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  1. Splashtop and Teamviewer are both free ways to access your home PC from a mobile device. There's a bunch of other options that you can use that cost about $10 a month. Just google "remote access mobile" to find lots of options.
  2. This is happening to me constantly for the past few days. I seriously doubt that its my video card (or hope not), because I'm using one of the new NVidia GTX Titan cards. It also happens sometimes if I don't even move the camera - things just blur and then refocus again. Its never happened prior to this that I can recall. Its not just me, either. The person standing next to me said it was happening to them, as well. Right now, I'm standing in front of a trash can with a 512 x 512 texture. I mouse over it until it renders properly, then move the mouse - within about 15 seconds, the ob
  3. Shady Falls gets a smallish but good crowd in the SL mornings, most days. I can't guarantee RP, but as long as there are people willing to come and be a green dot, it usually brings more. You're welcome to come have a look if you enjoy paragraph style roleplay.
  4. Hi Hyeena, We're still a very new sim and there are a lot of openings left. Everything from working with one of the gangs, to starting your own "under" gang (typically these pay a portion of their income to the power currently in charge of their turf), to some business we have that still need owners as well as the town Sheriff's office and Deputies. Have a stop by if you want to just look around.
  5. Shady Falls is a 1920s themed urban sim. Featuring ethnic neighborhoods where prohibition and the promise of easy money are beginning to reshape communities, Shady Falls is a struggling, dark place seeking to strike it rich. Join us for intensive paragraph roleplay focusing on individuals, mostly-immigrant neighborhoods and the struggle to thrive in the small but growing city of Shady Falls. We are flourishing after our first month open and have openings for roles in every community as well as several businesses still seeking ownership. The ethnic gangs are accepting members and the flow of
  6. 1920s urban sim with an emphasis on ethnic neighborhoods and prohibition. Paragraph roleplay focusing on the interactions of an immigrant community in the small but growing city of Shady Falls. Open for OOC visitors 8/31. Opening for roleplay on Labor Day. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shady%20Falls/140/186/2070 Shady Falls Boardwalk Shady Falls Irish Ghetto Shady Falls Grand Hotel Shady Falls Road to Chinatown
  7. Bumping this. 17 days left to enter. We have some amazing entries already.
  8. The sim many of you knew as City of Perdition has temporarily closed and is being recreated as a 1920's urban roleplay sim to be known as Shady Falls. Our biggest challenge in opening an urban sim set in the 20's is to help roleplayers find the kind of quality mesh clothing they've come very quickly to demand. Our build is going up with modern SL techniques, and roleplayers want their clothing to match those high standards. In order to address the shortage of "modern" vintage clothing in Second Life, Shady Falls is hosting a "1920's Outfit Contest" with a 50,000Linden pri
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