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  1. The neighbors are great, i'm just looking to relocate for personal reasons. Instead of abandoning. I was hoping to try to sell my land (6144 Ms) I currently have it marked to $L6,000 but i am willing to lower if need be. The location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tipsico/41/233/122 The area is marked as moderate thats decent with lag.
  2. ❤️ thank you again everyone!! It was good,mom treated me ^-^ and happy belated rez day to you!
  3. Thank guys!! Yea not too sure if there are any gifts involved now. Yea i cant remember much at all tbh XD (i think the world did end then LOL) I know time has zoomed by....
  4. Cant believe its be 7 years since i created my account. Time flies man. I need to go shopping XD Who else has one today?
  5. Still looking!! I'll be free until Monday of next week (on vacay,then I'm off weekends and get off at 4pm central time daily)
  6. Are yall still hiring? If so,what are y'alls hours. Because that will depend on whether I apply. I'll look at y'alls place later on when I get time too.
  7. ^-^ I am coming back after 6 years of being absent from second life and find that I need money. I am trying to get back into things and learn the grid again. Would love to get a flexible job,that is something I can do on the weekends or after my RL job. I used to work for pink velvet,but they unfortunately closed down it seems.
  8. if your family is a good one, like mine. You shouldn't have to hunt for blood. My family provides me with blood, if I'm low. So honestly, it depends on the family and you liege. But if you don't want to be one anymore or just want to be your clans human or blood doll. Take that potion. Or you can just ignore the HUD stats. I mean, it's just role playing and those stats don't mean much out side of it. (Btw I'm newish to and sorry if I'm abit late with replying)
  9. Are you still selling land? I may be interested, just want to know how many primes they would have (as long as its atleast 512) my linden home is kinda lacking in freedom...also, if I got the land. How would I go about puting a house on it? (Sorry still rather noobish)
  10. I'd like somewhere that allows me to have between 500 and 1000 prim availability. Atm, I'm looking for quotes on possible offers. Please help.
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