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  1. Actually I tried the ping test with both Second Life open, and then another time with nothing else running, and I received the same results..
  2. Well, not really. My computer IS working fine, it's just the connection that has been acting weird (for SL). Although, I don't download things often, but when I do I never have any problems. I don't have problems uploading things, like say to Youtube, either. Second Life is the ONLY thing being affected, I can assure you, which is what is boggling my mind.
  3. A guy from Mediacom came out, checked the speed on HIS little computer, and found out that it's just my computer that has the crummy download speeds, which is why only Second Life is acting up. Other games I play don't really rely on those factors. I've tried everything, though, to see what could be wrong with my computer but I find nothing, and nothing I do resolves the problem. My computer is working fine, it's JUST Second Life!
  4. I'm connected through Ethernet. I was going to try with wireless but no connections show up for my computer. I also went to the site you directed and my line quality to San Francisco is an F.. http://www.pingtest.net/result/67150963.png Dallas was also an F..! http://www.pingtest.net/result/67150991.png
  5. Is there a way I could add Second Life to my ports? Also, how can I find out if my router has a firewall?
  6. We switched to Mediacom recently and ever since then Second Life has been acting wonky. Things don't rez properly. I lose voice whenever I move to another sim, teleports take a while. Everything is just.. slower. Everything except logging in. Logging in is very fast, as usual, and all of my other games work fine. What could I do to try and fix this? I've tried resetting the router, I called our ISP, and a bunch of other stuff.
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