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  1. I am looking for a group that will help me complete this mesh for second life and I am willing to join that group for furture projects. I like making meshes from building real life objects to mythical objects. The mesh may need a bit more clean up as I am a novice though. The bus needs texturing, animating and sound needs adding to the mesh. Picture is the mesh at diffrent angles. Vehicle is a redesign of a Scania Enviro 400 (UKBUS, but canbe changed to EuroBUS and USBUS). Vehicle mesh features a detailed upper deck. Low deck features drivers cab with protector door and window. Bars are for passagers which can have standing up animations. Please contact me for more information, I am hoping for eventual release and to be appart of a group. I hope to work on future projects with the group that I choose, thanks for reading. Cheers!
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