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  1. It's a little more complex than the title. I own a parcel that I rent to a friend. It is set to my rental group but not deeded to the group. I did that so only group members can build or rez objects. My friend has a home and other objects set up just the way he likes them. He wants to buy the land. Is there any way I can sell him the land so he doesn't have to replace all his objects? I know there is the "sell objects with land" option in the sell land dialog box, but does that work for objects I don't own? Thanks for any help. ETA: Thanks, Rollig. I was hoping there was something about group ownership that might help but I kind of figured there wasn't. Oh well. He'll just have to set everything up again.
  2. Just like Charolotte and Rolig said, it's as easy as going up to people and saying hello. I would add try searching on stuff that interests you to find places where you might meet people. Or look in the Destination Guide for places for new residents. That's how I made friends. Good luck and have fun!
  3. Another thing to check is what Premium plan were you on? When you downgrade to Basic you actually stay as a Premium member until your billing date. So if you were on the quarterly plan, say, you may still be considered a Premium member. The easiest way to figure that out is if you're still getting the weekly stipend. If you can't see any land holdings on the web site, I'd recommend going to World > My Land Holdings in your viewer menu. Your menu may be a little different, of course, depending on your viewer, but that should show you what you are paying for. Good luck!
  4. Do you own land? Are you part of a group that owns land? Does this group make the members pay for that land? There are too many options to give you an easy answer. If it isn't clear on your Transaction History where the money went then I'd either call them, as iCade suggested, or use Live Chat.
  5. I would say yes. I have never heard of LL sending anyone an email asking them to change their password. If you do want to change it, I would suggest typing www.secondlife.com into your browsers address bar and following the instructions from there. IOW, make sure you're on the real SL main web page and don't click on links in dubious emails. Good luck!
  6. Hello. I'm looking to find places that have free stuff for new avatars/accounts. I'm mainly interested in places that have specials that only apply if you're under, say, a month old, like Amacci has an AO and some hair, or Plausible Body used to have a skin and shape. I know about places like Freebie Galaxy but I can visit them any time when I'm older. I'm asking because I've been away for a while and had to start a new account. I'd like some nice stuff to start with until I can afford to start buying things. Thanks for any help you can give me. ETA: Oh, wow! Thank you all!
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