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  1. Why do people seem to have fun sending their avatar to some lounge, listen to music and supposedly say they are hanging out. Most lounges i've been too nobody even talks. And if they are talking its some live concert and they are all typing Yay!!! WOOO!!! ............................... >=/ Somewhat sadens me that I even wasted my time with SL. No one hangs out at Golf courses where its an actual activity! Haven't seen any other games yet but prob noone their either.... Hm...
  2. Don't know about meeting other people, because that seems to be a struggle for me.. idk why =S Guess i dont talk to people so they dont talk to me. Anyways i find sitting at my house watching my virtual tv entertaining... lmao =]
  3. Looking for fun to be around people, who enjoy second life as much as I do. I like people who treat second life as a game but also treat it for what the title sais from time to time. A second life. Second life is amazing because it is whatever you want to make it. You can do anything. I want to communicate with people that understand this concept and take it to the fullest. What do i do for fun on second life? I'm fairly new to Second Life but have already made my mind on favorite things to do. I like to build in my home and on the land I purchased recently. I'm learning scripting so i can make my own simulation script. Activities other than that... Zip for now. Thats where friends come in! Expressing new idea's, new ways to look at things. If you would like to become friends with me, add me in-game and in the greeting before you send it out just put something like "Hey saw your post." Have a great day Ladies and Gents!
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