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  1. Provided that the hundreds of thousands of "Syrian" refugees don;t turn out to be more than 10-15% ISIS and start a major civil war withing the US and Uncle Barry doesn't declare Marshal Law ans suspend the elections: The -3%er no chance Fiorina will go Bush will go Trump will go and 85% of his supporters will go to Cruz Carson will go and 60-70% of his supporters will go to Cruz Cruz and Rubio head to head in debates, Rubio loses. Cruz grudgingly gets nomination. Hillary get's indicted but fix in in and DOJ won;t take it to trail. Career FBI investigators get pissed and leak all the evidence. DNC forced to turn to Biden. Biden and Sanders a toss up for the whackadoodle primary voters. Sanders squeaks by and the DNC are left with no choice Head to head debate between Sanders and Cruz. Cruz kills him and Sanders sounds just like what he is, a far left crack pot that should be in a loony bin on thorazine. Sanders scares the hell out of the Republican and independent voters and they turn out en-masse. Cruz is next president FYI: I am a PhD Candidate in Political Science and an Associate Professor of Political Science at an Eastern US College. Which has a very well known political think tank for which I work as an analyist. Both of which shall remain un-named. Be happy to provide further updates as the situation warrants it
  2. If you sail, or fly, you see these people all over/ Some times is open water sims you will see small groups of them. I have come to the conclusion they are pretty much alt acounts with the most basic avi's that are used to boost traffic at different site during slow periods.
  3. Having secreted thousands of high yield thermonuclear weapons all over SL, which I must de-activate on a daily basis, if I go by accident I plan on taking everyone with me mwaaaahaaaahaaaaa Bur seriously, one of my partners passed away a few years ago after an epic battle with multiple-myeloma. Though her prognosis was very bad from the start, her passing occurred suddenly while undergoing a treatment session. And she had left instructions with her Mom on how to contact me. We had agreed before hand that I would help her mother shut down her account. It was a very painful process for both of us, but it did help start the healing process. I have since lost a couple other very dear friends rather suddenly. .In both cases they hadn't made arrangement to shut down thier account. In both cases their profiles can still be found on search, and I send them IMs from time to time to let them know I still think of them. Which in a way is comforting.
  4. Personally, I'm sick and tired of hearing about the much ballyhooed new and improved SL2. LL can't manage the current platform efficiently, what makes anyone believe that they will do a better job with the new platform, beyond wishful thinking. I see the new platform as serving two purposes (strictly for the benefit of LL): A.) Forcing everyone into the more expensive Mesh Bodies (or into using the highly sucky ones SL provides) B.) Forcing everyone to re-buy everything they already own in the current platform, so that SL can collect a commission of the inevitable pending MP sales for these items. Call me a skeptic, but I don't believe for a New York minute they will run the new platform any better than they do the current one.
  5. Having run into the same problem on numerous occasions, both sailing and flying, I think a better question would be: Why doesn't SL put protected waterway regions completely around all the continents? And while they're at it: Why not a single region wide protected waterway between all the continents? This would greatly enhance the sailing/flying experience in SL for everyone. They could even allow sky boxes above 300 meters and generate some revenue to help defray the costs. Then I answer myself. Because that would make too much sense. And take resources away from their development of the "New Improved SL" they have up their sleeve to screw us out of our inventory and force us all to start over.
  6. Happens to me a lot too. I've found that simply selecting another pose and then going back to the one I wanted usually makes them visible.
  7. My Group owns a parcel on a side channel leading to the south channel and from there into Blake Sea. With a little bit of map study and experimentation, I have been able to fly or sail from there to most of the continents. Yes there are areas that land owners block. And yes it would be nice if they would leave a small channel. That being said, many do just that. In some cases it's not discernable from looking at the world map, but the passages are there if you will take the time to look. PS There is a very inexpensive and very useful waypoint hud on mp. It allows you to plot waypoints on the world map, copy them to a notecard, then using the hud follow a set ow waypoint to reach your destination. I recently acquired one and it is very useful both sailing and flying.
  8. I think I've seen it somewhere. It was a huge monolithic building filled with surly people from all over. They spent their days cursing and calling you name out of one side of their mouth, while pleading for money out of the other side. Oh, sorry my mistake. That was the United Nations.
  9. Has nothing to do with Truth, Justice and especially The American Way. It's Italy, duh. I've lived abroad most of my life. And despite a minor diplomatic status, I was always subject to the laws of the host country. When you travel to another country, you are bound by their system of laws and their ideas of justice. Whether visiting or living abroad, you are agreeing to abide by their laws and are at the mercy of their legal system. If you don't like it, stay home. Would you expect us to apply the legal system of another country here if one of their citizens breaks the law in the US? Honor killings are acceptable in other countries. Should we in the US recognize how the legal systems of other countries treat them if one of their citizens commits murder while here on a visit? How about we don't extradite her if the Italian Government requests it, despite the fact we have an extradition treaty with Italy? Would you then be pissed when Italy has someone the US wants and refuses to extradite them to the US? Just because their system of laws and procedures is different doesn't necessarily make them wrong. Grow up and face the reality that the US doesn't have a monopoly on justice.
  10. The survey is just a ruse to get your picture. NSA wants to be able to match faces to the IM's they are logging.
  11. I had a roommate that use to dance like that (Daggering). But we'd grab her, hold her down, give her the Ativan and she'd be fine.
