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  1. Tresi Nonno Second Life Virtual Anthropology Fund starts the contest of projects related to 3D anthropology application deadline is 20 Dec 2013, 7 AM SLT; u can apply here or by e-mail: tresi_nonno@hotmail.com or inworld (please don't send NC, just IM when I am on-line) there are no strickt rules, u r to describe ur project in some words and provide a snapshot (landmarks r optional); any applied project should fit the following points: 1) ur project should be made by urself, (it can be a whole sim or just a certain artifact) 2) it should be realistic, 3) it should have some clearly seen relation to anthropological issues, 4) it should have possible educational meaning; 25 Dec 2013 three projects are going to be granted: 2000L$ for A 1000L$ for B 500L$ for C
  2. the problem arose again wih another item which requires a larger description then just one phrase. actually we r to do something with it. may be it would be Ok to write in LL?
  3. oh finally I could set it as general. thanx to Cerise Sorbet.
  4. when I try to change its maturity status it gives the following message: "Successfully updated, but the text in the description field forced a change in the maturity level" but... wtf??? the description is the following: "a custom dress made with Kuril bamboo leaves print huttat ni-ham noka ani a-kar a-mi-p チシマザサの葉の模様で作られたドレス" same phrase in three languages: English, Ainu and Japanese I completely misunderstand what can be wrong here. I arranged description this way before and never had any problems with maturity status so I completely misunderstand why one of my procuts, having no serious differences from my previous producs, was marked as "Moderate" while rest were always marked as "General" without any troubles.
  5. I sell a custom dress and it should be marked as general but system itself for some unknown reason sets its maturity status as moderate. what does it mean?
  6. Seminar on Root Shinto (Tresi Nonno Anthropology Seminar in Second Life) every Tuesday 6 am SLT pon Little Yoshiwara http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/66/67/44
  7. Seminar on Root Shinto (Tresi Nonno Anthropology Seminar in Second Life) every Tuesday 6 am SLT pon Little Yoshiwara http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/66/67/44
  8. subj. since yesterday can't log in by Phoenix-Firestorm only by Viewer.
  9. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ever%20After/122/175/3023 Ainu State pon Second Life (Ainu resort - Minamitori - Yamatai) It happened! Finally Ainu state in Second Life was set up in one of the southern island. Mwana Hiri come true. One can ask why Ainu kingdom is situated in an tropical island. Here I explain this. Minamitori 南鳥 (Mwana Hiri - Sea Land in local variant of Ainu) is an invented kingdom decribed in my novel 'catch me up surge'. I am to note that island described in novel has little relation to real life Minamitori. according to legend there were some Kuril Ainu who could succesfully escaped henocide and became sea wanderers. they mixed with another ethnicities moved from one place to another and finally set themselves in a small island. there they set up their kingdom. during WWII the island was occupied by USA but later was passed back to Japan. after it began fast japonisation and native culture disappeared fast. one day king Haua with tahuna Keua forced all japanese teachers to move back to Japan. then Japanese self-defence forces came and arrested the king and tahuna. and then military of Haua set up war against japanese and after a month japanese finally gave up and treaty of independence of Mwana Hiri kingdom was concluded. here u can see a small text devoted to these events written in an artificial ivented language (Mwana Hiri dialect of Ainu): Hine to Petonamu tene Ho Chi Minh "Itepe wa Hirumu 'nak iota pirika pe ne ru'e" heko'o ie nira. Hino ne na, hine utari itepe wa hirumu ko tiki, opita oka pe ko eakai na. 1978 pa ta Mwana Hiri tono Haua ko utari tura tumi ki hirine nira wa Mwana Hiri utari opita ota Hirumu wa Itepe uina ru'e. 17.08.1978 Mwana Hiri tono Haua wa Iapani Hiri tono Hirohito riiti kara ru'e. Te hi wa no Mwana Hiri 'nak Itepe Tono Hiri ne ru'e. Te pe ne ku'u, 1978 pa wa no 17.08, Mwana Hiri Itepe uina to 'nak Poro To ne ru'e, iota poro Mwana Hiri ko iwai ne ru'e na. One day president of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh said: "Independence and freedom are the most beautiful things". And it is true, one nation if it has independence and freedom can receive all another things. In 1978 year militians of Mwana Hiri king Haua set up war and got freedom and idependence for all of Mwana Hiri people. 17.08.1978 Haua king of Mwana Hiri and Hirohito emperor of Japan cocluded treaty. Since that time Mwana Hiri is an independent kingdom. And this because since 1978 year 17th August - Day of Independence of Mwana Hiri is celebrated as a Great Day, the most great feast of Mwana Hiri. http://tresi-nonno.blogspot.com/2012/06/minamitori-comes-true.html
  10. last time permanently can't log in pon SL with different viewer. always appears message 'u have been logged out'. one time I logged in but with terrible lags and immediately was logged out. what can cause such problems?
  11. last time permanently can't log in pon SL with different viewer. one time I succesfully logged though with terrible lags and immediately was logged of. what happens? what can cause such problems?
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