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  1. You can get some Linden Bears on Bear Island...SL15B.  There are many displayed, but most you cannot get.  You click on them, but nothing loads to enter into your inventory.  I was so disappointed!!!  Why set them up for purchase, but not allow you to get them?  Wish I knew who to write to about this!

  2. I have had this problem for a few months!   GRRR!!  I have Malwarebytes and McAfee...just renewed McAfee..:(.  I have tried all viewers and the only one I can still use to login is Alchemy!!! I want my Firestorm!!!  I hate to uninstall McAfee...love the protection, but I don't have much choice.  Not happy!


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  3. Hi Everyone,  I have been in SL for about 7 years.  Had a recent breakup and am looking to start over.  What I would like is a huge family, brothers, sisters, etc.  Is anyone interested in doing this?  I would especially like people who have been in SL for a while, as well as new members.  We can all help each other and have fun together.  I love fashion, clubbing, exploring, shopping, chatting, and just hanging out.  I have been here for a few years, but there are always new things to learn.  Please message me if you are interested.  Swanswhisper Resident

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  4. I have been in Second Life  for over a year and would love to be part of a family, or even get new friends!!  I love dancing and going to the clubs, shopping, and exploring.  I love to chat , read, and play scrabble, among many other hobbies.  Please say hi SwansWhisper Resident on SL.

  5. I am a mature citizen looking for some new friends , male or female, to go dancing and hang around with.  I love meeting new people and chatting.  Have been in SL for over a year and want people to spend time with and have fun!    Looking to be part of a family.  Love learning new things, need a dance partner!!!  Please look for me ...SwansWhisper Resident

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