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  1. IMHO, SL has slowly been dying off since 2012. It is the firstborn child of a deadbeat dad that had no interest in rearing it. Said Dad had a second child with another woman and named it Sansar. I became disillusioned in 2009 when LL screwed me out of 50K Lindens. I only stay because as much as I hate the (lack of) customer service, there really is no substitute for it.
  2. I would like a tattoo that reads "Snuffy's Girl" for my slaves, either on the lower back or Pelvis. I can compensate in either Lindens or USD using Paypal.
  3. Hai Guyz, I am looking for a trans/copy tattoo that reads "Snuffy's Girl". Possibly a tramp stamp or where it would be easy to write text. reply to this thread or IM me in-world with a quote.
  4. Thanks for everyone's input. I probably won't be migrating to Sansar anytime soon. I am jsut surprised that I haven't been aware of it for so long. I kinda want to get into it, but it seems the learnign curve is steep and that it would be expensive.
  5. Hai Guyz. So I met a "Lucy Linden" at a newby hub yesterday, she had a link in her profile. I downloaded Sansar, and was annoyed that I couldn't cam around like I could in SL. Also, when I tried shopping for men's clothes, A single top was 1USD. Anyone else on Sansar?
  6. Hai Guyz, Just now, I was cleaning out my inventory, and decided to wear what I thought was a coupon. Suddenly, I lost 3,000L to a deleted account <Moderator Redacted>. Is there a way to recover the money?
  7. Except He hasn't responded to any of the notecards or offline IMs I've sent him. Thanks for checking though.
  8. I think resetting the scripts is what broke it in the first place. Basically, I can't allow other people to play the scenes. I deleted the box a long time ago in order to cut down on inventory size. I would be happy if the creator so much as slipped me a notecard instructing me how to set it back to normal.
  9. Creator hides his groups, and I spent a good amount of time stalking him. I am pretty sure he is gone from SL since he hasn't made anything new for a couple years.
  10. Hai Guyz, A long time ago I bought this thing. It has given me many hours of joy. I show it off to all my friends. However, I broke it about a month ago, and I haven't heard back from the creator despite repeated contacts. I am almost tempted to buy another one. However, before I plop down 2k Lindens, I wanted to make sure that there wasn't a better product out there. Any suggestions from anyone?
  11. Hai Guyz., I am thinking of buying a new sim to rent to other avatars. However, I can only afford one. I haven't thought of whether or not to offer blank land, or to furnish it, or to simply rez skyboxes. I am also assuming that I'd need some sort of rental system as well. I also know about one semester's worth of marketing. I couldn't offer the elaborate system that bigger landlords such as Anshe Chung has in place, but hope maybe a small-time landlord who is able to offer personal assistance(instead of a support system) might be appealing. Is it possible for someone who owns a single sim to
  12. Wait, so it 1500 the net loss of regions, or is it the number of sims abandoned within a year?
  13. They accused me of poaching the prospective auctionees. I denied it. The owner says that I hit up on his alt, which I didn't. My only guess is that someone I've pissed off made some stuff up in retaliation. I just want my money back at this point.
  14. Hai Guyz, I made several bids at an auction house, about 5,000L worth. I was there today checking on my bids, only to receive an IM accusing me of "poaching"(offering money to drop out of the auction). I asked the owner to refund me, but he has never responded. Do I have any recourse?
  15. Hai Guyz, So I just had a bad experience bidding on a slave. I bid 400L on a slave, a relatively small amount. I never heard back from either the auction house or the slave whom I bid on. Therefore I had assumed that I had lost the auction. However, when I checked to transaction history, I realized that I never got back my bid. When questioned, the person who runs the auction house claimed that I had indeed won, and therefore would not get a refund. Therefore, my question is as follows: What are the obligations of an auction house in regards to the bidder, what protections does LL offee
  16. Well, Fortunately it was a lingerie store large enough to have several employees. None of the employees or owner would tell me why I was banned, so I was eventually let back into the group.
  17. Hai Guyz, A long time ago I used to have this hud where I could rez this 12-in-1 vehicle. It could be an airplane, an airship, A motorcycle, A dune buggy. It was free as well. Sadly, My old avatar got eaten, and I have yet to see it any more. Does such a thing still lexist?
  18. I had to re-download most of my firmware for my Asus laptop when I "upgraded". WIn10 is essentially a Beta program in disguise. Your wifi connection randomly dropping along with your touch mouse not working sounds very much like a driver issue. I also had to re-install the Japanese and Korean Language packs to display the characters correctly.
  19. Generally speaking, Most avatars I've met are American, and are therefore present when most Americans aren't working or sleeping(SLT 5pm to 9pm). Sadly, SL has become very much like the more conventional HTML internet, Mostly porn and cyber sex. There are tons of artistic sims, but are hardly a drop in the bucket among the filth. The hardest thing for me is having to explain SL for those who haven't been here more than 5 years. It is an antiquated platform. Case in point, the difference between mesh and conventional prims. Does anyone use sculpties any more?
  20. Hai Guyz, I was IM'd out of the blue by an Avatar less than 1 day old: [20:15:47] Second Life: Incoming message from Scammer Resident [20:15:47] Scammer: Hello, would like to participate in the promotion of Second Life 1000000 lindens? it's easy to just make a donation to the terminal Scammer, called (secondborderless) and answer the question: WHAT YOU WOULD DO WITH A MILLION LINDENS? The lindens collected will be used to feed children in five areas of south Africa. 09.21.2015 We appreciate your cooperation. [20:16:46] Private Snuffy (supersatan3): Are you a 501(C) organization, where is a l
  21. Hai Guyz. I joined a merchant group for 500L, I was later kicked out of it without any notice whatsoever. When asked why I was kicked, I was refused both an explanation and a refund. Do I have any recourse?
  22. I've seen the same social phenomenon on many BBC forums, SL sims, and other online communities. It works something like this, 1.) Someone creates an awesome idea for a forum/sim. They do everything to desperately get people over to their place which they worked hard on. 2.) The place gains momentum, and the creator(s) are less concerned about growth. There begins to form cliques, mostly the newbies and the "originals". 3.) The cool kids begin to ban everyone that they don't like. Others get bored and simply hang out at other places. 4.) The place that once thrived becomes a ghost town, and th
  23. Pocket Metaverse is your only choice for an Iphone app that accesses SL. Unless your are allowed to take a laptop into the hospital with you(and the hospital has wireless), then you are out of luck. Metaverse sucks in many ways, the interface is crap, you can;t log IM's, amd it is 7 bucks. Sadly, no one has bothered creating a competitior to Metaverse. Then again, I still play SL for the same reason, no one bothered competing with them.
  24. Hai Guyz, I have a pair of Jabra Halo 2 headphones that will not charge. They normally charge via a Micro-USB port, however, in order to charge the headset, I have to wiggle the cable until it gets into a very specific position. I have tried using other Micro-USB charges but with the same effect. I have had issues with Jabra;s tech support in the past, and don't wish to send them in. Is it possible for me to fix them myself?
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