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  1. I asked and they said they don't use friends list as a verification method
  2. omg sorry everyone.I have never done this before
  3. Hello, So i am currently going through a very stressful situation. Recently my main account i use has been hacked...I am currently using my old account to write this. I have called LL and I created a ticket but i'm afraid this won't help me because i have forgotten my security question..I don't know who hacked me there is rumors going around of a guy on alts is hacking people. This is a tough situation i am the owner of my main account and who ever hacked me changed my password and email for SL login. That's is why i have called LL but its sill not helping me because i forgot my security question. I made it so long ago i kinda remember my security answer but i'm afraid to get it wrong and lose my account forever idk what to do..this is the second time i have gotten hacked too. I hope someone can help me and i hope a Linden see's this and can help me get my account back as soon as possible.
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