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  1. problem solved. though i have no idea how. i logged in yesterday to find that my voice was set ON (i normally have it disabled) and my group title was showing. stray cosmic ray? who knows?
  2. thanks, cerise. but it's already set to FALSE
  3. the problem IS the current sl viewer. i have an old avination viewer that can access sl. using it, i see my group tags just fine!
  4. "Second Life 3.4.5 (270263) Feb 12 2013 04:43:00 (Second Life Release)" is what i'm using. i wonder where their bug list is?
  5. "Hide My Group Title" or "Hide own group title" --------------------- i don't see these options in the general tab. or anywhere else in preferences for that matter. where are they?
  6. thanks for the responses. yes, i have the group "active" and i have a group title chosen. just for reference i have: name tags: ON my name: ON usernames: ON group titles: ON highlight friends: ON view display names: OFF it's maddening because i can see everyone's name (including mine) and everyone's group title (EXCEPT) mine.
  7. i have the me | preference | general tab open. no matter what combination of itmes i have checked in the name tags section, i can never see MY group title. i can see other people's title but never mind. is there something else i am missing? and, yes, i am in a group. it's been this week for a quite a while and totally frustrating. thanks in advance.
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