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  1. So I have noticed that when ever I visit a friend of mines world and stay there for the night and log off, when I get back on SL in the morning my screen is full of those boxes that tell you you can keep or discard something. They are all the same with random numbers and they usually say this: Your object named 972763d6-98bb-4c9b-af05-fb834092d31b933045.800000 has given you this notecard: '_______________________________________________________________' Its annoying and its gotten to the point that even if i delete some there is STILL either a lot left to go or I keep receiving more! Can I please have some help? I just dont understand it.... I also pressed the notecard and it mentioned Anna's Leash left handed or something? I took that object out and blocked then deleted it to see if it would do anything. Is it my friends item? What does she have to do with it?
  2. If anything here's a link to a website that helps me a lot when i'm in a money crunch. All you need to do is fill out surveys and you get points that convert to lindens. http://stuffpoint.com/index.php?r=WillowMrei_sl
  3. I bought land from someone on second life in the market place. When I checked its payments it said the 3072 m^2 land was worth 50L. It also said that I wouldnt have to pay anything per month. So I bought the land. Then when i get there the guy who owns it tells me I have to pay 1,235L per month. Why would he write that I dont have to pay anything per month when I have to pay A LOT every month? That makes no sense to me. Can someone please help me?
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