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  1. I am so frustrated and pissed off right now! I don't even know why I am on here ranting, but I need some outside eyes to assess this situation. I met a woman who SEEMED nice at the time we did some ballroom dancing and talking for about 45 mins and we went back to my skybox after that and were intimate. Now last I checked this did not mean there was some unspoken vow to date. So the next day she messages me still very friendly and she wants to hang out . I told her I could not. I really wasn't looking for anything long term or even looking to date anyone. Anyway I guess she f
  2. Married couples here seeking an ACTIVE adult group/society that's elegant and where public voyeur sex is frequent. We've tried places like The Chamber - which is nice and classy, but usually sports a room filled of people standng around. Does anyone have any suggestion for places that either send out notices to alert sex events or is very active in this way? And one that is classy...meaning formal attire, nice setting - no dirty stained mattresses in a back alley. Thanks!
  3. Hey, don't be discouraged...have you tried the SL datign site Avmatch? http://www.avmatch.com/
  4. She's really no trouble..just misbehaving yesterday and I put this post up - worked like a charm. *grins*
  5. Her age and species consistently changes - 10 one day, 14 the next..now 18..human, elf , google-eyed pony...how can I keep up????
  6. Oh good..old enough to send to reform school. :smileyfrustrated:
  7. I have a defiant and disobedient 14 year old. She does not respond to IM's and disobeys my instructions. As a single father I find this most frustrating and uncertain of how to handle this teen. I've tried ot be reasonable, but it doesn't seem to help. I feel I can't provide the home and direction she needs and unfortunately it has come to this. She is a good girl, but just needs more than I know how to offer. I would hope to find a good home for her with parents who are more suitable. PLEASE CONTACT ME INWORLD IF INTERESTED IN MEETING HER.
  8. Hello, I'm seeking sims and communities that offer missions, quests or/and adventures. I am not sure such a thing exists in SL anymore, but I'm hopeful. I would prefer the genre to be steampunk, fantasy or medieval or even Greek Mythology. My alternative would be to join a serious and dedicated RP group who create their own missions/quests. Any suggestions please direct them to me! Thanks
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