  12. OMG, Would that it were so easy in RL to turn some annoying jerk into nothing but a grey puff of smoke that I never had to hear from or see again. I never hesitate to mute someone who is rude, abusive or just plain annoying. I have no desire to punish them, all I need do is impinge their ability to lessen or interfere with my enjoyment of SL. Although I might take some small delight if I where to learned later that they had been run over by a garbage truck irl.
  13. Precisely correct. The business of business is to make money, i.e.. Profits. Otherwise, why would anyone invest in them? Only an idiot would invest or buy stock in a business if they didn't think there would be profits that wouldn't translate into 1) returns on that investment and 2) future growth and expansions of said business. LL-SL is no different than any other business in that respect. I see lots of complaints about customer service in these forums. Do you think these people work because they love it? Do you think they don't want better benefits and higher pay in the future. Bonuses for doing a better job than their co-worker or for coming up with new, innovative ideas? I doubt anyone went to work for LL-SL because they believed it to be some sort of worker's paradise. If they did, I certainly wouldn't want them having access to my personal information. They wouldn't be intelligent enough to be trusted with it..
  14. I have had that happen to me. My SL Partner passed away last November after a long fight with cancer.. She had left instruction with her mother to email me and several of her best friends in SL in the event of her passing. She even left a special message to be conveyed to each of us. After I received the news, I noticed that she showed up on-line several times. As I have carried on email contact with her mother, I wondered if it was perhaps her cleaning up old business and/or closing out the account. I was told that no one had the log in information but her (my partner's Mom), so there was no one else that could access the account. She had logged on once to give me access to some of the things we shared in our home. As I was on line with her to explain how to do this, I am aware of the exact time it occurred. Her Mom also told me that since my partners account was paid for 6 months at a time, SL had advised her the account would be automatically shut down in April when the billing came due again. But, I kept seeing her as on-line, also in my dashboard. Since she was a member of a family group we both belonged to, I check there only to see she hadn't been online since the day I was on with her Mom. Originally I had intended to keep her on my friends list until her account shut down. But it became so painful for me, that I finally took her off my friends list and ejected her from the group. Both actions were very painful for me do, but not as painful as her ghost haunting my dashboard.
  15. Why do we need it? I read up about Steam and I see no real advantage. But one disadvantage I've seen is this: "On November 6, 2011, Steam temporarily closed the community forums, citing potential hacking threats to the service. Subsequently, on November 10, Valve reported that the hack included a compromise of one of their customer databases, potentially allowing the perpetrators to access customer information including encrypted password and credit card details. At that time, Valve was not aware if the intruders actually accessed this information or discovered the encryption method, but warned users to be alert for fraudulent activity." Now, I've seen posts and reports about individuals being hacked in SL, but never a SYSTEM WIDE problem. That to me is a very good reason not to involve a third party provider of services with access to SL's data base and system, and therefore my personal information.
  16. This has happened to me on two occasions, both involving items that cost several thousand L$. I always send IMs unless the creator asks for notecards. But, I also back up the IMs with notecards regardless. 1st BE a pest if your are getting no response. Even if they have a no refund policy, you have a right to at least an acknowledgment. That's just common courtesy. 2nd If you bought the item from the MP and get no response, leave a bad review spelling out the problems you encountered. Also spell out the process you followed trying to get the problem resolved, and relay the fact that the creator was of no help what so ever and in fact ignored you completely. You may have to go back several times so I would make a copy of the review. Then if the creator deletes it, you can always repost. This tactic worked for me on both occasions, though it was time consuming. 3rd Tell everyone you know about the problems you had with that specific creator. Since we can't file complaints anywhere inworld where it would get maximum exposure, word of mouth is the most effective way to get information out about dishonest, unscrupulous and disinterested creators. Good Luck
  17. Well good folks, it's now almost 23.00 20 December 2012 and we're preparing to face our DOOOOOOM!!! Ok, I'll admit I'm very skeptical and not rushing out to any end of the world parties tonight. First off, if they're right what the heck can I do about it now. But how can you trust the predictions of a race of people that couldn't even foretell their own demise? Then there's the whole time sequencing thing. I've read that it's supposed to begin at midnight, at 11.11, at 12.21. But what time zone? These have already passed in New Zealand, I talked to a couple friends there and they're just fine. I mean, for a bunch of people that we supposed to be such astronomical geniuses, you'd think the could have at at least figured out time zones and been a little more specific. But nooooo! Well, at this time tomorrow if we're all still here, we'll all know the Mayans we're just a bunch of crackpots like all the other end of worlders. But if I ever meet someone who claims to be of Mayan decent, I'm going to take great pleasure in giving then a good swift kick in the crotch for their ancestors stirring up all the hubb-bubb. And if we're not still here, see you on the other side :smileywink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eyFiClAzq8
  18. So what if someone has an Alt? I have an alt and she is like me in almost every way. We go to the some of the same places, have some of the same friends. We look almost identical. But one of us is nice and one of us is evil. No one seems to know which is which though, including us. :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  19. Could have been worse. She could have told you she was humming American Pie. Oh no, now I have that stuck in my head!! *looks around for the rat poison in hopes of a quick if somewhat painful release from the torment.
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