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  1. Hello Second Life, I am looking for a builder who is good at making people-like objects. My Mother IRL passed away recently and I'd like to have something made that I can cherish ISL. I'd like it to be life size, with both of my Parents sitting together on a comfy outdoor bench. A bike against the bench next to my Mother and a thick wooden hoe on the side with my Father (they both love to garden) underneath a tree with white daisies all around. Clothing will be simple as they both wear t-shirts, Mother usually wearing red or purple and Father wearing black (with an electric guitar on it). My Mother wears jean shorts and my Father wears long jeans with a hat and sun glasses. If you're able to make it mesh (so that it is a lower amount of prim) but detailed it would be appreciated. Please give me a price and examples of your work so I know if your art style is what I'm looking for. If you could incorporate a tank and turtles into the design, that would be even better, although if anyone can point me in the direction of someone who makes small tanks and turtles that's fine as well. It's a big project (at least I think so). I will provide pictures to those interested who have the art style. Thank you very much for your time. ~Misa
  2. lol i'll never know what happened...it randomly started working again... thanks to youz for your input. happiness!
  3. im scanning my computer currently im not sure it'll help. cache & history are cleared. & it might very well be my connection. i do have a lot of lag playing games. but pages have always loaded decently fast. i have script blocker no ad blocker. enabled all scripts to see if that was the problem already.
  4. for the past couple days no pictures will load in the market place, so i can see what i'm buying. i haven't updated anything & i don't have this problem with any other site. scripts are enabled & cache is cleared. i use firefox as a browser but i've also tried viewing the martketplace thro the in-game browser in firestorm, and thro internet explorer. i just get a box with a blue question mark inside it. it also takes longer than usual to load each page. please help? :( my flash is updated idk what else it could be! the mp is my primary way of buying! any help would be greatly appreciated. ❤
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