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  1. Hi all, I'm Saki 29, Central Standard Time (Canada/US) and I'm looking for a new Bestie. When I say new, my last bfriendship dissolved like almost 2 years ago when she went through an identity crisis and switched from Domme to Sub in the game, starting over with everything including a new bf. :( It just kinda happened, one day I log on and she's distant and it only got worse from there so yeah. It's been 2 years now, but I have realized that I can now take on a new friend without the baggage of how my last friendship ended. I can honestly say a new friend is a new friend, and it has nothing to
  2. Hey, well I'll tell you what I always wanted in an SL house... I myself build a bit but don't want to take on my dream home till I'm really good just to save lots of unneccessary (sp?) work. But in a house, I would pay to own a beautiful home with a courtyard in the middle. That means the house would be build around a courtyard with a pond, a waterfall and fish, a sitting area and cobblestone, little flowers creeping through the stone... I suppose some of the small stuff would be layed down by the new owner like the flowers n stuff, but just so you get an idea. Several enterances from the c/y
  3. Hi all, maybe you can help me understand why I'm having this problem... I'm a normal girl, easy going and friendly. When I first came to SL about 2 years ago lots of people wanted to help me get settled, and now I realize that the new people in SL are given the benifit of the doubt that they'll be appreciative and un"jaded" as they're like little babes that need direction in a big, new world. I myself now help mentor new citizens in sl. However, now that I've been around for a while, noone approaches me for friendship unless they want the usual... sex or lindens. I try saying hi to p
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