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  1. Yes, they fixed it, unfortunately i have to pay that $29. I really don't understand why but atleast i can enjoy my avatar again.
  2. Thanks Devin. I just got a new reply to from them. 2012-08-08 10:12:49 Fan Linden Hello RamonRevilla Resident, Thank you for your reply and for that information. In further review of this matter, you may not need to repay us as it appears the L$ from this purchase were assessed from the account it was sent to. Can you please provide some additional information to us: 1. Please provide the names of your alternate accounts. 2. Can you please provide details regarding the use of new accounts to buy L$ then send to your main account? The more detailed information you can provide will assist in us in a faster review and possible release of the accounts. Thanks, Fan Linden I hope i would not wait another 24 hours to get another reply. Because is much easier for me to just file a chargeback on my credit card since most of my transaction was done through my credit card, and i only added my paypal as mode of backup payment.
  3. Yesterday I was unable to log into my avatar. I tried logging on to the web and noticed that I was placed in an administrative hold. I called Linden labs, created a ticket and told me to wait because the live support cannot do anything with my current account situation. 8 hours of waiting I finally got a response and the reason was they placed me on hold because somebody have my paypal info on a different account which I disputed the payment. They were asking me to pay them back the $29+ disputed or reverse it on paypal. It felt like I am held for ransom, but I was willing to pay it even if it was an unauthorized purchase of some hacker who managed to get my paypal info just to expedite the process of lifting my ban. I already spent hundreds of dollars on my avatar and have no intention of putting it on jeopardy for a mere $29 usd. I told them that im willing to pay it but i never heard a response from them since. I tried contacting paypal to reverse my dispute and I was told that the money was already put back in my bank account It can't be reverse, their advise is to send them a payment again. I am not familiar how long does thier support agents work on the tickets but I feel like I rather dispute all my current charges on my bank for linden labs/second life subscription and market purchases which is totalling $179+ usd and I believe my bank will do that with no questions asked. Then start a fresh avatar with no payment information on it. I've been googleing how the support of linden labs work and so far I never had any good reviews about it. In some article they said that it took them weeks or even months to resolve such cases. Mine was simple, but it seems like nobody in their office are working on the tickets, or probably doesn't have enough man power to handle all the inquiry which concerns me because I would rather be enjoying a non premium avatar right now and use a 3rd party linden exchange system such as virwox to purchase lindens, but i need my money back.
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