complied, and went back, I'm given the impression that the op actually likes the club and wants it to succeed, that she sees that emp0loyee as someone who may be detrimental to the continued existance of the club. If I'm right, then the only real fix is to notify the sim owner of what happened. After all, even if it is just a hobby, it won't be any fun if there ar3en't any guests. What the OP seems to want to do is give an opportunity to the owner to fix what's wrong. I'd say tht a fair way to handle it would have been fort the employee to give a proper introduction, and point out that there is a rule in the NC about not wearing tails. Then give a period of ten minutes to comply, or two local posts, whichever happens sooner before ejecting. Maybe that is how it went. We only have one side of the story. But from what I read, it seems like almost no time was given.
  11. jwenting wrote: places with no rules are havens for griefers, spammers, scammers, only thing you're likely to get there is abuse and harassment. That's why succcessful sims have rules and actively enforce them. And of course,a lot of people seek people with similar interests to associate with. Looks to me like OP was actively looking to cause trouble and get kicked out before he was able to pull it off, and that's what he's angry about. Based only on what I read here, I see the OPO's offense as being unintentional. She did admit that it was in the notecard, but she missed it the first time looking. I nterpreted the post much differently than you. I saw it as an "oops.": but then again, I personally run sl on a couple of machines, using a couple of operating sytstems, and the behavior of one can affect my next login. I've had viewers that allow too few clothing layers make me think on my nexdt login on a different viewer that my clothes were taking forever to bake, when I was actually inadvertently naked. I've also had the opposite. That my viewer would not render the clothing that other people assured me i was in fact wearing. I've also gotten flooded with notecards and annoucements that i should have read closer than I did. So I can definitely see how the OP could have simply made a mistake. I think Imma test made the best post in this forum. That the OP's mistake could not be ignored, but that better ways to deal with it do exist.
  12. All in all, I think that the more "server side" ll goes, the better. It's been pointed out by someone on this thread that the tpv's can simply do what they've already done to create the variety of features that people have become accustomed to. The reason why I want to see SL go as much server-side as possible is because there is an unprecedented variety of devices that people use to see what SL has to offer. there is Windows 8, 7, vista, and xp all on sl. then there are all of the various linux distros. Then there's Mac, and if you include Lumiya, there's android.
  13. Well, I'm actually surprised that this hasn't happened sooner, because Adult doesn't necessarily mean Adult in terms of anything other than age verification. What I mean is that many regions that are labeled adult are in fact ran as if they're moderate. The owners just chose adult land because they feel that gives them more freedom over how to use it. This is expecially the case in rp sims, where people are relied upon to regulate eachother. For example: In most urban sims, the rating is adult, but because of the attempt to achieve realism, other people will show a negative reaction to "streakers" or to people who choose too public of a place for sexual activity. Add to that the long memories that people in those kind of rp sims tend ot have, and the effect is that while "adult" activities won't get you kicked off, they'll certainly make your stay less than enjoyable. A certain Adult rated sim has this in theri rules: 7. NUDITY / SEX IN PUBLIC: This is an Adult sim and as such nudity/sex may occur but please be tasteful and respectful of those around you. Please be respectful and mature to anyone in this lack of attire. Keep sex quiet (they make gags for this) unless you want a slave trader audience and if do then at all times keep a weapon handy!!! You have been warned. So again, it's rated so that it can happen, but they really make you think about whether or not you want it to. It makes me very curious, actually, about what percentage of places that are rated adult could in fact be rated moderate, if the sim owners didn't go for "maximum freedom under TOS"
  14. maybe you should talk to the employee's "manager." There are two things about your experience that really make me wonder if the sim owner knows what's going on. 1. you were willing to remove the tail, but got ejected before you got a chance. if I owned the club, I'd feel the need to tell the employee to give people a bit of time before ejecting anyone. 2. since it's a club, and the point is to make money, or at least break even, maybe it's time for the owner to consider allowing a more diverse group in. Soe people are against tails and other furry accessories because they feel that seeing them takes away from a certain feel of realism that they're trying to create. Others, welol, maybe have had a bad experience or two. But any club that's bringing in so far under budget should start evaluating it's policies.
