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  1. Hey people, who bare the knowlege of SL backstage, does anyone know how to find out one´s avatar complexity on Singularity viewer? yes i´m using Singularity viewer cuz my pc is potato old build. Thanks everyone for early answer
  2. Hello good people of LL, I have already run through answers before and saw some answer. It advised steps like this: "Follow these steps: Log in to your PayPal account.Click the My Account tab.Click the Profile subtab.Go to the My Money section.In the My preapproved payments section, click Update.If you have any existing billing agreements with Linden Research, select and cancel them.Go back to the Profile subtab again.Under the My personal info section, update your information where needed (your PayPal agreement may silently fail if your Second Life account lacks a billing address and email).Then create the PayPal agreement with Linden Lab. You must have funds available in your Primary funding source (PayPal balance) for any purchase to go through. If you do not have enough funds in your Primary, the remaining balance will be drawn from yourSecondary funding source (bank account or credit card)." I went to my paypal account and couldn´t find any My Account tab, Profile tab or My Money tab. So this way i do not know whether Paypal outline has changed over the years or if there is something i am doing wrong. Thank you in advance for early answer :)
  3. i made my first avatar and he began to move on four legs and it´s a human...i restarted it, but it didn´t fix anything...how to fix it? or am I able to create second avatar? thanks in advance
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