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  1. Ah! I figured it out! My issue was I was trying to link them together while they were being worn by the avatar. Made copies and placed them down, then did it nice and quick. Thank you for the help! I really appreciate it!
  2. I appreciate the quick response, and I have the two objects linked in the editor, but I don't how to save them. I found on the right click menu the Save As function, but I end up getting stonewalled at that point. The save as button is darkened out, presumably because there is nothing exportable.
  3. So I've looked into this, and most of the answers I see involve locking two objects together so they can be manipulated in the editor as one by pressing Ctrl+L. But I am curious if there is a way to create one object that can be selected in the inventory, made out of two pre-existing objects? Some context... I have a hair on my avi in a ponytail style, and I have a hat with space in the back to fit the ponytail through. With both objects, they clipped through each other and it looks rather ugly. So to work around this, I made a copy of the hair and edited the individual linked pieces to fit beneath the hat. Then I editted the individual pieces of the pony tail to be lower on the head to fit through the space. The end result looks fine and is exactly what I wanted to achieve. But now it's a hassle, as I have to swap out my avi's hair with an alternate, and then wear the hat as well. Basically it just becomes a process just to wear the hat without it looking sloppy. So I am curious if there is a way to merge the hair and the hat into one single object that I can equip. To clarify, both the hair and the hat were purchased off of the SL market, they are not created by me. The permissions allow for edits and copies.
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