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  1. i think that there are apparently quite unrealistic expectations of club owners. a club is run for fun and enjoyment. out of heart and soul. a club will never be profitable in sl. as far as dj tips are concerned, it's natural for me to tip, my amounts are usually between 100 and 300l, the host usually gets half of it. it's a lot of work to put together a set and mix live. tips are voluntary, but you should always keep in mind that it's an appreciation. besides that, the music should be purchased, as well as good software and hardware. personally, i don't think much of music requests and mode
  2. Okay, thanks... the reason I ask is because I'm playing myself and I need to schedule my own dates
  3. is there a playing schedule for all musicians/djs? unfortunately i can't find anything concerning this
  4. i use mixxx on the mac and i am very satisfied with it. you have countless possibilities and the quality is very good. i can't complain. it doesn't always have to be expensive
  5. that was the main reason why i started dj a little more than a year ago. i would like to hear something different from the usual and play very unknown pieces mostly. i also found a nice place to play, i have my own places, but if you are unknown, you usually don't have many guests. you can't really get into the really well visited places - which also offer selected music. and there are very few good places where mainstream music is not played. i avoid mainstream clubs because i can't listen to it anymore. if there are no guests in the first half hour, i close my stream and leave, because i can
  6. i'm a dj myself and i do it mainly because of the music, which takes up a big part of my life for me. of course i share that. but if you stand for say 200L for several hours and play, it's not very motivating, at some point you stop. because it's a lot of work to put together a good set and not just to play finished playlists. you don't want to get rich with it anyway ;) but i see it as recognition and appreciation i personally type most of the time when i go to clubs. but i also go to a dj specifically when i want to hear him. clubs that use spam to beg for lindenlove don't get anything fro
  7. kommt drauf an... ich kenne durchaus gute läden, die immer brechend voll sind UND sogar hörbare musik bieten. sind allerdings keine deutschen ;)
  8. welcome back! kann dir auch das deutsche forum https://www.slinfo.de/ empfehlen, hier wird viel kommuniziert
  9. as a grid traveller, pilot and glider i hate 0sec orbs. i have made a list of regions which i do not fly over anymore. i also use orbs at home. but only when i want to be undisturbed with my husband. and this is set up in a way that everybody can fly over them without problems. i can't understand this kind of behaviour in sailing areas. i don't understand why these people don't use a standalone sim/parcel. oh yes: even with banlines and orbs you can zoom into your parcel. i recommend to deactivate the visibility Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  10. also the increasing of the bandwidth did not use anything, we are still constantly logged off while sailing. i hope linden finally gets a grip on that, because the desire to sail passes away.
  11. i sail and fly and am tired of being logged out all the time. slowly but surely i lose my lust and joy. it has been so extreme for about three weeks now
  12. ist mir aus oesterreich leider nicht moeglich. der support kann nur von einer deutschen rufnummer aus angerufen werden ticket senden verlief auch erfolglos, ich erhalte diese meldung Support-System nicht verfuegbar Bei der Verarbeitung Ihrer Anforderung ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Versuchen Sie es erneut oder lesen Sie das Status-Blog.
  13. zu frueh gefreut... tauschen nicht moeglich, erhalte nun die meldung There was a problem charging your payment method. dieses klumpert macht mich echt wahnsinnig ach ja, emailadressen sind identisch
  14. Servus Maddy! hmm danke fuer deine umfangreiche antwort! Der Viewer war am aktuellen stand, der firestorm auch. wie durch geisterhand konnte ich jetzt skrill hinzufuegen. wahrscheinlich lag es an second life selber. ich versuche nun mal geld ingame zu laden danke und liebe gruesse Landra
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