  15. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: I have faith in AMD. Just about the same as I have with nVidia (the chipset manufacturer I happen to use and prefer). It has nothing to do with AMD.........it has everything to do with Toshiba (in this case). I haven't explored AMD's driver site in about a year but I know they used to caution users to get the laptop drivers from the computer manufacturer..........as did nVidia. Since I don't use a laptop, I can't say they still caution users (but I bet they do). Generally speaking when updating or installing drivers (any driver, but especially video drivers since graphics are so critical to any computer) to read the proper way to install the driver and all cautionary notes. Things change in the driver installation area so, even if you do know what you are doing, it's a good idea to read the "how to" every now and then. See, my experience with AMD and ATI (which were formerly different companies, but not he same, for all those lurking) is that they're both very conservative, and very good to the end user. I consider anything to come from AMD as relatively foolproof. And I only say relatively because there's that old saying, "Nothing is foolproof to the sufficiently talented fool." I really wish I could remember who coined that phrase so I could give credit where it is due. As the OP had pointed out, if any of the issues that you're concerned with are present, AMD/ATI will simply refuse to provede a faulty driver for Window based 64 bit systems. Now, linux has me wishing I had Nvidea hardware, but that's a different story altogether. To make a generalization, my philosophy is that for hardware issues, you want to go as far "upstream" as you possibly can. For OS or software issues, you want to got "downstream." My take on it isn't 100% accurate, but I'd say maybe 90%. In a different thread, I discovered that the manufacturer of my laptop (HP) considers my computer "unsupported or untested" for Windows8. Was it you, Peggy, who suggested that I should email HP to tell them that after a driver download from AMD Win8 worked better than the Win7 that the computer as shipped with? Peggy, your experience and mine are quite opposite. I found nothing useful from the manufacturer of my laptop, and the perfect answer from AMD. You and the OP have both found that AMD is referring people to the site of the laptop manufacturer. I think we cam agree that you're correct by saying "Things change in the driver installation area so, even if you do know what you are doing, it's a good idea to read the "how to" every now and then."I think the difference is that Toshiba seems to exhibit the kind of behavior that you're referring to (get the drivers from the ones who assembled the machine) while HP seems to exhibit the kind of behavior that I'm referring to (go to the manufacturer we purchase from.) I honestly think that if the OP is willing to do some work, then the two of us can give different enough viewpoints that something will work for the op.
  16. Orca Flotta wrote: CoolVL and Singularity just "look" too old for me. I use and love Sing because it looks old. Everything is there where I need it and where it always was. What's wrong with it? No hidden IMs, they appear in your chat box. That's the way to communicate! No clutter on my screen. And much better fps than most other viewers, and that's still the most important feature. Both are good viewers. They're just not stylized the way that I personally like, that's all. Nobody can call you wrong about the fps. But once I tried the flexible UI, I got hooked. I think that's what happened for many of us. We got used to the newer viewers, and just found it difficult to go back.
  17. Wow, your Toshiba wants the exact opposite of what most HP's that I see seem to want. Peggy's advice is sound, except that since the computer is on such a new operating system, I'd add "verify the compatibility of the older driver with Windows8 before downloading" to the checklist. I think if she had the same faith in AMD that I do, we'd be 100% in agreement. AMD does check and verify the compatibility of the new drivers before they'll give them to you, as you have already experienced. Both Peggy and the AMD corporation seem to agree that your next step is to check to see if Toshiba has a fully compatible version of your driver. I have to agree. Maybe Toshiba's OEM software/firmware is more invasive than HP's. Since SL is a legacy application anyway, if all else fails, then try going to the desktop, right click on your viewer, and click on troubleshoot compatibility. Tell us what the results are.
  18. Wireless isn't as bad as most people claim. I have no problems with it. Where I did have to overcome some challenges were in the cpu usage department. That is my only source of lag, and it's because the on-chip graphics of my machine are pretty weak. To the OP, do TPV's work any better for you? It seems that of all the viewers that exist, my computer gets along best with LL's CHUI viewer. Of course, mimicking the as installed settings on some of the tpv's gave me CHUI like results.
  19. The big question is where you got the driver from. If you got it right from AMD, you shouldn't be having this problem. Also, did you get the driver only and install it manually, or did you download the latest Catalyst Control software to go with it? Always remember, proprietary manufacturer supplied drivers (supplied by those who made the chips, not those who used it to make the computers) are always the best, most up-to-date drivers you can get. Often you'll have to go directly to the source. Windows update will try to get them from Microsofrt, and HP or Toshiba will never release new drivers as fast, or for as long as AMD, Nvidia, or Intel will.
