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  1. 21 hours ago, Aethelwine said:


    51 years later
    Same Bassplayer   Ruud Jacobs and drums Han Bennink

    They play a composition of Misha Mengelberg ;  "Driekusman Total Loss" 

    The same guys with Piet Noordijk on alto sax were a sensation at the Newport Festival in the 60ties as completely unknown musicians at that time in the USA


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  2. Miles in the quintet of Charlie Parker
    I am not sure which year, I think 1947
    Moose the Mooche was the nickname of Parker's drugsdealer

    Last album of Miles.
     released posthumously on June 30, 1992


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  3. Club Evans in Seoul South Korea. Club Evans was a jazzclub in SL as well for many years. I went there often. Every week live music and mainly a Korean public.
    The club is gone now. I am still a groupmember but nothing happens anymore.

    Sound quality is low on their video's


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  4. On 4/30/2024 at 4:48 AM, Freedom901 said:

    Hi all just wondering looking for a beach kinda place that has rezz right s cano rezz a pose for a pic

    anyone have any suggestions?




    Do a search for surf beaches. You will often find a rezz spot there.

  5. The Quest 2M
    After all those years still one of my favourite boats. She has some interesting features of a RL boat
    The creator left SL years ago

    In case you did not know, click the photo to enlarge :)

    Quest 2M.jpg

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