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  1. I noticed thead is old but you shouldn't be banned for having a child Avatar it's pretty much more of the ACT however people might not like anime avatars or pretty much doesn't look present there are ways to age up avatars there are many mods now there's even anime Bento heads that will change your avatar heads to look a little bit older now these pictures look very old compared to the now 3 years right now for my advice to you she might have lied to you to try to get second life to unban her she might did something that she wasn't supposed to be doing it might be in for a different reason
  2. I'm also having the same issue as well I try to figure out what was causing it I can be able to upload mesh no problem is the sum having a problem of trying to get to status back to the way it was the thing is I'm qualified to upload mesh I took that test like a long time ago I have payment info use already but I don't remember how I got there in the first place . Do you think it might be a glitch on the website ?
  3. i tried i send the 1st post by mistake after i accidentally clear it
  4. sorry i didn't mean to put it in the wrong category if someone is reading this help me get to moved to the correct category i try to send one but i think i mess up where to send it too send it to fashion
  5. ok i'm no expert dose this anime like avatar look ugly to you They telling me it's the Venus head and the eve body no matter what i do they want a better avatar they say i cant fix this avatar if they think the Venus head is ugly or the body is not right they should have complaint to the creator who makes it no to the person who wears it i try my best to make it less ugly but nothing is working ps i'm trying to get it close to my arrt work as much as possible
  6. There used to be one but it was changed to something else it's no longer a zelda rp however it doesn't stop some fans to make their own Zelda sim however you just have to wait and see .
  7. for some reason no i have no error message when i gotten on but when i try log on it just crashed me out i using a 3rd party viewer and oi have no idea how to switch graphics on my card
  8. help i cant load secone life right on my windows 10 with the AMD ghapics card i try updateing my ghapic card and i try use prefernces setting & i even try switching viwers & going on 32bit viwers only and clearing Caches alot but i have no idea whats wrong with it if this contunies i may have to send this computer back to the store :( and go back to my broken usb computer on a windows 8 and my video membery is at 0 is this a bad thing?o,o
  9. i don't see any viewer tha works with the 10 everything is up to date but every time i try to load sl on my viwer it keeps on crashing on me i try lowing the ghaipics & bandwith on firestrom viewer i try unstailling programs on my windows 10 i don't need and end tasks on program are bulited in the computer and i try clearing caches on any viwer that seems to work but i have no idea why my computer hates second life please help! Q,Q
  10. i been trying to move my items to the new market i been using the Merchant Outbox to sell my stuff from firestrom for like almost 3 years i have no idea how to move it on my own i need some help i try downloading the sl viwer but it didn't let me log on there whats going on am i doing this tranfer thing wrong ? o,o help me i'm trying to understand this Viewer-Managed Marketplace i'm about to lose my mind here! QAQ
  11. wil the Aditi work on any 3rd party viewers ? like firestrom? its just i getting confuse on what viewer to use to sell some of my stuff & i kinda sared to use the Merchant Outbox on the firestrom i got i might have to download the second life viewer to sell my self again & thing can confuze me alot :( i don't want to use the stuf on the market place :(
  12. i think its all the viwers that not working on my compuer http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/computers-technology/my-phoenix-viewer-is-not-letting-me-on-second-life/t.81125061_recent/?_gaia_t_=4898&mygntcid=1375816
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