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  1. Looking to be a part of a great team where you get 100% of your tips? Wanting to work for an employer that treats you like family? Then look no further. 

    Island Cove is currently hiring DJs and hosts for shifts ranging between 10AM and 10PM SLT. Our club offers a wide variety of ammenities for all SL ages including shops, greedy, fishing and voodoo. We also have daily sponsored events. DJs are allowed to spin whatever genre they wish, but we ask that you keep it kid-friendly, as child avatars are welcome on our sim.

    If you are interested in becoming part of our great team, please contact Annabel Coveria or bellabonita in-world. And feel free to stop by for a visit at: 


  2. Fun for me means tormenting my sl brother and sisters by shooting stuff at them, lol. And I only go to clubs in my adult shape. I rarely use my teen shape anymore to be honest. ^^; I can assure you I am not under-age in real life, as my friends can attest to. :smileyhappy:

  3. You may message me if you'd like.

    I role-play as a 16 year old gothic girl who loves to build play greedy and have fun. Occasionally i will go to clubs, but it really depends on the type of music they are playing.

    Message me in-world if you'd like at SilentBrokenDreamer (display name is Kanei). 

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