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  1. Realizing this post is about 2 years old, I did want to reply on your message. While what you said is partly true, the problem lies within the terms of service and rules of Linden Lab. They're without discipline and not firm enough. There has been websites, Blogs if you will, that collected reports of pedophile sims and residents, sent to Linden Lab, phoned to Linden Lab and nothing has been done about it only to receive answers such as "The right of freedom and freedom of speech is applicable here" so the blog stated back in the day. Now if harassment stays in SL and no RL threats are made, I suppose the mute button does it's work fine. I among a lot of people have been harassed many times not only within SL but also residents harassing me or my girlfriend with RL threats such as "I will come to your house in RL and kill you" which is a classic one really. If this happens to you: Call the police in your area. Tell them exactly what happened - Make sure you make screenshots of the threats. The law can actually help you. I have asked around and been told that RL harassment, even when it's done in virtual environments is taken very seriously. I have the prove of that because years ago I was stalked in SL at first, then later in RL and that I had to endure for a little over a year. I called the police and they took the matter in their hands and I was rid of the stalking behaviour of this person. So if you are harassed, and they are RL threats.. don't hesitate to call the police in your area.
  2. I honestly believe it's a SecondLife issue. I have had the same PC for over 2 years now and I have never had problems viewing Mesh. Now I do understand quite something about computers so I might be able to clear some answer here. I never saw the glitches you speak of, until 2 or 3 weeks ago it started to happen to me as well. What I tried is to turn of the basic shaders because that seemed to cause the problem and once I did that, the glitches stopped doing what they did. I can honestly not believe that it's a graphic cards issue if it's purely and only mesh flickering. It would mean that alot of other things would show up "wrong" also. To back this up: I play the newest video games on high setting and I never have any problem with any graphics glitches showing up. (remember all next generation video games and the games that have been released the last 5 to 10 years, are made with (advanced) Mesh. So I can safely say that it's a glitch or bug in second life. I myself use the AMD Radeon HD5770 crossfire graphics card on a pc with a Intel i5-750 quad core processor at 2.67ghz and 12gb of memory (RAM) on a windows 7 64bit home premium. I use the Firestorm viewer and what might be useful to know is that firestorm only fully work without errors if it's the only viewer installed, but that's my personal experience with it. So like I said, check if anything changes when you uncheck the box for basic shaders in preferences under graphics. Mind you, Second Life has been upgrading and working on server issues alot as well. Do not forget that these maintenances and server repairs do have effect on your experience in Second Life as well. Kind regards, Archy (Archangel Thor)
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