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  1. Yes, they fixed it, unfortunately i have to pay that $29. I really don't understand why but atleast i can enjoy my avatar again.
  2. Thanks Devin. I just got a new reply to from them. 2012-08-08 10:12:49 Fan Linden Hello RamonRevilla Resident, Thank you for your reply and for that information. In further review of this matter, you may not need to repay us as it appears the L$ from this purchase were assessed from the account it was sent to. Can you please provide some additional information to us: 1. Please provide the names of your alternate accounts. 2. Can you please provide details regarding the use of new accounts to buy L$ then send to your main account? The more detailed information you can provide wi
  3. Yesterday I was unable to log into my avatar. I tried logging on to the web and noticed that I was placed in an administrative hold. I called Linden labs, created a ticket and told me to wait because the live support cannot do anything with my current account situation. 8 hours of waiting I finally got a response and the reason was they placed me on hold because somebody have my paypal info on a different account which I disputed the payment. They were asking me to pay them back the $29+ disputed or reverse it on paypal. It felt like I am held for ransom, but I was willing to pay it even if it
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