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  1. I just HAVE to sit here and sound out about this. For all of you talking about Copyright infringement, good for you. But there is another side. What about the people who just want to Play in a Star Trek Environment? That's people like me. With there crackdown they stepped on MY toes. I don't Build, I just use stuff and play in the environment. When builders are forced to delete stations, items, stores, and whole Sims just because someone in Paramount got a bur up there behind, they do hurt the Fanbase. I am resentful that I have to give up stuff that was made and well made by people who wanted to replicate star trek items as close as to the originals as possible. This to me shows the reverence we hold to the Spirit of Star Trek, so I gotta toss my gear cause some bean counter in Paramount whined to mommy lawyer that people are making gear on SL so we can enjoy the Universe of Star Trek in our own way? Ok, I think I'll just not watch the movie they are making. Until I can see it for free online somewhere, at a duly licensed facility or web page of course.
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