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  1. It's really frustrating to see this ppl stealing from other games and modding colors and sell over hundreds of ls. normally i dont do this but this was the last straw that broke the camels back when i was checking blogs and saw this. http://imgur.com/yPNhL and http://imgur.com/PdTAE these are the Sl ones by N creations ( if isnt allowed to put the name i will edit it) plus mostly of the stuff skins and others are also ripped. The real from where they were ripped are from mass effect 3 ( bioware ) http://bit.ly/RNaezG and http://bit.ly/O8N81l Why LL keep allowing ppl to steal and resell in this way? my 2 cents as a creator. PD: sorry for the links i cant seem to find how to post them here maybe is because is first post.
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