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  1. And yes I have tried going into other rooms for it.
  2. People keep saying that the Linden Realms is the best way to earn Lindens - But theres one issue - I NEVER get the hud. regardless. I've never saw the hud at any point on my account and I dont want to hear about any trick on how to make it re-appear because It hasn't even appeared once. Please help. This is annoying me so much
  3. Thanks for the advice yeah I'm aware that I must look for job openings and such. I did that and I'm doing this as well to see if anyone would be interested in hiring me. Also, I can get back to them faster than they can get back to me.
  4. Oh I forgot to mention - I'm willing to do any job that requires no skill or experience since this would be my first job on SL
  5. Hello! ^-^ I'm looking for a job that I can earn Lindens in. I have been a SL user since April 6th, 2012 and I am usually on between 7AM and 7PM. I am on every other hour since I have a sister who also plays secondlife who needs to go on every other hour aswell. I'm from the United States, I'm fluent in english and I know a little spanish (I take spanish class and I'm in spanish 2 now). I'm 15 years old and I am always eager to work. I get along with anyone I'm around and if any case they are disrespectful, I usually kill them with kindness ^-^. I know how to do gestures though I'm not quite sure what an emote is and if it relates to gestures or not. I learn very easilly so if theres anything specific I need to learn or something I'm not aware of, I learn it quickly. If you're interested in hiring me, Please IM, Message or reply on this post. Thank you :D -Lauren
  6. Hello I'm interested in being a dancer! I am willing to dance of any kind and I am usually on very often! I'm usually on around 7:00AM to 7:00PM. I go on for an hour, then get off for an hour. I'm avalible for any time of the week If you're interested in hiring me, please get back when you can
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