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  1. Thanks you for the thoughtfuland kind reply, solstyce. I just heard today that the sim I was upset about was shut down and sold. It's some vindication that these jerks killed their own sim through their arrogance.
  2. It's a good thought, Innula, except most of the really damning statements occurred in IMs or one-on-one chats, and sharing those woudl be a violation of the TOS. (This jerk refused to even let me share them wiht the owners of the sim). I think the bottom line on all this is that there will always be room for some cyber-bullying and abuse without violation of the TOS. Just like the break-up of one's first SL love affair, one's first bad sim experience can be charged off to experience.
  3. The specifics of my situation don't really matter. The consensus on the more general point seems to be that SL is a lawless, unregulated community as long as there is no TOS violation, and people who get manipulated or abused are just too stupid or weak to protect themselves. I can accept that -- and it's certainly the reality of SL -- though for those of us who want SL to be more than a shoot-'me up computer game, it's a pretty harsh reality. People can spend hundreds of hours creating a community and then be thrown out. The difference between an RP sim and a RL nightclub is that the RP s
  4. Good advice, Avalon...and I agree with what you are saying, I had pretty much moved on until I saw them doing something similar to a close friend who didn't leave the sim. I just want to figure out a way to stop these guys from hurting other people. The sim is mostly dead (when the bad admin took over, most of the old players left), but it is limping along and I think they are actively recuiting low self esteem types, so this bad stuff will continue. I guess everyone has to learn through there own bad expereinces, but it's a shame to see a pattern of abuse repeated. Thanks for everyone's
  5. I reached out to Linden when this first happened and they said it doesn;t violate the TOS. In fairness, they can't get pulled into every OOC fight peopel have, so I don't blame them. I guess I see SL not so much as a back garden but as a sandlot where people gather to play games. The owner isn;t even around so can't prevent fights, but if teh bullying gets too bad somoen should step in. Lawsuits are expensive (though I suspect that the mere threat of one woudl cause Linder to shut down the offending sim). I think what is needed is somethink like the Grey List for sim owners and admins. i
  6. Not investing money.. becoming "invested" in the emotional sense.. spending weeks or months on a certificatoin process and then being asked to put up with OOC abuse or to change their avatar completely to remain at the sim. Maybe a hypothetical scenario (not what actually happened to me) will explain what I mean: X spends three months at sim Y on a 12-level certification process, 2 or 3 hours a day.. all her friends are at sim Y, it is her SL home.. then an admin says he will ban her unless she does something that she OOC doesn't want to do, like cam naked or spend 6 hours a day in isolation
  7. Thanks for your reply, Sin. I am talking about something a little different. RP sims where abuse and cults are part of the IC theme are fine (and I like them!), but people can become so emotionally invested in RP sims that the people in authority can use that to cause OOC abuse and manipulation. If this doesn't cross certain lines (demanding money, etc.), it doesn't violate the TOS (and isn't the sort of thing that LL could police anyway). I posted this in the RP forum because it comes up in the context of people using RP sim structures as a basis for OOC abuse. In the specific case I am
  8. I am interested in people's experiences with abusive or manipulative sim owners and admins and cult-like sims. Linden can't police this and takes the position that a sim owner can do whatever they like, but is there anything that people can do in response to bad acts by sim owners? Is there an equivalent of the "Grey List" to at least share data about abusive owners/admins? Some of what I have experienced would be legally actionable if it occurred in RL, but is anyone aware of anyone every subpoenaing Linden to find the RL bad actors?
  9. Would a peacful, non-distruptive protest at the OOC landing point of a sim (to protest changes in the sim's policies) be considered griefing? Activites would be limited to holding signs and perhaps handing out notecards.
  10. If a sim that has had a long standing policy to allow furries suddenly decides that they are no longer allowed, does that violate the CS (Intolerance)? I can understand that a sim owner would be free to set up a no-furries sim, but the change in policy to expel furries seems hurtful and basically expels some long-term participants. The theme of the sim is otherwise not changing.
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