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  1. I mean a system that could be used for either. Let me abstract it for you. I set up a thief character with low strength stats, high agility/dexterity stats, good intellectual stats. I give her skills in picking locks and pockets, in hiding and getting lost in a crowd, and in running. You set up a big barbarian with great strength and health, decent agility/dex, and tolerable presence. You give him great skills in brawling with some concentration in a few weapons like spear and axe, some intimidation, and some observation. You buy him leathers and an axe. We each set ourselves interactive, w
  2. I've been contemplating adapting a generalized system for some time. I'd like to build a simple, consistent set of tools that could be adapted to the RP audience in general. Yes, I know it sounds vague. Let me give examples. Every character using the system could customize their "stats" like strength and agility, store and improve specific skills and add new ones to the library, and use them in combat, social scenes or other situations. They would compare against appropriate skills (or default to relevant stats) if applied to another character. The heart of the system would be a &qu
  3. Could you please post your requirements for dancers and hostesses? Most of the places I've looked recently disqualified me based on age, or demanded enormous commitments. Thanks, Caeli
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