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  1. My profile feed working well but still its slow. Cant see recent activity on own profile feed only in trending i can see latest pics . But i am happy to see new pics and posts after 9 days ? Hugss to all ?
  2. I really dont know why they taking too long time for solving this feed problem , its been 8 days now ?? , We all missing profile feed
  3. I think JIRA is closed for public view bcoz i cant see any comment thr
  4. I miss your photos too Myra on feed Just hoping they will fix the feed problem asap , I have faith in LL
  5. Haha Vick , I m desperate too and missing everything like Forrestchild's snapshots , Hippis Post and many followers photos . Just hoping they will fix profile feed soon ...
  6. Hello Everyone I do miss sl feed and i just want the feed back . I use sl facebook too but sl feed is sl feed there are many peoples who love sl feed and now its been long time sl feed is down , I hope LL hear us , please fix the profile feed ?
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