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  1. To be honest, i'm AWFUL with computers and have never worked with mesh before. However, i'm very interested in making mesh avis, etc. But I have no idea where to begin. I'm asking this since i've read every tutorial I could find but that's just confused me even more.... Can anyone give me some tips on creating mesh avatars, or even just a mesh head for an avatar?? Thanks.
  2. I've passed the mesh upload test, and have payment on file and confirmed. Why can't I still upload mesh on Marketplace?
  3. When I type in my inventory search, it opens the map, chat, etc.. And if I type in 'Q' it logs me out.. I've looked in preferences and I can't find anyhting linked to this. Help?
  4. Wow, this is the first time i've logged in for almost a year! And for this reason, i've forgot my password, and my email account has been deleted. I was wondering if there's any way of retrieving my password if I don't have an email account? I've spent hundreds of pounds and I'd hate to loose my account.. Rolig: I had the username already on the login. Unfortunatley, I cannot view the password, or copy it.. I'll try the link you posted. Many thanks.
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    Can't view profile

    About 2 weeks ago, my account got suspended for an unknown reason. I managed to reactivate it but I cannot view my profile, it comes up with ''this username is unavailable''. Is there a way to fix this?? Thank you.
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