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  1. Hi Thjis! Please get in touch with me in SL, would be very happy to help. I am going back as an Uller since I didn't have much time rping my role. Best,
  2. Hello, Looking for a younger brother to join me in ROIAF, the role is Dornish (House of Uller) the house of Uller is a great house in the desert of Dorne. The house is famous for being fierce, bold and absolutely brutal! https://kl-sl.com/ROIAF-Story/Regions/Dorne, the role play is immersive, often with paragraph role players and great story tellers, join me More on the house of Uller : http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/House_Uller If you are interested IM (esme22 resident) for details and a chat. Thanks!
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