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  1. ".. It has to be something very small we are overlooking.." yup. just forgetting to tick a single tickbox.. in the last tab of the upload window. That fixed my mesh.
  2. I got it woking now! thanks to a friend inworld. Its just as you said. I forgot to do something very basic. Tick the 'include skin weights' in the last tab of the Upload window. See if you also forgot to do that. Im of to make some meshes. Thanks to everyone in this post for the valuable information provided. Cheers. Zythal
  3. Hi ariakin, What viewer are you on? And are you uploading to the test grid? Rigged uploads not working for me so just want to get input from as many of u as possible. Thanks, Zythal
  4. First time I tried uploading a rigged mesh. And I am getting the same results. Everything looks fine until the very last stage. Even the upload preview looks fine. But in inworld its not rigged! Maybe grids are under maintenance? Anyone else having problems with uploading rigged meshes???
  5. Thanks for troubleshooting. I am using 3DS Max 2011 64bit, so I dont think its a bug with max, since you tested on 2013. My viewer is Phoenix Firestorm Release v4.1.28744 and also I tested on the aditi beta grid getting the same results. I will also try with different viewers as well as main grid and post results. Cheers, Zythal
  6. Thats what I did in my last try. No converting. I just exported to DAE straight from 3DS MAX. <Name_array id="Cylinder001Controller-Joints-array" count="26"> mHipLeft mPelvis mHipRight mTorso mChest mCollarLeft mShoulderLeft mCollarRight mShoulderRight mKneeRight mAnkleRight mFootRight mToeRight mKneeLeft mAnkleLeft mFootLeft mToeLeft mNeck mHead mSkull mEyeRight mEyeLeft mElbowLeft mWristLeft mElbowRight mWristRight</Name_array> The part you see in bold is what I added to the DAE file EDIT: btw I tested with the double bones example but in my case I am getting the same result. So don't know whether thats the issue or not.
  7. Yes. Its rigged in 3dsmax. Moves perfectly. EDIT: Created new DAE file. this time directly from 3ds Max 2011 using the new plugin. Edited the bones. Im still getting the same results as the screenshot I pasted before. Anyways, I will go through everything all over again and see where Im going wrong. Yeah... very near to the goal!! Thanks to you.
  8. Im using 3DS Max 2011 64bit. Let me try if I can export direct to DAE. Will post results soon. Thanks.
  9. So the first thing I should do is download the new FBX plugin and make fbx file from that and use standalone converter to make the Collada file? EDIT: Exported FBX from the updated plugin (FBX Plugin) . Converted to Collada using Autodest FBX Converter 2011.3.1 Edited the number of bones to 26 and added the missing bones. This is what I get now: But still, when I press Wear, it doesnt look as its shown in this pic. The cylinder looks as if an attached object, not part of the avatar.
  10. Yay, ur a genius. I actually thought this method didn't require it. But Im lost when I opened the DAE file in notepad. I can't find <Name_array id="DefaultClothingItemController-Joints-array" count="26">. But thanks. Now I know what needs to be done. although the file is all jargon to me, I will go through it and edit that. EDIT: Found it. Mine actually says "<Name_array id="Cylinder001Controller-Joints-array" count="9">. I changed that to 26. the bones i have are mHipLeft mPelvis mHipRight mTorso mChest mCollarLeft mShoulderLeft mCollarRight mShoulderRight I dont need to change those right?
  11. Hi Kwakkelde, Thanks for the reply. I thought you guys were gone, since the post is old. I was converting to FBX using 3DS Max and then using the standalone Autodesk FBX Converter 2011.3.1 to convert the FBX to Collada. Now I am using something called OpenCollada which exports Collada files directly from 3DS Max. I think my problem is that, somewhere along my skinning info is getting lost. So let me state the workflow from that point.. 1. Apply SkinWrap Modifier to the cylinder 2. Add UpperBody and LowerBody 3.Convert to Skin 4.Hide everything else but Cylinder and bones 5.Select Cylinder Mesh and bones 5.Export Selection to Collada (Untick Animation, Change axis to Z-up) And this is what I get: I will try some more and also try to figure out what I am doing wrong. Cheers, Zythal
  12. ".. you check include skin waight on SL importer if you dont do this, it just attached like a normal object and dosent act as an Avatar.. " This is the problem I am facing. Infact the 'include skin weight' tickbox is disabled. So if I cant click it, it attaches as a normal object. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi. I've read through the posts and found your workflow a bit easy to follow. But I think I am messing up something. I've been able to do everything up to 'hide everything except for skinned objects and bones'. So after that I export it to FBX right? When I do I am getting this error but its exporting. "The plug-in does not retain the orientation of Diagonals on Editable Poly objects. This could have an impact on modified UV coordinates. Refer to the Online Help for more information. The following objects are affected: -Cylinder001" Any idea what I am doing wrong? And thanks everyone for some 3dsMax help, finally! -Zythal Even though I get an error. I am able to upload the cylinder mesh to SL. Funny thing is, after I wear, it attaches to my avatars right arm. In 3DS Max the avatar is inside the cylinder, so it should be wrapped around me right? I know I'm getting something real basic wrong. Any idea to fix this?
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