  20. Actually, you can run as many operating systems as you want. there are several ways to do it, and licencing has nothing to do with it. Windows does not include a "downgrade" of any kind. It has a "legacy screen" that gives you an experience similar to windows 7 except that it's not as pretty, adn lacks a start button unless you get one from a third party download. To run both Windows 7 and Windows 8, you'll need a copy of the one that is not factory for your system that is licenced as "system builder." Most OEM installs use 3 or 4 primary partitions, and only 4 can be used, so if you want to give your new copy of Windows it's own partition you'll have to do away with either the factory restore partition or the OEM system tools partition. I don't suggest this. It's very risky. If you want to dual boot, then you can use a virtual hard drive, which is basically a logical partitiion inside of a primary partition. This is one way that Ubuntu or Linux Mint get installed. The only difference is that your copy of Windows won't do it automatically like Linux will. If you want to always boot into one OS, and have access to the other, you can do so through a virtual machine. It runs like a program, inside of a window and everything. the biggest problem with Windows8 by far is that there's not a good enough information flow from the manufacturers to the consumers, and apparently even to the other manufacturers. I'm running SL perfectly on a computer that HP claims is untested/unsupported for Windows8. All I had to do was check what hardware I had, and download the drivers from the people that HP bought their parts from. That's all there was to it. Windows8 did end up replacing some of my Win7 drivers with generic ones, but that took less than an hour to fix. Win8 is nowhere near as alien as it's initial appearance would make you think. Once the drivers are sorted out, it'll do everything Windows7 did quicker, and it'll support things that Windows7 didn't. there is no need for LL or anyone else to rewrite anything for Win8.
  21. What Mesh did is scare a lot of people into switching from v1 style viewers to v2 style viewers. The added features of the v2 viewers required more of their machines, which slowed down their experience, and Mesh took the blame. I resented it for a long time because it made me stop using Phoenix. (remember there was talk for months about dropping support for phoenix when mesh was introduced before they got the bugs out of the mesh-capable version.) Now I buy mesh. I think the problem isn't mesh specifically, but the fact that as new technology comes along, something has to change. No computer is slow when you first get it. After a ton of updates, and your own use adding programs that use the resources, it begins to feel slower. you need to either compensate by optimizing what you can, or upgrade. I don't think SL is any different. I do wish that they would hold off on changes until they are more polished and ready. On your own viewer, you can adjust your settings downward a little, especially if you're unhappy with the performance. There are several sliders that can go downward and have a disproportinately good effect on performance with minimal negative effects to eye candy. There are things you can do in your OS to make 3d rendering work better. But I think nomatter what, a v1 style viewer will be quicker than a v2 or v3. Regions have a LOT to do with lag or lack of it. There are some sims that I can walk around perfectly fine, like most urban environments, very open sims, such as deserts or islands, very closed sims, like tunnels or buildings. But then there are some that don't treat me quite as well. I don't shop inworld because it takes forever for vendors to rezz, especially when there are a lot in one place. A lot of foliage, while being almost nothing in terms of land impact, tax my wimpy graphics pretty hard, and fog eats my computer alive. What's needed here from the OP is some specs. What kind of computer? What are the specs? What is he doing differently every day? What is he spending his money on? Where is he going? What viewer is he on? Once those are answered, then some useful advice can be given.
  22. Jadeclaw Denfu wrote: It's all fine and dandy, but - A big but- there are more pressing issues, like cleaning up and debugging the server code. The last three weeks have been one big fat b0rkfest. The symptoms: That's something I catch hell for saying each time I mention it. It's good to see that at least one person on these forums realizes that cleaner code means a better experience for all. I'd love to see the features that LL has optimized before they add anything new.
  23. I use Catznip, after trying several other viewers. CoolVL and Singularity just "look" too old for me. I used to love Phoenix, but even that looks old, and now support is gone. There's less flexibility with the ui with these viewers than others. LL's CHUI performed better than others as installed, but when I looked at the settings, they were optimized more for performance than for eye candy. And SL still didn't look ugly. Neiran's viewer, Exodus, and Catznip viewers, when installed, are optimized for looks. Putting the perfomance to the levels that the CHUI viewer comes with makes them perform MUCH better, with the degrade in looks being barely noticable. The advantage they have is that the windows for chat, inventory, etc turn transparent when not in use. That's a feature I can't live without. Firestorm has the best ui. I like that local, and IM chat are in the same window. The problem is that it is by far the slowest of the bunch on my computer. Adjusting the settings just doesn't seem to have the same effect. If the firestorm people would make it just a hair more responsive in medium settings, I'd trade in Catznip for it.
  24. Maryanne Solo wrote: As soon as we have a choice of disabling the ridiculous childrens GUI permanently I'll get it. It doesn't lend itself well to programming or any type of digital media production. Even then I will only pay wholesale prices for it. That gui would have kept me away from Windows 8 if I didn't get a good look at how the task manager worked. And then, my legit copy only cost me $60, so it was well worth it. I think switching to Win8 from Win7 did more to speed up my machine than the ram upgrade I did a few months before. So, since I agree with you about that UI, there are a few ways around it. <windows> and d keys at the same time will put you in the classic desktop. There's also a tile for that. And any legacy application you run will also put you back in the classic looking version. You still see metro every time you use a start button function, since it replaces the start menu. If you download "Start8" "Ninite" "Classic Start" or "Classic Shell" then you'll have the good old start button back, and then the only reason to ever look at Metro again is because you want to. The only problem is that iso few people know these programs are out there.
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