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  1. Dear Mr. Echo Hermit, I appreciate your kind comments, thanks for your kind courtesy.
  2. Sí tienes razón, agradecido por tu aviso. Cordialmente,
  3. thanks for your input, I shall consider.
  4. I understand your argument, and I agree. The only thing is that we are used to traveling and fly in real life, would hope the power to do something similar in SL. Grateful for your patience and kindness.
  5. I understand, the proposal would pay only for transit, and in fact stop one day be paid a fee, the idea might be possible in this way right?. In this circumstance SL could regulate that no one was violating the agreements. It could be something interesting to ponder. Grateful for your kind attention.
  6. Hello, I do not wish to bother you, but I would like to pose a possible proposal would be this, create a kind of passport to pay postage to different regions, this could have alternatives. Thus one could travel without the restrictions of regional owners. Paying compensation to each region, but all regulated by SL. and his team. Maybe you know how to bring this proposal to the people of SL that is likely to make a similar project. Grateful for your kind attention.
  7. thanks, very grateful for your kind reply
  8. thanks, very grateful for your kind reply
  9. thanks, very grateful for your kind reply
  10. Hello, Requesting information, I fly in aircraft all regions, how do I get all the permissions of the regions, and what should I do?. Thanked who can tell-me
  11. Hola, Solicito información, deseo sobrevolar en aeronave todas las regiones, ¿cómo obtengo todos los permisos de las regiones?, ¿qué debería hacer?. Agradecido a quien pueda informarme.
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